Date Signed: 1/12/2021 | MARADMINS Number: 013/21
MARADMINS : 013/21

R112239Z JAN 21
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) requires high caliber company grade officers for assignment as Recruiting Station (RS) Operations Officers (OpsOs), Executive Officers (XOs), and Officer Selection Officers (OSOs) across the nation who are dedicated to recruiting high quality men and women to earn the title "Marine."  A panel consisting of staff from MMOA and MCRC convened to identify and select 54 officers from over 600 eligible officers for assignment during Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21).
2.  The following officers were chosen by the panel for assignment as RS OpsOs, XOs, and OSOs:
2.a.  1st Marine Corps District
      RS Albany, NY                  MILLER, REED R.         5803
      RS Albany, NY                  STUCKART, DANIEL M.     0302
      RS Pittsburgh, PA              PALERMO, NICHOLAS P.    0102
      RS Pittsburgh, PA              HUMER, ERIC A.          1302
      RS Springfield, MA             LACE, JOSEPH P.         0302
      OST Albany, NY                 DASSO, TANNER J.        0402
      OST Jersey City, NJ            RAPOSA, AUSTIN H.       0402
      OST New Brunswick, NJ          ALBANIR, ROBERT W.      3002
      OST Philadelphia, PA           WALSH, JOHN D.          6002
      OST Providence, RI             BRENNAN, JESSICA A.     6602
2.b.  4th Marine Corps District
      RS Cleveland, OH               HEBERT, JUSTIN B.       0302
      RS Columbus, OH                HEINE, KEVIN B.         0802
      RS Louisville, KY              SPRADLIN, JOSHUA A.     0302
      RS Frederick, MD               FELDMAN, ALEXANDER M.   0802
      RS Lansing, MI                 HOLMQUIST, HOKAN H.     7204
      RS Nashville, TN               JOHNSON, SHANNON D.     3002
      RS Richmond, VA                SIGMON, STEPHEN T.      0207
      OST East Lansing, MI           GALVAN, JENNIFER N.     5803
      OST Nashville, TN              SHIMEK, KURTIS M.       6002
      OST Norfolk, VA                SACKS, JEREMY D.        0402
      OST Raleigh East, NC           CROWDER, KENNETH P.     0302
      OST Richmond, VA               MITCHELL, CHRISTIAN P.  0802
2.c.  6th Marine Corps District
      RS Ft Lauderdale, FL           FELICIANOAVILES, OMAR A.3002
      RS Atlanta, GA                 PAZ, JACKELINE          7208
      RS Atlanta, GA                 BYINGTON, KEVIN N.      0102
      RS Columbia, SC                VAULMAN, DANIEL P.      0302
      RS Baton Rouge, LA             BRIGGS, SKYLER K.       7208
      OST Baton Rouge, LA            EGLOFF, LUKE C.         0802
      OST Columbia, SC               SHERIDAN, JACLYN P.     7208
      OST Kennesaw, GA               BUXTON, MARY L.         0102
2.d.  8th Marine Corps District
      RS Albuquerque, NM             PERCIVAL, SYDNEE        0102
      RS Salt Lake City, UT          GEIDEL, JOSHUA C.       0402
      RS San Antonio, TX             BENAVIDES JR, LUIS E.   0102
      OST Fort Collins, CO           ROSALES, SAMANTHA       0402
      OST Lubbock, TX                SANCHEZ JR, MARTIN      0402
2.e.  9th Marine Corps District
      RS Des Moines, IA              MILLS, ROBERT E.        7210
      RS Indianapolis, IN            BREEDEN, BARAK M.       3002
      RS Kansas City, MO             LAYTON, JACOB D.        0206
      RS Twin Cities, MN             RONDA, JON P.           0203
      RS Milwaukee, WI               WINKLER, VERONICA L.    7220
      RS Saint Louis, MO             TORRES, JEFFERY L.      6602
      OST Iowa City, IA              HICKS, ANDREW L.        6002
      OST Kansas City, MO            CASAS, KATHY E.         7208
      OST Milwaukee, WI              LEESMAN, DAVID C.       0402
      OST Twin Cities, MN            DUBORD, SHANE O.        0302
2.f.  12th Marine Corps District
      RS Los Angeles, CA             ARAGON, XAVIER M.       0402
      RS Orange, CA                  DURAN, JENNIFER A.      5803
      RS Sacramento, CA              MCFADGEN, HALI R.       7210
      RS San Francisco, CA           MACKENZIE, KELLY R.     0402
      RS San Francisco, CA           CROMBIE, SHAE J.        3002
      RS Seattle, WA                 KEITH, CAMERON R.       0302
      OST Los Angeles (South), CA    ZOOK, DYLAN G.          1803
      OST Riverside, CA              LENICK, AUSTIN M.       0402
      OST San Diego, CA              CHASE, MARK W.          0302
3.  The following officers were chosen as alternates:
      NAME                   MOS
      ANDERSON, ZACHARY F.   0202
      ANSON, CAITLIN E.      0402
      BARCA, BRIANA N.       0402
      BOHEN, RYAN T.         6002
      BRANDY, PATRICK R.     0402
      BROWN, ROBERT A.       5803
      CHANG, SEREE           3002
      CLARK, AUSTIN C.       0302
      CONKLIN, KRISTAL A.    0102
      DYE, JEREMIAH D.       6002
      EVANS, PAUL E.         0402
      GABEL, KRISTEN R.      0402
      GILBERTVASS, REID C.   0302
      GLEASON, MEGAN K.      0102 
      GRASPY IV, RAYMOND     0602
      HALL, TRAVIS J.        0302
      HANLY, JACK W.         0302
      HASTINGS, KELSEY M.    0802
      HOLWERDA, JACOB T.     0302
      HOSFORD, BRANDON J.    3404
      HUTCHISON, BRIAN Q.    0202
      KEENAN, ALISON M.      0102
      KELLY, JOSEPH J.       1302
      KUN, JACK J.           6602
      LAFFEY, JOSEPH A.      0202
      LALONDE, RYAN D.       7208
      LAPORTE, SAMUEL J.     6002
      LEE, JAMES D.          3404
      MACKENZIE, KELLY R.    0402
      MAERLING, JOHN J.      0802
      MCFADDEN, ANMARIE L.   6002
      NARVAJA, GABREILA N.   6602
      NELSON, DALIN W.       0202
      PARDINAS, STEVEN J.    0802
      PEER, NICOLE K.        0602
      PERDEW, ABIGAL M.      0102
      POLIDAN, JOHN A.       0602
      PRATER, DANIEL J.      7208
      QUANDT, KATHRYN L.     1302
      RAGNI, MARLEIGH A.     7210
      SCOTT, JOSHUA B.       0402
      SNELL, GREGORY A.      3404
      SOTO, DUSTIN M.        0302
      STARKEY, BARTON W.     7210
      TRAN, AJ L.            7208       
      WALSH, BRAIN M.        0402
      WETHERBY, DAYTON B.    0102
4.  Officers selected by this panel will be issued orders to report during the month of May 2021.
4.a.  Officers that are unable to report during the prescribed date will coordinate an updated timeline through the respective District XOs, their losing commands, and their respective monitor.
4.b.  Officers assigned to Recruiting Duty are expected to serve a 36 month tour.
5.  Points of Contact
5.a.  MMOA-1 (Ground Officer Assignments)
      MMaj S. D. Williams, Infantry CoGrd
      email: scott.williams(at)
      Capt K. M. Jackson, Combat Arms CoGrd
      Capt S. D Ax, CoGrd, 07, 17, 45
      Capt J. D. Partin, Intel CoGrd, 02, 44
      Capt N. G. Macaluso, CoGrd, 01, 58
      email:  nicholas.macaluso(at)
      Capt R. D. Sahm; Logistics Co Grd, 04
      email:  riley.sahm(at)
      Capt S. C. Bong, Supply CoGrd, 30, 34
      email:  sharon.bong(at)
5.b.  MMOA-2 (Aviation Officer Assignments)
      Maj J. M. Yuhas, Co Grd FW
      email:  jenner.yuhas(at)
      Maj N. B. Holcombe, Co Grd RW
      email:  norman.holcombe2(at)
      Capt R. C. Brodarick, Aviation Ground CoGrd
      email:  ryan.brodarick(at)
5.c.  MCRC
      1st MCD LtCol C. D. Shore
      email:  christopher.shore(at)
      Comm:   516-228-5610
      4th MCD LtCol M. J. Grabowski
      email:  matthew.grabowski(at)
      Comm:   717-770-4720
      6th MCD LtCol P. M. Haines
      email:  patrick.haines(at)
      Comm:   843-228-2587
      8th MCD LtCol J. Salame
      email:  jeremiah.salame(at)
      Comm:   817-782-6702
      9th MCD LtCol C. Z. Esrey
      email:  christopher.esrey(at)
      Comm:   847-887-8301
      12th MCD LtCol M. A. Beckhart
      email:  michael.beckhart(at)
      Comm:   619-542-5555
6.  This bulletin is not applicable to the Marine Corps Reserve.
7.  Release authorized by BGen Michael J. Borgschulte, Director, Manpower Management Division.//