Date Signed: 11/23/2021 | ALMARS Number: 028/21
ALMARS : 028/21

R 231345Z NOV 21
ALMAR 028/21
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Thanksgiving Day represents the beginning of the holiday season and offers us an occasion to celebrate with family and friends.  As you gather with your loved ones this year, I want to thank each of you for the effort and discipline you exert on a daily basis and for your dedicated service to our nation.
2.  For Marines, Thanksgiving is also a day to express gratitude for the support of the American people and the confidence they placed in our ability to defend our great Nation.  It's a day to reflect on the special bond that unites us as Marines and to honor the Sailors who serve alongside us in any clime and place.  As individuals, we use this day to show our appreciation for our families and friends who enrich our lives and provide the support that allows us to carry out our duties.
3.  This can also be a difficult time for those deployed away from home.  To our Marines and Sailors stationed throughout the world, know that you are making a difference.  Americans are able to celebrate today because of your willingness to bear the burden of providing for our security.  Our Nation remains strong and ready because of your dedication and resolve.
4.  So as we celebrate this year, Sergeant Major Black and I wish every Marine, Sailor, Civilian Marine, and Sea Service family a memorable and joyous Thanksgiving.  We are very proud of each of you and honored to serve alongside you.  Your professionalism, devotion to duty, and willingness to endure hardship are extraordinary.  Stay safe and look out for one another this holiday season.  We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.
5.  Semper Fidelis.  David H. Berger, General, U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps.//