Date Signed: 11/18/2021 | MARADMINS Number: 661/21
MARADMINS : 661/21

R 172030Z NOV 21
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  National Intelligence University (NIU) is an accredited institution offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in Strategic Intelligence and Science and Technology Intelligence.  NIU is a directorate of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), supported administratively by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), and located at the Intelligence Community Campus–Bethesda (ICC-B).  The Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence (MSSI) and the Master of Science and Technology Intelligence (MSTI) are graduate-level education programs conducted at NIU.  Successful program completion results in the awarding of an MSSI or MSTI graduate degree.  NIU’s graduate degree programs include core and elective courses and require a master's thesis on a strategic intelligence-related topic. The progression of classes in the degree programs is designed to allow USMCR students to complete all required course work and thesis in two years.  Marines accepted into the program attend classes in-person at NIU in Bethesda, MD one weekend per month for 23 months plus two, two-week periods of annual training.  Classes convene August 2022 for Academic Year (AY) 2022.  These graduate degree programs are open to IMA, SMCR, and IRR reserve component Marines.  Active duty candidates pending reserve affiliation will be considered as long as their timelines for reserve affiliation timelines will allow for joining to the IMA detachment and matriculation into the academic program in the fall academic year.
2.  A selection panel convened by the USMCR NIU Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) Detachment Faculty will review applications.  The panel will provide an endorsement to the Deputy Commandant for Information (DCI) for the applicants most qualified to attend the MSSI/MSTI Program for Reserves as a member of the NIU IMA detachment.  The panel does not make admission decisions for NIU and applicants must apply and be accepted into NIU’s Monthly Executive MSSI/MSTI in order to join the NIU IMA Detachment.  Applicants who do not receive DCI endorsement are eligible to apply and attend if accepted, part-time study in the Evening MSSI/MSTI, the Monthly Executive MSSI/MSTI, the Space-Available MSSI/MSTI, Continuing Education, or all other certificate programs besides the Leadership and Management Certificate of Intelligence Studies, but not as a member of the NIU IMA Detachment.  Applicants who are accepted into the MSSI/MSTI programs outside of the drilling IMA should be mindful of the challenges of balancing other USMCR drilling requirements with the demands of the MSSI/MSTI program.  
3.  Prerequisites for NIU IMA Detachment:
3.A.  USMCR: 
3.A.1.  Acceptance by NIU into the Monthly Executive MSSI/MSTI program.  Those waitlisted by NIU will not be considered.  
3.A.2.  Grade:  1stLt to Maj, CWO2 to CWO3, SSgt to GySgt.
3.A.3.  MOS: Open to any MOS, however, preference will be given to Marines in the following priorities: Intelligence, Cyberspace, and Communications military occupational specialties. 
3.A.4.  Experience:  Minimum five years intelligence, cyber or communications experience through either military and/or civilian occupations.
3.A.5.  Service:  Candidates must have had four satisfactory years (50 points minimum each year) during the last five years.
3.A.6.  Officers must not have failed selection for promotion to the next higher grade and majors must have less than four years time-in-grade.
3.A.7.  Staff Non-Commissioned Officers must be eligible for re-enlistment and have two years remaining on contract after graduation.
3.A.8.  Officers and SNCOs must agree to remain in an intelligence billet in the reserves (IMA detachment or SMCR unit) for three years following graduation.
3.A.9.  Applicants must meet Marine Corps height and weight standards per MCO 6110.3A.
3.B.  NIU:
3.B.1.  Possess a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution.
3.B.2.  Possess (at the time the candidate submits his/her application) a Top Secret clearance and be eligible for access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI).  Application for this program is an insufficient justification to request initial processing for a TS/SCI clearance.
4.  Applications.  Applicants must submit an application package to both DCI and NIU, as outlined below:
4.A.  NLT 31 January 2022, submit the following via email (compressed .pdf preferred) to the DCI POC and alternate POC listed above:
4.A.1.  NIU application form which can be found at:  https:(slash)(slash) 
4.A.2.  A 500-word unclassified essay (typed, double-spaced) explaining the following:
4.A.3.  Your motivation for pursuing graduate study in intelligence. 
4.A.4.  Your professional goals and objectives.
4.A.5.  Achievements in your education and/or career that enhances your ability to undertake graduate study.
4.A.6.  Current Reserve Qualification Summary (RQS).
4.A.7.  A brief one-page resume detailing both military and civilian experience (chronological format).
4.A.8.  A favorable endorsement from the applicant's command (IMA detachment or SMCR), IRR Marines should obtain this endorsement from the Marine Corps Individual Reserve Support Activity (MCIRSA).
4.A.9.  Current copy of the applicant's Master Brief Sheet.
4.B.  NLT 31 January 2022 forward the following to from a .gov or .mil account.  If sending via the US Postal Service address to Office of Admissions, Roberdeau Hall, Washington, DC 20511.  If sending via commercial mail courier address to Office of Admissions, Roberdeau Hall ICC-B Gate 5, 1000 
Colonial Farm Road, McLean VA 22101.  NIU admissions information can be found at https:(slash)(slash)
4.B.1.  A completed NIU application form indicating you are applying for the MSSI or the MSTI program. The application can be found at:  https:(slash)(slash)
4.B.2.  A 500-word unclassified essay (typed, double-spaced) discussing the following:
4.B.2.a.  Reasons for wanting to study at NIU. 
4.B.2.b.  How your research interests fit with NIU’s academic program and how they address a critical area within the intelligence or national security community. 
4.B.2.c.  Your long-term academic and professional goals.
4.B.3.  For MSSI applicants only:  An 8-20 page unclassified writing sample, which is scholarly in nature, and demonstrates research acumen (ex. undergraduate research papers, scholarly publications, or research-focused papers.  Professional writing samples of 3-5 pages that demonstrate research will also be considered if the student is the primary author.  
4.B.4.  Professional resume or curriculum vitae. 
4.B.5.  Official undergraduate and graduate transcripts mailed from the applicant's university/college.  Official transcripts can be mailed or sent electronically to:
4.B.6.  GRE: 
4.B.6.a.  For MSTI applicants GRE scores are required.  Submit official GRE scores less than 5 years old to NIU Code 5205.
4.B.6.b.  For MSSI applicants official GRE scores are not required but recommended.
4.B.7.  For both MSSI and MSTI it is recommended to provide up to two letters of recommendation regarding your academic potential and its relevance to future professional performance. 
5.  Marines selected to join the DCI IMA Detachment (RUC 88600) must be transferred NLT 1 August 2022.  
5.A.  Selectees will not be transferred to the IMA Detachment until a confirmation from the NIU of the selectee’s admission to the NIU and security clearance is confirmed.
5.B.  Attendance at NIU 12 weekends over a 10-month academic year is required and will be considered normal drill periods.
5.C.  Attendees will be required to perform active duty training at NIU for 13 days each summer for two consecutive academic years. 
5.D.  NIU students will also be required to complete all Marine Corps annual training requirements.
5.E.  Drill attendance sheets, orders requests, and other administrative requirements associated with this duty will be processed by DCI. 
5.F.  Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and related safety protocols, the university is taking necessary precautions.  Still, the chance for a blended system of in-person attendance and virtual attendance is possible.  It is the intent of the program for lessons to be conducted in person to the fullest extent and selectees should expect to travel to the NCR at their own expense. 
6.  These programs do not currently qualify as an Intermediate Level School (ILS) equivalent.  Students admitted for AY 22 (August 2022) will not receive credit for ILS PME.
7.  Selectees will be notified individually by this headquarters.  This bulletin is applicable to the Marine Corps Reserve or those joining the Marine Corps Reserves NLT 1 April 2022. This bulletin is cancelled 31 December 2022.
8.  Release authorized by MajGen W. H. Seely III, Director of Intelligence, US Marine Corps.//