Date Signed: 12/9/2020 | MARADMINS Number: 742/20
MARADMINS : 742/20

R 092003Z DEC 20
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21) Commandants Professional Intermediate-Level Education Board (CPIB) convened on 8 September 2020 to select officers to participate in intermediate-level education and graduate programs.
2.  Background.  The CPIB's purpose is to improve education utilization in the Marine Corps.  The quality of the Marines considered and their records reaffirm that the Corps continues to produce and promote leaders of the highest caliber.  The relatively small number of program/school seats available and the large number of eligible officers combine to make the CPIB process exceptionally competitive.  
2.a.  Officers listed below who were in zone on the CY20 Majors Promotion Board must be selected for major to retain their selection status.  
3.  Coordinating Instructions 
3.a.  Headquarters Marine Corps will not normally accept deferrals. However, consideration will be given to those deployed and unable to execute orders.  Officers who fall into this category may request deferral in writing (AA Form) via the first general officer in their chain of command to HQMC (MMOA-3) no later than 4 January 2021.
3.b.  This MARADMIN serves as notice of orders for the officers listed in paragraph 4.  Per Ref (d), officers may request for retirement or resignation, if eligible.
3.c.  Officers assigned to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) must enroll and complete Command and Staff Distance Education Program or complete the entire Naval War College series at NPS, unless already Professional Military Education (PME) complete for grade.  Successful completion of all coursework and degree requirements must be met before date of estimated graduation.
3.d.  Officers assigned to NPS or the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) that have not yet applied for admission must apply to their slated program no later than 28 December 2020.
3.e.  Officers assigned to the Graduate Education Program or Advanced Degree Program will be immediately assigned to a utilization tour upon completion of their coursework.
4.  Selectees.  All slated officers are listed below with corresponding assignments.  Unless specified otherwise, officers will receive their orders from their Primary Military Occupational Specialty (PMOS) monitor.  Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) Scholars are included in the list of primaries.
4.a.  Intermediate Level School (ILS).
4.a.1.  Air War College (read in two columns):
        NAME                            PMOS
        CARRANO III, LOUIS J.           1802
        HANSEN, THOMAS A.               7588
        IAFELICE, RICHARD A.            0102
        MAHNE, PHILIP M.                7566
        NEILL, DARYL C.                 0202
        ONEIL, ROBERT J.                7202
        RONDONE, STEPHEN M.             3002
        SIANI, MICHAEL M.               0302
        THOMAS III, REGINALD E.         0402
        UNGER, CLARK C.                 0802
4.a.2.  Army Command and General Staff College (read in two columns):
        NAME                            PMOS        
        ARROYO, CHRISTOPHER A.          0202
        BANCROFT, STEVEN T.             1302             
        BLACKWELL, NATHAN J.            0302
        BROWER JR, STEPHEN K.           1802
        BROWN, AARON E.                 7202
        CONNELLY, BRANDON P.            6602
        EVEZICH, KATHRYN C.             0102
        FUOSS, JOHN C.                  0302                   
        GARRETT, TYLER W.               0401
        HILL, RUSSELL A.                0402
        HORGAN, ANDREW R.               0802
        JACOBS, MAKOTO C.               7563
        JOHNSON, JOSHUA R.              0302
        JOHNSTON, DAVID R.              5803
        KENNEDY, JEFFERY T.             6002
        MAA, BRADLEY B.                 7566
        MASSMAN, MATTHEW R.             1302
        MOZZI, JOSEPH R.                0802
        PASINDORUBIO, ZULLY G.          3002
        PURSEL, DANIEL B.               0402
        REITHMANN, CHRISTOPHER A.       0202
        STEINMETZ, JEFFREY A.           7588 
        THOMAS, STEPHEN C.              0402
        WALLACE, JONATHAN B.            0802
4.a.3.  Marine Corps Command and Staff College (CSC) (read in two columns).  Marines selected for (CSC) are required to visit https:// www.usmcu.edu/Students/New-Student-Check-In/.  At the website, all selectees will follow the instructions for registration, enrollment, and pre-check-in.  Registration will begin 1 January 2021. 
        NAME                            PMOS
        ALBIN, ERIC D.                  0402
        ANDERSON, DAVID L.              3404
        ANDERSON, JOSHUA                7202
        BART, PHILIP A.                 0202        
        BEIL, RYAN D.                   0370                    
        BOCK JR., MARK W.               7557
        CAMPBELL, JOHN J.               7532
        CAMPBELL, SEAN C.               0802
        CAREY, SEAMUS B.                6002
        CASH, ERIC D.                   0202
        CAVANAUGH, CHRISTOPHER J.       0602
        CHAMBERLIN, TRAVIS K.           0402
        COOPER, JARED A.                0802
        CROCHET, GRANT M.               0402
        CRUZ, ANDREW C.                 1302
        DALTON, MATTHEW E.              3002
        DAMMIN, WILLIAM F.              0802
        DEPEKWATE, POLYCARPE            3002
        DESSE, MIKHAIL V.               0402
        DOBRINEN, MICHAEL M             7566
        DORSANEO, JULIAN N.             0602
        DUBOIS, WILLIAM J.              0602
        DUNBAR, DENNIS A.               0302
        DUNST, WILLIAM                  6602
        EALY, DANIEL A.                 0802
        EPPES, JOHN R.                  0202
        EPSTEIN, ROBERT J.              0202
        EKMAN, ELLE M.                  0402
        ERWIN, DANIEL A.                0802
        ETZWEILER, BRADLEY L.           5803
        FITZSIMMONS, KEVIN J.           0302
        GHEREZCHIHER, ANDOM T.          4402
        GLIWA, STEFAN A.                0302
        GOMEZ, CHRISTIAN O.             3404
        GOODMAN, ALEXANDER M.           7563
        GOSS, JAIME L.                  0102
        GREEN, DANIEL J.                0302
        GRIFFITH, BRANDON A.            0402
        HALL, SHAUN  I.                 0202
        HARDIN, BRANDON W.              0202
        HELD, BENJAMIN T.               1803
        HERREN, COLE J.                 7563
        HERTZOG, GRANT D.               0602
        HEWETT, BRENDAN P.              0802
        HOLDERBAUM, JAMES B.            7202
        IGNATZ, KENDALL J.              1302
        JAMES, JULIE E.                 7202
        JEDLICKA, CHARLES A.            0302
        JOHNSON, THOMAS C.              0802
        JONES, NEAL T.                  0302
        KIM, CHRISTOPHER J.             7557
        KUHLMANN, CHAD D                7566
        KUIPER, JOSHUA R.               0370
        LAURITA, CHASE T                7565
        MACON, ANDREW T.                0802
        MAGEE, STEPHEN M.               0602
        MARTINEZ, CORINNA R.            0602
        MCCABE JR, WILLIAM H.           0302
        MCCORMACK JR, JOHN D.           7202
        MCCOY, TERRY A.                 0202
        MERCER, STEPHEN C.              7202
        MILLER, CALEB C.                1302
        MILLS, JOSHUA K.                0402
        MORALES, ELI J.                 0202
        MORENO, JOHN G.                 0202
        MURPHY, TIMOTHY P               7563
        NAGEL, STEPHEN P.               6002
        NEELY, MATTHEW E.               4402
        NELSON, JUSTIN P.               0302        
        PARDEE, JEFFREY P.              7566
        PAYNE, AARON  M.                7509
        PETERSON, BRYAN S.              1302
        PHILLIPS, BENJAMIN K.           0402
        PHILLIPS, EVAN D.               1803
        PIMLEY, CHAD J.                 0802
        PONCE, ALEXANDER M.             0802
        POULTON, CHARLES A.             0302
        RICE, NICHOLAS T.               0402
        ROBNETT, DANIEL W.              0402
        ROENSCH, BRADLEY T.             0402
        RUGGLES, ALFRED B.              0602
        RUIZCANO, JHAN A.               3404
        SALTER, BRANDON A.              0302
        SAMPSEL, CRAIG F.               7518
        SAWYER, RYAN S.                 1802
        SCHULZE, JOSEPH                 0102
        SHIVERS, DEREK L.               0302
        SHULTS, ISAAC J.                0202
        SISBARRO, SHARON A.             4502
        SKALICKY, MICHAEL J.            1803
        SPRIGGS, TABATHA R.             0402
        STMARIE JR, PAUL R.             6602
        STOW, LYNN M.                   3404
        SWANCER, JARED R.               0602
        SYKAS, HEIDI C.                 7202
        SYKAS III, JOHN W.              3002
        THOMPSON, BRITIN E.             0102
        TIPTON, MICHAEL C.              0102       
        TYE, BRYAN L.                   1702
        WARREN, KRISTINA F.             0402       
        WASHINGTON, KERRISSA A.         0102
        WATERS, SPENCER S.              7509
        WENDEL, DANIEL M.               7566
        WHITE, CANDICE G.               4402
        WHITE, JOSHUA L.                0302
        WILSON, ZACHARY S.              3002
        WUESTMAN, JAMES J.              7202
4.a.4.  Naval War College (read in three columns).  Marines identified with a Note 1 will also apply to the Maritime Advanced Warfighting School (MAWS):
        NAME                            PMOS   NOTE
        ANDERSON, CARL G.               3002
        BERGSTEDT, REBECCA K.           0102
        BENDA III, ROBERT J.            7588  
        BURDICK, JESSE A.               0202   1
        COLEMAN, WILLIAM M.             0802
        FORTIN, WILLIAM J.              1802   1
        GRANT, DAVID M.                 1302
        JONES, BILLY J.                 7532    
        KIMBLE, ANDREW G                7566
        KURTZ, KYLE A.                  0302   1
        MORRISON, WILLIAM C.            4402
        NICHOLSON, DUSTIN J.            0402   1 
        POWELL, WOLF J.                 3002                     
        RECALDE, WILLIAM D.             6602
        REGALIA, ROBERT K.              0602
        SCHUEMAN, THOMAS K.             0302
        SHERWOOD, JAMES R.              0102
        THRASHER, CHRISTOPHER A.        1302
        TURNER, PHILIP A.               0802                               
4.b.  Foreign Professional Military Education (read in two columns).  Language training will begin on or about May 2021 at the Defense Language Institute-West in Monterey, CA or Defense Language Institute-East in Washington, D.C.
4.b.1.  Australia Command and Staff
        NAME                            PMOS
        NORAKO, VINCENT R.              0602
4.b.2.  Brazil Command and Staff
        NAME                            PMOS
        FORBES, JOSEPH R.               6602
4.b.3.  Brunei Command and Staff
        NAME                            PMOS
        PRICE, DOUGLAS L.               0302
4.b.4.  Canada Command and Staff
        NAME                            PMOS
        DESY, ADAM                      7523
4.b.5.  France Command and Staff
        NAME                            PMOS
        SALZMAN, ERIK B.                5803
4.b.6.  Japan Command and Staff
        NAME                            PMOS
        GRIMISON, JOSEPH G.             0402
4.b.7.  Korea Command and Staff
        NAME                            PMOS
        SUH, ANTHONY D.                 0402
4.b.8.  Norway Command and Staff
        NAME                            PMOS
        GIANNETTO, MELISSA I.           6002
4.b.9.  Spain Command and Staff
        NAME                            PMOS
        MORRIS JR, LARRY W.             0802
4.b.10. United Kingdom Command and Staff
        NAME                            PMOS
        FONTANETTA, JOSEPH A.           0302
4.b.11. WHINSEC, Ft Benning, GA  
        NAME                            PMOS
        BUSTAMANTE, JUAN G.             0402
4.c.  CMC Fellowships (read in two columns).  Selected officers are to contact the MCU point of contact concerning orientation in late July or early August 2021.
4.c.1.  Penn State University, Logistics Fellowship
        NAME                            PMOS
        BARNES, MATTHEW T.              0402
4.c.2.  Tufts University, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy
        NAME                            PMOS
        KREBS, ANDREW C.                0302
4.d.  CMC National Fellowships
4.d.1.  Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance/USAID, Washington D.C.
        NAME                            PMOS
        COX, STEVEN A.                  5803
4.d.2.  Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Arlington VA
        NAME                            PMOS
        BILLINGS, MICHAEL P.            0302
4.d.3.  Federal Express, Memphis, TN
        NAME                            PMOS
        CRILLEY, SEAN P.                6602
4.d.4.  Morgan Stanley, New York, NY
        NAME                            PMOS
        MCGOWAN, JAMES D.               1702
4.d.5.  National Geospatial Intelligence Activity
        NAME                            PMOS
        ALI, SALAHUDIN E.               4402
4.d.6.  Notre Dame International Security Center, Notre Dame (Notre Dame, IN)
        NAME                            PMOS
        MILLER, DAVID J.                7566
4.d.7.  US Chamber of Commerce, Washington D.C
        NAME                            PMOS
        BURGGRAAF, ALEX J.              3404
4.d.8.  US District Court of Arizona (Phoenix, AZ)
        NAME                            PMOS
        CLARKE, RUSSELL H.              4402
4.d.9.  Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University (Providence, RI)
        NAME                            PMOS
        LUNSFORD, JAKE F.               0370
4.e.  Congressional Fellowship Program (read in two columns).  The following officers will receive orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3 upon acceptance.
        NAME                            PMOS
        BOIVIN, NICHOLAS R.             0402
        BRANNON, KATE M.                6602
        CARROLL III, LLOYD E.           5803
        DZIERZANOWSKI, SEAN Q.          7532
        LACEY, THOMAS S.                0302
        LINDSAY, SCOTT C.               4402
        WILBURN JR., RONNIE             3404
4.f. International Affairs Program - RAO (read in two columns).  The following officers will be contacted by the International Affairs Program Office to discuss area of assignment NLT 15 January 2021.  Once assigned, PLU-8 will coordinate with the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3 for orders and additional coordinating instructions.  Estimated start date is June 2021:
        NAME                            PMOS
        BRUHJELL, ANGELA W.             0202
        BUNTING, SHAWN M.               0202
        CAMPBELL, LORI M.               6002
        COLER, BRADLEY J.               0202
        FUNDERBURK, SOPHIE E.           0402
        GAITAN, MATTHEW                 0302
        MAGILL, JOHN R.                 7565
        MERRITTS, JORDAN T.             0102
        MILLER, PATRICK J.              0302
        MOSQUEDA, IRMA                  0402
        SMITH, CURTIS A.                7208
        VANHORN, ERIC E.                0802
4.g.  The following AMOSs are associated with the corresponding graduate education disciplines and schools in paragraph 4.h., 4.i., 
4.j., and 4.k per Ref (d).
        AMOS    DISCIPLINE                              SCHOOL
        3006    Contingency Contracting                 NPS
        4405    Masters of International Law            TJAGLCS
        4406    Masters of Environmental Law            Civilian
        4407    Masters of Labor Law                    TJAGLCS
        4408    Masters of Procurement Law              TJAGLCS
        4409    Masters of Criminal Law                 TJAGLCS
        4417    Masters of Cyber Law                    TJAGLCS
        4505    Public Affairs Management               SDSU
        8802    Education                               Civilian
        8820    Aeronautical Engineering                AFIT
        8824    Electrical Engineering                  NPS
        8825    Modeling and Simulation                 NPS
        8826    Combat Systems Science and Technology   NPS
        8831    Environmental Engineering               AFIT
        8834    Information Warfare Systems             NPS
        8840    Manpower Management                     NPS
        8844    Financial Management                    NPS
        8846    Computer Science                        NPS
        8848    Information Systems and Technology      NPS
        8850    Operations Analysis                     NPS
        8852    Defense Systems Analysis                NPS
        8862    Material Logistics Support Management   NPS
        8866    Space Systems Operations                NPS
        8870    Special Operations (Irregular Warfare)  NPS
        8878    Historian                               Civilian
4.h.  Graduate Education Programs (read in three columns).  The AMOS is subject to change pending Naval Postgraduate School review.  The intent is to assign a desirable program of choice to each selectee while aligning with the needs of the Marine Corps.  If there are any issues or concerns with the assigned program, contact the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3 for further instruction.  The orders will be issued by the Graduate Education Manager:
        NAME                            PMOS    AMOS
        ALEJANDRO, HECTOR R.            4502    4505
        ARAIZARUELAS, ROBERTO A.        3002    3006
        ASHMORE, DANIEL J.              6602    8866
        AVERY, SHAWN O.                 0602    8852
        BEEBE, TIMMOTHY R.              5803    8834 
        BOBBY JR, KENNETH S.            6002    3006
        BRIMHALL, ANNDREA E.            6602    8826
        CARBEN, JEFFREY F.              6002    8862
        COTNEY, TYLER W.                0402    8850
        DAVISON, TREVOR S.              1302    8834
        DEBENEADTO, ROBERT C.           7566    8866
        DONOVAN, ROBERT M.              0402    8850
        FAHERTY, KYLE J.                0302    8824
        FALK, AARON J.                  7208    8834
        FINCH, ZACHARY A.               0370    8870
        GOLCHERT, MICHAEL D.            7532    8866
        HARDING, BRIAN J.               3002    8862
        HAYNES, MICHAEL                 0302    8840
        HEPLER, GEORGE B.               0302    8850
        HICKEY IV, EDWARD V.            0302    8850
        HOFFMAN, QUINN M.               6002    8846 
        KOHLER, JONATHAN S.             0302    8866
        KROL, NICHOLAS A.               0302    8850
        LAMM, ERICH G.                  3002    3006
        LOPEZ, ADRIAN L.                7204    8848
        MARSHALL, JACQUELINE T.         3404    8844
        MARTIN, DAVID W.                0302    8846
        MCGEE, MARK A.                  6602    8840
        MCGOWAN, MATTHEW J.             0302    8852
        METCALF, JONATHAN G.            3404    8834
        PENNINGTON, LISTON H.           3002    8862
        PICKLE, CHRISTOPHE M.           0302    8824
        PIERCE, CORBAN Y.               0302    8834
        SCHOLL, LUKE W.                 6002    8862
        SHULMAN, MATTHEW J.             3404    8850
        SIMARD, MATTHEW J.              7202    8834
        SOUBLET, BRANDY A.              0402    8850
        SOWINSKI, JAMES W.              0102    8840
        STRIEBY, STEPHEN F.             1302    8852
        SULLIVAN, BRANDAN P.            3404    8852
        WOODS, JAMES W.                 0802    8866
4.i.  Advanced Degree Programs (read in three columns).  Civilian School acceptance letters must be provided to the MMOA-3 Graduate Education Coordinator by 1 April 2021.  The following officers will receive orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3:
        NAME                            PMOS    AMOS
        ANDERSON, ERIC T.               0302    8878
        DAUPHIN III, EDWARD G.          0302    8878
        STPIERRE, MARC A.               0402    8878
        MCGRAW, ALEX P.                 7202    8802
4.j.  Advanced Civilian School Programs (read in two columns).  Civilian School acceptance letters must be provided to the MMOA-3 Graduate Education Coordinator by 1 April 2021.  The following officer will receive orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3:
        NAME                            PMOS
        NEUMAN, ERIC B.                 4402
        OTT, AMANDA M.                  0602
        RATCLIFFE, RYAN C.              7588
4.k.  The Judge Advocate General Legal Center School and SEP and ADP (read in three columns).  Civilian school acceptance letters are required by 1 April 2021.  The following officers will receive orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3:
        NAME                            PMOS    AMOS
        ALTMAN, ROBERT M.               4402    4405        
        BRICKEN IV, JAMES M.            4402    4417
        BRIGHTON, BENJAMIN P.           4402    4405
        CRANE, ADAM J.                  4402    4409
        ESTES, KEVIN S.                 4402    4409
        IRVING, GEOFFREY L.             4402    4405
        LEWIS, JOSEPH A.                4402    4409
        LIGHT, RYAN Q.                  4402    4417
        NEAL, LAUREN E.                 4402    4409 
        OLSON, CHARLES C.               4402    4409 
        OWENS, KYLE N.                  4402    4417
        RIMAL, NICOLE A.                4402    4405
        TYLER, SEAN R.                  4402    4405
5.  The list of officers selected as alternates will be published via the MMOA-3 board updates and info page following the release of this message at the following CAC protected website:  https:(slash)(slash)www.manpower.usmc.mil/webcenter/portal/OA3CEB/CPIB/CCLEB Updates/.  The list will be posted alphabetically by full name and MOS.  No action is required by officers on this list.  If vacancies open from the primary slate, an available alternate will fleet up.  Fleet ups will be notified via email or phone by MMOA.
6.  Communication to Headquarters Marine Corps.
6.a.  All correspondence must originate from and be endorsed by the selected officer.  Submit correspondence to:  MMOA-3 GradEd Organizational Email:  SMBMMOAGRADEDU@usmc.mil
6.b.  Points of Contact:
        Maj L. M. Gonnella, Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3
           DSN: 278-9284, COMM: (703) 784-9284/5
           Email: leah.gonnella@usmc.mil
        Mr. M. G. Cooper, FPME and CMC Fellowships, MCU
           DSN: 378-0696, COMM: (703) 432-0696
           Email: michael.cooper@usmcu.edu
        Mr. C. J. Fisher, International Affairs Program, PP&O
           DSN: 312-222-4365, COMM: (703) 692-4365
           Email: clayton.fisher@usmc.mil
        Maj P. J. Heiny, Congressional Fellowship Program, OLA
           COMM: (703) 692-0232
           Email: patrick.heiny@usmc.mil
        Maj J. F. Boyer, Judge Advocate Division (JAD)
           COMM: (703) 693-9059
           Email: john.boyer@usmc.mil
7.  Release authorized by BGen Michael J. Borgschulte, Director, Manpower Management Division.//