Date Signed: 3/31/2021 | MARADMINS Number: 172/21
MARADMINS : 172/21

R 311255Z MAR 21
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  This MARADMIN establishes the roles, responsibilities, command relationships, and authorities for the planning and execution of the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) scheduled for Sunday, 31 October 2021.
2.  The MCM is the largest single-day community relations event for the United States Marine Corps.  This annual public event includes over 22,500 runners and 100,000 spectators.  A full-time Marine Corps Marathon Organization (MCMO) staff is assigned to plan and execute marathon activities.  However, augmentation of Marine Corps personnel and resources by commands located within the National Capital Region (NCR) is a critical component to the successful execution of MCM events.
3.  The mission of the MCM is to showcase physical fitness and generate community goodwill in order to promote the high standards and discipline of the Marine Corps.  As one of the largest marathons in the world, it requires extensive planning and resources to execute.  CMC expects all Marine Corps commands and organizations located in the NCR to support execution of the annual MCM.  Based on the challenges associated with the COVID pandemic, the decision to proceed with or cancel the MCM will be made in the June timeframe.  All units should continue to plan and prepare for the full race weekend.
4.  Roles and Responsibilities
4.a.  Commander, Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region-Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCINCR-MCBQ).
4.a.1.  As the supported commander, plan, organize, and execute the annual MCM.
4.a.2.  Exercise command and control of all Marine Corps personnel/forces assigned to support MCM execution.
4.a.3.  Not later than 12 May 2021, publish a bulletin that identifies MCM special project officers (SPO), coordinators, and key leader assignment requirements for supporting commands.
4.a.4.  Not later than 15 June 2021, publish the MCM Operations Plan and Manning Document that identifies support requirements based on a fair share basis of all Marine Corps NCR commands/organizations.
4.a.5.  Not later than 1 October 2021, publish the MCM Operations Order (OPORD).
4.a.6.  Execute the 2021 MCM on Sunday, 31 October 2021.
4.b.  Supporting Commands.
4.b.1.  The following Marine Corps NCR commands/organizations are designated as supporting commands:
4.b.1.a.  Marine Corps Training and Education Command
4.b.1.b.  Marine Corps Recruiting Command
4.b.1.c.  Marine Corps Systems Command
4.b.1.d.  Marine Corps Forces Cyberspace Command
4.b.1.e.  Marine Corps Operational Test and Evaluation Activity
4.b.1.f.  Marine Corps Intelligence Activity
4.b.1.g.  Marine Corps Information Operations Center
4.b.1.h.  Marine Corps Embassy Security Group
4.b.1.i.  Marine Helicopter Squadron 1
4.b.1.j.  Marine Barracks Washington
4.b.1.k.  Wounded Warrior Regiment
4.b.1.l.  Headquarters and Service Battalion, HQMC
4.b.1.m.  Communications Directorate, HQMC
4.b.2.  Supporting commands shall provide personnel and resources in accordance with the MCM Operations Plan and Manning Document, subject to availability due to higher-priority missions.  Should any supporting command request excusal from tasking due to a higher-priority mission, such requests shall be made in writing to the Staff Director, HQMC via the Commander, MCINCR-MCBQ.
4.b.3.  Chief, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED).  Request medical planning, coordination, and execution support for the annual MCM via the Naval Health Clinic Quantico in accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement between BUMED and Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM) dated 6 March 2019.
4.b.4.  Commander, Marine Corps Forces Command.  Provide a Chemical Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF) subject matter expert for the following:
4.b.4.a.  Participate in consequence management (CM) planning with MCMO staff and local incident responders.
4.b.4.b.  Participate in the MCMO staff tabletop exercises.
4.b.4.c.  On 31 October 2021, provide CM advisor to MCMO staff during the MCM.
5.  Detailed planning and execution of the MCM will be conducted by the MCMO Race Director’s office at (703) 784-1989 or DSN 278-2225.
6.  Release authorized by Major General Gregg P. Olson, Staff Director of the Marine Corps.//