Date Signed: 6/1/2021 | MARADMINS Number: 292/21
MARADMINS : 292/21

R 011450Z JUN 21
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (SMMC) will host the 2021 Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Symposium (SMMCS-21) from 9 August to 13 August 2021 at The National Conference Center, Leesburg, VA.  Travel days are 8 August and 14 August 2021 for CONUS travelers, 7-8 August and 14-15 August 2021 for OCONUS travelers, with a no-host ice breaker on the evening of 9 August 2021.
2.  The following Sergeants Major and their spouses are invited to attend.
Principal                         Billet
SgtMaj James K. Porterfield       NORAD/USNORTHCOM (INBOUND)
SgtMaj Michael R. Saucedo         DECA
SgtMaj Richard D. Thresher        USAFRICOM
SgtMaj Howard L. Kreamer          MARFORPAC
SgtMaj Cortez L. Brown            COMBINED MARITIME FORCES (INBOUND)
SgtMaj Clifford W. Wiggins        MARFORCOM
SgtMaj Michael J. Pritchard       MARFORCOM (INBOUND)
SgtMaj Carlos A. Ruiz             MARFORRES
SgtMaj Rafael Rodriguez           M&RA
SgtMaj Peter A. Siaw              TECOM
SgtMaj Terrence C. Whitcomb       I MEF
SgtMaj Lonnie N. Travis           II MEF
SgtMaj Michael P. Woods           III MEF
SgtMaj Steven L. Lunsford         MARCENT
SgtMaj Aaron G. McDonald          MARFOREUR/AFR
SgtMaj Matthew J. Fouss           MARFORK
SgtMaj Edwin A. Mota              MARFORSOUTH
SgtMaj Jay D. Williamson          MARFORCYBER
SgtMaj Jason K. Jones             1ST MARDIV
SgtMaj Daniel L. Krause           2D MARDIV
SgtMaj Eric D. Cook               3D MARDIV
SgtMaj Arthur M. Arebalo, Jr.     4TH MARDIV
SgtMaj Stephen A. Griffin         1ST MAW
SgtMaj Jacob M. Reiff             2D MAW
SgtMaj David A. Wilson            3D MAW  
SgtMaj Lynette C. Marr-Gaye       4TH MAW
SgtMaj Stennett W. Rey II         1ST MLG 
SgtMaj William J. Gwaltney        2D MLG
SgtMaj Ryan W. Meltesen           3D MLG (INBOUND)
SgtMaj Christopher D. Thomas      4TH MLG
SgtMaj Adan F. Moreno             MCRC (INBOUND)
SgtMaj Abel T. Leal               MCRD/WRR
SgtMaj William C. Carter          MCRD/ERR
SgtMaj Anthony J. Easton          TRNGCMD
SgtMaj Michael W. Hensley         MCU/EDCOM
SgtMaj Jason R. Gillespie         MAGTFTC/MCAGCC
SgtMaj Anthony J. Loftus          MARSOC
SgtMaj Jason B. Hammock           MCLC
SgtMaj Jason F. Wolken            FHG
SgtMaj Jonathan R. Radel          MCICOM (INBOUND)
SgtMaj Joy M. Kitashima           MCI-PAC
SgtMaj Robert M. Tellez           MCI-EAST
SgtMaj Matthew R. Hackett         MCI-WEST
SgtMaj Ronda R. Kirkby            MM DIVISION (INBOUND)
SgtMaj Shawn M. Isaacson          MFP DIVISION
SgtMaj Daniel E. Mangrum          MFP DIVISION (INBOUND)
SgtMaj Ruben A. Esparza           RA DIVISION (INBOUND)
SgtMaj Spencer E. Scott           IGMC
SgtMaj Michael W. Cato            MARCORSYSCOM
3.  The following Master Gunnery Sergeants and their spouses are invited to attend.
Principal                         Billet
MGySgt Scott H. Stalker           USSPACECOM
MGySgt Charles C. Baker           USSTRATCOM
MGySgt Brian K. Smith             ASL
MGySgt Gerald J. Foulis           DCI
MGySgt Willian W. Hess            IMD
MGySgt Maxwell J. Williams        JAD
MGySgt Dale A. Durand             C4
MGySgt Antwaun M. Gibson          OUSMCC
MGySgt Jose M. Giron              MCWL
MGySgt Anthony J. Guisao          POSOD
MGySgt Jose L. Lopez              MR
4.  The following Command Master Chiefs and their spouses are invited to attend.
Principal                         Billet
CMDCM Donald C. Schrader          MARFORPAC
CMDCM Jeffrey A. Covington        MARFORCOM
CMDCM Carrie L. Weser             MARFORRES
CMDCM Toby A. Ruiz                I MEF
CMDCM Christopher Rebana          II MEF
CMDCM Curtis D. Blunt             III MEF
CMDCM PatrickPaul C. Mangarn      1ST MARDIV
CMDCM Scottie L. Cox              2D MARDIV
CMDCM Donald Leppert              3D MARDIV (INCOMING)
CMDCM Nicholas C. Huso            4TH MARDIV
CMDCM Medea A. Dudley             1ST MAW
CMDCM Sandra A. Dyal              2D MAW
CMDCM Harlan B. Patawaran         3D MAW
CMDCM James S. Burnett            4TH MAW
CMDCM Loren D. Rucker             1ST MLG
CMDCM Richard A. Jackson          2D MLG
CMDCM Charles F. Ziervogel        3D MLG
CMDCM Daniel L. Pryor             4TH MLG
5.  The SMMC office exercises overall staff cognizance for SMMCS-21 and is the information releasing authority for SMMCS-21.  The Director, Special Projects Directorate (SPD), provides direct support to the SMMC office and is responsible for logistical, administrative, and operations support center for SMMCS-21.  Points of contact (POC) for the SMMC office and SPD are contained in paragraph 13.
6.  In the event the SMMCS-21 is cancelled or postponed to a later date, guidance will be provided through separate correspondence.
7.  Detailed programs for both principals and spouses are being developed and will be promulgated separately.
8.  Tasks.
8.a.  Invited SgtsMaj, MGySgts, and CMDCMs that cannot attend the symposium are required to provide justification to SMMC directly.
8.b.  Invited SgtsMaj, MGySgts, and CMDCMs are required to submit a visitors request via the Defense Information Security System (DISS) with the Security Management Office code 540080084; the POC is Mr. Randy P. Kowski, email:  randy.kowski@usmc.mil; 703-614-1515.  Top Secret clearance is required to attend classified briefs.  The location for the briefs is the Pentagon Conference Center.
9.  Administration and Logistics.
9.a.  SMMCS-21 will be held at the National Conference Center in Leesburg, VA.  More information about administration, logistics, COVID considerations, and registration, including a one stop registration website which reduces the time and effort necessary to register, will be provided through an administrative/logistics message via email.
9.b.  Orders.  Individual commands will fund and issue orders for their attendees.  For travel orders for principals assigned to non-USMC commands, please contact Mr. Randy Kowski at randy.kowski@usmc.mil 703-693-2821 to coordinate line of accounting, or for funding issues.  All orders should be non-reporting.  Government quarters and messing are not available.  Rental vehicle may be authorized at the parent's command discretion and expense.
9.c.  Transportation.  Government transportation will be provided for all official functions.
9.d.  Financial.  All invited guests and their spouses are required to use the symposium's registration site to confirm their attendance.  No money will be collected through the registration process.  Principals and spouses will receive an invoice upon checking out of the National Conference Center which includes the cost of the hotel room, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  The total cost for principals and spouse travel (utilizing Spouse Invitational Travel Authorizations) is reimbursable on the travel voucher via the Defense Travel System (DTS).
10.  Uniforms.
10.a.  For principals, the required uniforms and civilian clothing are:
10.a.1.  Service “C”
10.a.2.  Dress Blue “B” with white trousers (Full Dress Whites for Navy personnel)
10.a.3.  Business attire that includes business suit, and business casual
10.b.  For civilians/spouses the required attire is:
10.b.1.  Business attire (business suit, skirt suit or dress)
10.b.2.  Business casual (slacks or skirt, button up shirt or blouse)
10.b.3.  Wearing layers and packing a shawl or sweater is recommended as briefing room temperatures tend to vary.  Wearing nice, comfortable shoes is also recommended.
11.  Weather.  The average high and low temperature for the Leesburg, VA area in August is 87 degrees and 67 degrees respectively, with humidity around 67 percent.  The average rainfall in August is 3.4 inches.
12.  SMMCS-21 Operations Center.
12.a.  The operations center will be set up to provide appropriate administrative and logistical support to all attendees.  Personnel and resources are assigned to the operations center according to known requirements based on the official agendas.
12.b.  The operations center will be located in The National Conference Center.
12.c.  Projected capabilities are:
12.c.1.  Limited unclassified phone.
12.c.2.  NIPRNET e-mail.
12.c.3.  Limited color/black and white copying.
12.c.4.  The operations center will provide and maintain NIPRNET workstations for SMMCS-21 attendees.
12.c.5.  Briefings support:  the operations center will be prepared to support all known briefers’ requirements.  The normal organic audio-visual and information technology capabilities are available, which includes screens, projectors, video players, and laptops capable of using CDs.  If any briefer requires additional support, please contact Mr. Randy Kowski.
12.d.  Operations center limitations.  The operations center will not have on-site capability for classified fax, SIPRNET email, and STU/STE phone.  The operations center is unable to provide any classified material support to include handling and storage.
13.  Points of contact.
13.a.  SMMC office.  Contact numbers:  commercial 703-614-8762, DSN 224-8762; fax commercial 703-614-9359, DSN 224-9359.
13.b.  SPD.
13.b.1.  Contact number: commercial 703-614-1515, DSN 224-1515.
13.b.2.  Principal Project Officer:  Mr. Richard Joplin, e-mail:  richard.joplin@usmc.mil, government cellphone:  571-289-8115.
13.b.3.  Principal Project Officer for Spouse Program:  Ms. Sarah R. Stoll, e-mail:  sarah.stoll@usmc.mil; government cell phone:  571-289-9296.
13.b.4.  Operations center: Mr. Randy Kowski, email:  randy.kowski@usmc.mil, government cellphone 703-571-4408.
14.  Release authorized by Major General Gregg P. Olson, Staff Director of the Marine Corps.//