Date Signed: 12/23/2020 | MARADMINS Number: 766/20
MARADMINS : 766/20

R 222104Z DEC 20
REF/A/MSGID: MSG/CMC/YMD: 20200602//
REF/B/MSGID: DOC/MPO/YMD: 20140918//
REF/C/MSGID: DOC/CMC/YMD: 20131126//
REF/D/MSGID: DOC/CMC/YMD: 20160701//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21) Commandants Career-Level Education Board (CCLEB) convened on 8 September 2020 to select officers to participate in career-level education and graduate programs.
2.  Background.  The CCLEBs purpose is to improve education utilization in the Marine Corps.  The quality of Marines considered and their records reaffirms that the Marine Corps continues to produce and promote leaders of the highest caliber.  The relatively small number of program/school seats available and the large number of eligible officers combine to make the process exceptionally competitive.
3.  Officers listed in paragraph 5 below are hereby considered primaries for the program/school assigned.  See paragraph 6 for list of alternates.
3.a.  Primaries not yet career designated will be career designated upon acceptance of orders.
3.b.  Officers listed below who will screen on the CY21 Captains Promotion Board must be selected for promotion to retain their selection status.
4.  Coordinating Instructions
4.a.  This message serves as notice of orders for the officers listed in paragraph 5.  Per Ref (c), officers may request for retirement or resignation, if eligible.
4.b.  Officers assigned to the Naval Post Graduate School (NPS) must enroll and complete Expeditionary Warfare School Distance Education Program, unless already Professional Military Education (PME) complete for grade.  Successful completion of all coursework and degree requirements must be met before date of estimated graduation.
4.c.  Officers assigned to NPS or the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) that have not yet applied for admission must apply to their slated program no later than 28 January 2021.
5.  Primaries.  All slated officers are listed below with corresponding assignments.  Unless specified otherwise, officers will receive their orders from their Primary Military Occupational Specialty (PMOS) monitor.  Some of the below selectees are also slated as alternates for a higher priority program.  Alternates will be fleeted up as necessary to fill higher priority programs.  Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) Scholars are included in the list of primaries.
5.a.  Career-Level School (CLS).
5.a.1.  Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS), (read in two columns).  Marines selected for (EWS) are required to visit https:(slash)(slash)www.usmcu.edu/Students/New-Student-Check-In/ for information on registering and completing the pre-check in-process.  Registration will begin January 1, 2021.  Please register and complete enrollment process before 1 July 2021.
          NAME                            PMOS
          ALICEA, AXEL E.                 0402
          ANTHONY, JOHN R.                0402
          ARNOLD, COURTNEY R.             7208
          AYER, RYAN J.                   0302
          BALESKIE, SCOTT E.              1302
          BATES, JOHN A.                  3404
          BATTAGLIA, VICTOR A.            1802
          BATTIATA, THOMAS S.             0802
          BAUMGARN, CALEB R.              0602
          BECHARD, BENJAMIN J.            0302
          BIANCA, JOSEPH                  1302
          BISHOP, JOSEPH T.               0302
          BOHEN, RYAN T.                  6002
          BOSCH, LUCAS T.                 7565
          BRANDENBURG, DAKOTA V.          3404
          BRIDGERS, JORDAN A.             0302
          BRISTOW, STEPHAN J.             0302
          CAMMER, ZACHARY S.              0203
          CAMPBELL, ROSE                  0602
          CARRICK, LINDSAY R.             0402
          CASTELLO, DEVIN G.              0402
          CAVALCANTI, MARCELA U.          0102
          CAVETT, MATTHEW M.              0602
          CHERMOK, NATHANIEL P.           0802
          COFFIEY, ALEXANDER F.           1302
          CONNATSER, JESSICA J.           0207
          COOPER, DAVID W.                3002
          COULTER, TIMOTHY R.             0602
          COUTOUMAS, JOHN M.              7557
          CRUZ, BRANDON L.                0203
          CZYRNIK, MICHAEL                7210
          DAMREN, STEPHANIE L.            1302
          DAVIS, KYLE W.                  6602
          DAVIS, TYLER S.                 7220
          DELACRUZ, PATRICK N.            0302
          DENNIS, JOSHUA D.               0203
          DESALVO, MARIO J.               0204
          DEVLIN, ANTHONY                 0202
          DIEHL, JASON D.                 0207
          DOTSON, KYRA S.                 0102
          DUNLEVY, MATTHEW J.             0302
          DUQUETTE, MATTHEW J.            4402
          DURAND, KYLE J.                 0602
          EDWARDS, ANDREW                 0402
          ENGELMANN, BRYAN C.             0402
          FILIPOS, CONSTANTIN             0302
          FLAHERTY, KEVIN A.              7563
          FORD, KHARI K.                  1302
          FOWLER, NICHOLAS                0402
          FRANKEL, JUSTIN                 6602
          FRANTZ, WILLIAM R.              7509
          GALINDO, PATRICK D.             0402
          GALLIAN, BRYAN L.               4402
          GRUNE JR, STEVEN B.             0402
          GUTIERREZ, JOSE M.              0302
          HALL, SETH F.                   0302
          HARRISON, LINDSAY E.            0402
          HARTMANN, DILLON R.             0203
          HASELTON, MALIA E.              0602
          HAVERTY, THOMAS J.              0302
          HEITKAMP, PATRICK C.            7566
          HELMS, CHRISTIAN M.             0302
          HENDERSON, LEE A.               7566
          HERNANDEZ, DOROTHY V.           0402
          HILL, ANTHONY B.                0602
          HIRSCH, MATTHEW C.              0402
          HOEKSEMA, NICHOLAS              0302
          HOSFORD, BRANDON J.             3404
          HUMPERT, JOHN B.                1702
          HUNT, CANDICE M.                0602
          HUNT, SEAN J.                   0302
          ISENBERG, CULLEN R.             1302
          JAMES, JOSHUA T.                0402
          JOHNSON, LUKE B.                0302
          JOHNSON, LUKE D.                1803
          KEE, HARRISON E.                0602
          KERR, MICHAEL H.                7204
          KING, KYLE B.                   0802
          KINGSLAND, JOSHUA M.            0402
          KINGSTON, PETER T.              7532
          KLAUSNER, EDWARD J.             7565
          KOLB, PATRICK L.                0302
          KOREN, NICHOLAS J.              7315
          KUCHMAN, TREVOR C.              0802
          KUN, JACK J.                    6602
          LANIER, WESLEY W.               3002
          LAPORTE, SAMUEL J.              6002
          LASCH, SCOTT A.                 0302
          LASS, ROBERT T.                 1302
          LEE, NURI A.                    0207
          LEHRBASS, STEPHEN M.            0802
          LEITNER, JOSEPH C.              4501
          LETTS, CARLOS E.                1302
          LEVIN, JACOB B.                 0202
          LEWIN, CLAY H.                  0602
          LIVI, CHRISTINE A.              0102
          LOCKSMITH, CAROLINE P.          0402
          LOPATA, MICHAEL J.              0302
          LOWTHER, CHRISTOPHE J.          0402
          LYNOTT, LORNA                   1302
          MAR, JARED D.                   0302
          MARTIN, DOUGLAS J.              6002
          MCATEE, DEVIN A.                5803
          MCDANIEL, BRENDEN D.            0602
          MCDONALD, MICHAEL W.            5803
          MCDONNELL, BRYAN A.             4502
          MCKINNON, LEE F.                1803
          MEURER, LOGAN N.                0206
          MILLWARD, NICHOLAS H.           0302
          MORREIRA, KEITH E.              0602
          MORTENSEN, DALE A.              0402
          MURPHY, JASON F.                0602
          MURPHY, MATTHEW M.              0402
          NEESE, EVAN S.                  0802 
          NELSON, DALIN W.                0206
          NETHERLAND, JOHN M.             0802
          NOPPENBERGER, STEPHEN           0602
          OBRIEN, SCOTT A.                0602
          OBRIEN, ZIAIRE A.               0402
          OGDEN, ANDREW D.                7532
          OGUNYEMI, OLAOLU N.             0602
          OLIVERIO, ANTHONY J.            0302
          OSBORNE, JOSEPH D.              0402
          PALAZZO, NASH D.                0206
          PARHAM, JESSICA L.              0207
          PARK, DANIEL                    5803
          PELLEGRINO, ERIC E.             0302
          PETELLO, MICHAEL T.             7220
          PETERSON, SEAN M.               3404
          PETROV, ANDREI S.               0602       
          PHILLIPS, DANIELLE K.           4502
          PICCIRILLI, JOSEPH              0203
          PIECH, ANDREW C.                0802
          PINKERTON, NICK A.              1302
          POORMAN, ERIC A.                6002
          PREGEL, TYLER A.                0302
          PROVENCIO, ALVARO I.            6002
          PUOPOLO, ANTHONY L.             1302
          QUINN, SHANE F.                 0302
          RAGNI, MARLEIGH A.              7210
          RAGONESE, MICHAEL R.            1803
          REDMOND, KEVIN C.               0802
          REITHER, DANIEL E.              0602
          RICARD, RHETT D.                4402
          RIEDELL, DYLAN J.               0802
          RILOFF, MATTHEW J.              0203
          RIXEY, CHRISTOPHE J.            0302
          SANCHEZ, BRANDON J.             7315
          SANTIAGO, MIKEL C.              0602
          SANTOS, JOE                     1803
          SCHER, STEVEN M.                0402
          SCHLENBECKER, JACOB H.          0402
          SCHRADER, THOMAS D.             0402
          SCOTT, JOSHUA B.                0402
          SEABROOK, JADE S.               0602
          SHAKE, ROBERT J.                0402
          SHELL, BRADLEY J.               0802
          SHIELDS, ETHAN J.               0402
          SHIMULUNAS, TREVOR J.           0802
          SILVIS, JUSTIN R.               5803
          SIMPSON, IAN S.                 1302
          SKAGGS, DAVID M.                7566
          SMITH, JARON A.                 0402
          SMITH, KEVIN R.                 6602
          SPADE, JOSEPH E.                7532
          STARKEY, BARTON W.              7210
          STARKEY, DUSTI M.               1302
          STEINBERG, TIMOTHY W.           7210
          STITZEL, RYAN A.                0802
          SUKRAMANI, THEODORE A.          0402
          TEMPLETON, ERIC                 1302
          THOMPSON, WILLIAM R.            0302
          TRAN, AJ L.                     7208
          TRAVIS, ALLEN J.                4402
          TROSSEN, ANDREW S.              1302
          TURUNC, STEFAN B.               0602
          UNTALAN, VICTORINO              0802
          VARGA, CHRISTOPHE T.            1802
          WAECHTER, GAGE T.               0402
          WAGNER, AARON R.                7518
          WAGNER, STEVEN                  0302
          WARD, JAMES M.                  1302
          WATSON, ADAM J.                 0802
          WEAVER, JUSTIN S.               5803
          WEEKS, JUSTIN A.                7204
          WHITE, JOSEPH A.                0402
          WILCOX, DANIEL R.               3002
          WILLIAMSON, JUSTIN T.           5803
          WOMELSDORF, JEFFREY R.          0602
          YAMNICKY, ROBERT W.             7566
5.a.2.  Air Defense Artillery Captains Career Course (read in two columns):
          NAME                            PMOS
          HERNANDEZ, THOMAS C.            7210
          MCADAMS, JARRETT E.             7210
5.a.3.  Engineer Captains Career Course (read in two columns):
          NAME                            PMOS
          BARE, RYAN J.                   1302
          BURNWORTH, ELLIOTT J.           1302
          HOLWERDA III, FREDERICK         1302
          SPENCER, PETER D.               1302
5.a.4.  Field Artillery Captains Career Course (read in two columns):
          NAME                            PMOS
          CHILDERS, HAYDEN D.             0802
          DONALDSON, LUKE F.              0802
          GARCIA, JOHN A.                 0802
          RICHARDS, ANDREW D.             0802
          VINGUA, KENNETH R.              0802
          WALKER II, J D.                 0802
5.a.5.  Logistics Captains Career Course (read in two columns):
          NAME                            PMOS
          AGANOVIC, IRMA                  3002
          BROCKELMEYER, MATTHEW C.        3002
          CHANG, SEREE                    3002
          DESOTO, ROSS B.                 3002
          DICK, RYAN M.                   0402
          GRIBBLE, CHRISTOPHE T.          0402
          HALE, CHRISTOPHE J.             3002
          HARRISON, KYLE W.               0402
          HARTLINE, NATHAN A.             0402
          HARWOOD JR, ROBERT L.           3002
          LITZ, ERIKA A.                  0402
          LUNSFORD, BRANDON L.            5803
          MACLEISH, JADE D.               0402
          MARAINI JR, PETER D.            0402
          MARTINEZ, SANTIAGO J.           0402
          MCGUIRE, COREY J.               0402
          PULIDO, ASHLEY E.               0402
5.a.6.  Maneuver Captains Career Course (read in three columns):
          NAME                            PMOS      Class
          BEDUHN, CARL D.                 0302      004
          BOSNICK, DANIEL A.              0302      005
          BOYLE, MICHAEL P.               0302      003
          BURCHFIELD, JOSHUA M.           0302      001
          CHENEY, NATHAN S.               0302      004
          DAVIES, SETH E.                 0302      004
          DEPRIEST, BRENNAN C.            0302      002
          ELZIE, RYAN W.                  0302      005
          FOSTER, JOSHUA                  0302      005
          GOMEZ, HEATH A.                 0302      003
          KELLEY, MATTHEW S.              0302      004
          LAHREN, HAYDEN G.               0302      004
          LEET, PATRICK E.                0302      003
          LYNCH, IAN S.                   0302      003
          MCNEILL, BRIAN T.               0302      003
          PAGOAGA, MICHAEL A.             0302      004
          SMITHSON, WILLIAM C.            0302      004
          ULLRICH, PSALM A.               0302      004
5.b.  Congressional Fellowship Program (read in two columns).  The following officers will receive orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3 upon acceptance.  Estimated start date is June 2021:
          NAME                            PMOS
          CASEY, RYAN M.                  0302
          GLEASON, MEGAN K.               0102
          RANDOLPH, COLLEEN E.            4502
5.c.  International Affairs Program-FAO (read in two columns).  The following officers will be contacted by the International Affairs Program Office to discuss area of assignment NLT 15 January 2021.  Once assigned, PLU-8 will coordinate with the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3 for orders and additional coordinating instructions.
          NAME                            PMOS
          ALCALA, ANDREW R.               0802
          CALLAN, GERARD E.               4502
          CAMPBELL, PHILLIP M.            0402
          HOLMES, ROBERT E.               0203
          LEE, JAMES D.                   3404
          QUINN, JULIA A.                 0602
          ROWLAND, MATTHEW B.             0602
          RUIZVILLEGAS, JUAN C.           0602
          STERN, MARK P.                  0203
          WARNICK, ROCK G.                0102
          YANUZZI, JOSEPH M.              0402
5.d.  The following AMOSs are associated with the corresponding graduate education disciplines and schools in paragraph 5.f.,
5.g. per Ref (d).
          AMOS    DISCIPLINE                              SCHOOL
          3006    Contingency Contracting                 NPS
          4505    Public Affairs Management               SDSU
          8802    Education                               Civilian
          8820    Aeronautical Engineering                AFIT
          8824    Electrical Engineering                  NPS
          8825    Modeling and Simulation                 NPS
          8826    Combat Systems Science and Technology   NPS
          8831    Environmental Engineering               AFIT
          8834    Information Warfare Systems             NPS
          8840    Manpower Management                     NPS
          8844    Financial Management                    NPS
          8846    Computer Science                        NPS
          8848    Information Systems and Technology      NPS
          8850    Operations Analysis                     NPS
          8852    Defense Systems Analysis                NPS
          8862    Material Logistics Support Management   NPS
          8866    Space Systems Operations                NPS
5.e.  Officers assigned to the Graduate Education Program or Advanced Degree Program will be immediately assigned to a utilization tour upon completion of their coursework. 
5.f.  Graduate Education Programs (read in three columns).  The AMOS is subject to change pending Naval Post Graduate School review.  The intent is to assign a desirable program of choice to each selectee while aligning with the needs of the Marine Corps.  If there are any issues or concerns with the assigned program, contact the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3 for further instruction.  The following officers will receive coordinating instructions and orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3.  Estimated start date is June 2021:
          NAME                            PMOS    AMOS
          ALLEN, BRIAN T.                 0602    8846
          ALVAREZ, DIEGO A.               1302    8852
          ANDERSON, DANIEL J.             7210    8846
          ASHLEY, JOSHUA I.               1302    8824
          ASHMORE, MICHAEL J.             6002    8825
          ASHTON, KATHERINE A.            7566    8820
          ASTRINO, MICHAEL W.             0402    8848
          AUSTRIA, MARC K.                3404    8844
          BARCA, BRIANA N.                0402    8848
          BENEDICT, KEVIN F.              0302    8840
          BENN, ANDREW S.                 0602    8846
          BENN, STEPHANIE M.              0602    8846
          BOOTH, JOHN S.                  0102    8840
          BRANCHFIELD, ALEXANDER J.       3404    8825
          BRANNUM, BENJAMIN A.            1302    8824
          BURNS, ANTHONY F.               1302    8826
          BYERS, COLTON L.                0302    8850
          CABALLERO IV, PEDRO K.          4502    4505
          CAPLOE, TERRENCE W.             1302    8831
          CAMERON, ROBERT D.              3404    8844
          CHRESAIDOS, NICHOLAS A.         3002    3006
          CLARK, CHRISTOPHE D.            0602    8846
          CONKLIN, KRISTAL A.             0102    8840
          CORNEJODIAZ, NORMA              0402    8848
          COVARRUBIAS, IVAN J.            3002    3006
          CRISP, JUSTIN A.                0207    8826
          ELLIOTT II, JOHN D.             0302    8848
          ENZENAUER, KRISTIN R.           6002    8824
          FIGLIOLI, JORDAN                0602    8848
          FIGLIOLI, SUSAN O.              0602    8848
          GLOBERMAN, DYLAN A.             3002    3006
          HARDESTY, NICHOLAS E.           7532    8846
          HASTINGS, EMILY F.              0102    8840
          HAYS, JOSHUA P.                 4502    4505
          HELM, RYAN A.                   0302    8850
          HORNING, RAYMOND M.             3404    8844
          JIMENEZ, ERIC X.                0602    8846
          KELLY, JANELLE M.               6602    8862
          KELLY, JOSEPH J.                1302    8866
          KENNARD, COLIN B.               4502    4505
          LAFFEY, JOSEPH A.               0206    8848
          LIZOTTE, ALEXANDER S.           0203    8840
          MARKS, JARED R.                 6002    8850
          MARKS, JENNIFER W.              1302    8840
          MARTIN, MATTHEW M.              7210    8825
          MCCOLLUM, KELSON J.             0207    8850
          MCFADDEN, ANNMARIE L.           6002    8862
          MCINNIS, DAVID J.               6002    8852
          NELSON, PRESTON L.              0203    8848
          NIEWOEHNER, BRENT J.            0302    8850
          NWOKOGBA, MONYE A.              7208    8866
          OSHIRO, DANE M.                 0602    8846
          PARDINAS, STEVEN J.             0802    8825
          PEER, NICOLE K.                 0602    8848
          PIETRZAK, TRISTAN M.            0302    8824
          POPE, WALTER C.                 0302    8840
          REGISTER, RYAN M.               5803    8831
          ROEDL, AARON J.                 3002    3006
          ROMER, NICHOLAS M.              3002    3006
          ROYER, NICHOLAS W.              4502    8825
          RUNNELLS III, ROBERT E.         0302    8852
          SHAUL, RYAN D.                  1302    8825
          SHIN, ROY S.                    0802    8824
          SMITH, KATHERINE L.             7210    8840
          SNELL, GREGORY A.               3404    8844
          SOCHA, TIMOTHY M.               6602    8866
          SOTO, DUSTIN M.                 0302    8834
          STROBEL, BRENNAN W.             0602    8852
          TAM, JOHANNA A.                 7208    8825
          TUBBS JR, ROBERT J.             1302    8824
          VANDELLEN, AUSTIN J.            0302    8850
          WACHTER, CHRISTIAN F.           0203    8824
          WETHERBY, DAYTON B.             0102    8850
          WINKLER, TIMOTHY P.             7565    8820
          WORK, JOSEPH K.                 0206    8846
          WRIGHT, JOSEPH L.               4502    4505
5.g.  Advanced Degree Programs (read in three columns).  Civilian school acceptance letters must be provided to the MMOA-3 Graduate Education Manager by 1 April 2021.  The following officers will receive orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3:
          NAME                            PMOS    AMOS
          DIOS, ERIC M.                   0402    8802
          EHRNRITER, MEGAN L.             5803    8802
5.h.  Advanced Civilian School Programs (read in two columns).  Civilian School acceptance letters must be provided to the MMOA-3, Graduate Education Manager by 1 April 2021.  The following officer will receive orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3:
          NAME                            PMOS
          CHIMATO, NICOLETTE T.           0602
5.i.  Junior Officer Strategic Intelligence Program (JOSIP) and Junior Officer Cryptologic Career Program (JOCCP), (read in three columns).  The following officers will receive orders from their PMOS monitor:
          NAME                            PMOS    PROGRAM
          MORGAN, WILLIAM P.              0206    JOSIP
          SCHMITTOU, MATTHEW W.           0202    JOSIP
          VUCOVICH, BRANDON T.            0203    JOCCP
5.j.  CMC Fellowship (read in three columns).  The following officer
will receive orders from the Gradaute Education Manager, MMOA-3:
          NAME                            PMOS    FELLOWSHIP
          FORTEZA, ADRIAN N.              4402    DC U.S. Attorney's
6.  The list of officers selected as alternates will be published via the MMOA-3 board updates and info page following the release of this message at the following CAC protected website:  https:(slash)(slash)www.manpower.usmc.mil/webcenter/portal/OA3CEB/CPIB/CCLEBUpdates/ The list will be posted alphabetically by full name and MOS.  No action is required by officers on this list.  If vacancies open from the primary slate, an available alternate will be notified by their primary MOS monitor or Graduate Education Manager to fleet up.
7.  Communication to Headquarters Marine Corps.
7.a.  All correspondence must originate from and be endorsed by the selected officer utilizing an Administrative Action Form (AA Form).  Submit correspondence to:  MMOA-3 Organizational Email:  smbmmoagradedu@usmc.mil
7.b.  Points of Contact:
          Maj L. M. Gonnella, Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3
             DSN: 278-9284, COMM: (703) 784-9982
             Email: leah.gonnella@usmc.mil
          Mr. M. G. Cooper, MCU
             DSN: 378-0696, COMM: (703) 432-0696
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8.  Release authorized by BGen Michael J. Borgschulte, Director, Manpower Management, Manpower and Reserve Affairs.//