Date Signed: 1/8/2021 | MARADMINS Number: 008/21
MARADMINS : 008/21

R 081604Z JAN 21
REF/B/MSGID: DODI 1241.04//
POC/RAP-1/-/TEL: 703-784-9138//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Reference (a) is hereby cancelled.  In accordance with reference (b), the purpose of this message is to publish the Marine Corps Annual TRS Communication Plan and to reiterate the requirement for commands to report the completion of annual TRS training for their Selected Reserve members via the Unit Training Module (UTM) within the Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS).
2.  The TRS Communication Plan is directed towards all levels of leadership.  Per the reference, members of the Selected Reserve are required to receive an annual explanation of the TRS qualification criteria, TRS program and Federal Employees Health Benefit (FEHB) program exclusion, and TRS benefits and costs.
3.  Execution.  The following information is an explanation of the TRS program.
    a.  TRS Qualification and Exclusion Criteria.  In order to qualify for TRS coverage, Selected Reserve members must:
        (1) Not currently be serving on active duty orders for more than 30 consecutive days.
        (2) Be a member of the Selected Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR) or a member of the Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) program.
        (3) Not be covered under early TRICARE benefits prior to being mobilized in support of a contingency.
        (4) Not be covered under the Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) or the “Transition Assistance 180” (TA-180) rule.
        (5) Not be eligible for or enrolled in the FEHB program or currently covered under FEHB, either under their own eligibility or through a family member.
    b.  TRS Costs.  The member is responsible for monthly premiums, annual deductible, and cost share (or percentage) for covered services.  The TRS premium rates are established annually on a Calendar Year (CY) basis in accordance with Title 10, United States Code, Section 1076D and Title 32 Code of Federal Regulations part 199.24.  The TRS monthly premiums for CY 2021 are established as follows:
        (1) 47.20 dollars for member-only.
        (2) 238.99 dollars for member and family.
    c.  TRS Benefits.  TRS is a comprehensive health care option offered by TRICARE.  It fulfills the minimum essential coverage mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and, if purchased, will avoid penalties from being imposed for not having minimum essential healthcare coverage.
    d.  TRS Enrollment.  Qualified members may purchase TRS coverage to begin the first day of any month.  Humana in the East and Health Net Federal Services for the West contract, will accept TRS applications over the phone.  The phone numbers are:  Humana in the East:  1-800-444-5445 Health Net Federal Services in the West:  1-844-866-9378 To determine your region, please see the following website:  https:(slash)(slash)
        (1) Service members can apply for TRS using the Beneficiary Web Enrollment (BWE) portal.  The service member does not have to send in an application, it is transmitted automatically.  The new websites for the two regions are:
        (2) Initial enrollment requires a two-month premium payment by check, money order/cashiers check or a debit/credit card.  In addition, the member is required to setup automatic monthly payment for monthly premiums.  The member has the option to set up an electronic funds transfer or use recurring debit or credit card charge.  Once enrolled, it is the responsibility of the individual member to update information concerning any changes which may occur while enrolled in TRS (e.g. addition of dependents, change in primary address, change in payment method, change in FEHB eligibility, etc.).
    e.  TRS Management. Covered Service members can manage their TRS coverage through the myTRICARE website at https:(slash)(slash)  Upon creating an account, the website will allow the Service member to check the status of TRICARE claims, check eligibility, make online payments, view annual summary of benefits, view explanation of benefits, and check referral and authorization status.
        (1) TRS members who lose their TRS coverage and are disenrolled for failure to pay monthly premiums due to late payments, insufficient funds, expired credit/debit card, or any other financial reasons within their control, will no longer have the second option of seeking a "new" TRS enrollment for reinstatement requests received by the contractor PAST 90 days from last paid-through-date/disenrollment and will be locked out from purchasing new TRS coverage for 12 months.  TRS coverage reinstatements are handled directly by the regional contractor (not by the TRICARE Regional Offices (TRO) or the Defense Health Agency) and approved based on:  1) the request being received by the contractor or postmarked no later than the referenced 90 days, 2) payment of all premiums from the last paid-through-date through the current month, plus the amount for the following two months is included (to include any administrative fees), and 3) information is provided to establish recurring electronic premium payments (recurring credit card (RCC) or electronic funds transfer (EFT).  Failure to meet any of these three requirements will result in the denial of reinstated coverage and the member will be locked out for 12 months.
4.  Training Responsibilities.
    a.  SMCR Unit Commanders.  Provide a copy of this Communication Plan to each member assigned to the unit.  In addition, the unit can request a TRS brief, in coordination with the appropriate TRO and Managed Care Support Contractor (MCSC).  SMCR Commands should contact the appropriate TRO at least (15) days in advance to schedule the annual TRS brief at the unit location at no cost to the unit.  If an MCSC or TRO representative is not available, unit commanders or other training staffs are authorized to deliver the brief without assistance.  TRS briefing and other educational materials are available at https:(slash)(slash)  Additional educational assistance may be requested through the appropriate TRO Reserve Liaison, point of contact information to follow (paragraph 4c of this MARADMIN).
    b.  IMA Program Operational Sponsors (OpSponsor).  Provide a copy of this Communication Plan to each member assigned to the command’s IMA program.  In addition, the OpSponsor should encourage the member to consult with the TRS website at https:(slash)(slash) in order to obtain further information, as required.  Additional educational assistance may be requested through the appropriate TRO Reserve Liaison, point of contact information to follow (paragraph 4c and 4d of this MARADMIN).
    c.  SMCR Commanders and IMA OpSponsors who wish to request TRS training can do so by completing and submitting a training request form at https:(slash)(slash)  Click on TRO Briefing Requests to be transmitted directly online.  Upon submission of the request, allow two business days for processing at which time you may contact the TRO Reserve Liaison if you have not received a response.
        (1) TRO East:  POC:  Mr. Howard Hughes, Comm:  210-536-6044 or email:
        (2) TRO J10 West Region:  POC:  Ms. Laura D’Antin, Comm:  619-236-5325 or email:
    d.  OpSponsors responsible for IMA members in Hawaii or Alaska fall within the TRICARE West region and will contact TRO West Reserve Liaison, Ms. Laura D’Antin, for assistance.  OpSponsors outside of the Continental United States will request TRS training support by contacting their TRICARE Area Office (TAO).
        (1) TAO Eurasia-Africa:  Commercial from the United States:  1(888)777-8343/DSN:  (314) 590-2999.
        (2) TAO Pacific:  Commercial from the United States:  1(888)777-8343/DSN:  (315) 645-4854.
        (3) TAO Latin America and Canada:  Commercial:  1(210)536-6080/DSN:  (312) 761-1153.
5.  Documentation of Training.  Unit training representatives and OpSponsors must document the completion of this mandatory training by submitting a training event code of “DI TRICARE Reserve Select Annual Brief” via MCTIMS.  In the event that reporting via MCTIMS is not available, attendance rosters should then be provided to unit administrators in order to document training completion via unit diary by reporting TTC 483 000 training event code (DI) with an English description of “TRICARE Reserve Select Annual Brief.”
6.  For additional information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), sponsors and family members should consult https:(slash)(slash) as the authoritative source for information concerning choices available to them under the ACA and for instructions about enrolling in healthcare coverage through their state health insurance marketplace.  Additional information concerning TRICARE is available at https:(slash)(slash)
7.  This MARADMIN is applicable to the Selected Reserve.
8.  Release authorized by Major General H. G. Pratt, Director, Reserve Affairs Division.//