Date Signed: 2/8/2022 | MARADMINS Number: 044/22
MARADMINS : 044/22

R 072105Z FEB 22
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Situation.  This message announces the CY22 Federal Express (FedEx) - Global Logistics Operations Summit (GLOS) hosted by FedEx from 8 - 13 May 2022.  The Commandant of the Marine Corps (CMC) Fellow at FedEx in coordination with FedEx Express, DC I&L, and Marine Corps University (MCU), has arranged a four-day summit at the FedEx World Headquarters located at 3610 Hacks Cross Rd, Memphis, TN 38125.  Participants will gain an increased situational awareness of the FedEx-USMC partnership and a deeper understanding of FedEx logistics operations and capabilities in support of the Department of Defense.  The summit will expose Marines to the operational tempo being leveraged by a highly successful corporation.  The events and presentation topics include, but are not limited to, FedEx operating companies, innovation, and logistics solutions.
2.  Mission.  From 8 - 13 May 2022, Marines will participate in the annual FedEx GLOS in Memphis, TN in order to enhance the FedEx-USMC relationship as well as foster a deeper appreciation of FedEx logistics operations and capabilities.
3.  Execution
3.a.  Commander’s intent.  The purpose of this summit is to familiarize Marines with FedEx operations, innovative initiatives, and logistics solutions.
3.a.1.  Concept of operations.  Summit participation is not first-come, first-served.  Participant selection will focus on ensuring appropriate representation of experienced personnel from across the Marine Corps.  Priority/special consideration will be given to nominees who possess logistics MOS’s and/or are serving in logistics and innovation assignments.  Individuals that have retirement dates or plan on executing an upcoming end of active service (EAS) should not apply.  Oncoming CMC Fellow for FedEx will automatically have a seat reserved for the summit.
3.a.2.  The target audience requirements are: 
3.a.2.a.  Enlisted:  Gunnery Sergeant (E-7) to Master Gunnery Sergeant (E-9).
3.a.2.b.  Officers:  Chief Warrant Officers (CWO2-CWO4), and Captains (O-3) to Lieutenant Colonels (O-5).
3.a.2.c.  Civilian:  Government Service (GS-11 – GS-15).
3.a.2.d.  Personnel who represent fields of expertise in logistics operations, supply chain management, maintenance, and innovation.
3.a.2.e.  Personnel that will fully participate in idea exchanges with a vested interest in the topics.
3.b.2.f.  Special consideration will be taken for nominees outside the above target audience if they are endorsed by their command via an email with additional justification in the request.
3.b.  Tasks
3.b.1.  Commands are responsible for ensuring their nominees are submitted NLT 11 March 2022 via the following link:  https:(slash)(slash)
3.b.2.  No later than 25 March 2022, all nominees will be notified of selection by a listed POC via the email address provided in the nomination form.
3.b.3.  No later than 8 April 2022, attendees will confirm, via the POCs listed, they are available or unavailable to attend the summit.
3.c.  Coordinating Instructions
3.c.1.  Schedule, Tours and Presentations.  A detailed schedule will be provided to participants upon arrival at the summit.  Tours and presentations are subject to change based off availability and current COVID-19 protocols and restrictions.  Night tours will be offered throughout the summit.
3.c.1.a.  Schedule
3.c.1.a.1.  8 May:  Travel day
3.c.1.a.2.  9 May:  Opening Remarks/Presentations
3.c.1.a.3.  10 May:  Tours/Presentations
3.c.1.a.4.  11 May:  Tours/Presentations
3.c.1.a.5.  12 May:  Tours/Presentations/Closing Remarks
3.c.1.a.6.  13 May:  Travel day
3.c.1.b.  Tours and Presentations
3.c.1.b.1.  FedEx overview/History
3.c.1.b.2.  FedEx operations overview
3.c.1.b.3.  Opening/Closing remarks
3.c.1.b.4.  Memphis world hub night tour
3.c.1.b.5.  Memphis world hub work experience (Marines have opportunity to work a shift at the hub)
3.c.1.b.6.  Maintenance Operations Center (MOC) tour and presentation
3.c.1.b.7.  Global Operations Control Center (GOCC) tour and presentation
3.c.1.b.8.  Ground vehicle fleet management and maintenance
3.c.1.b.9.  Operations station tour
3.c.1.b.10.  Future Logistics (scanning technology/RFID/In-transitVisibility/drones/robotics)
3.c.1.b.11.  Supply Chain Logistics
3.c.1.b.12.  Roxo – FedEx Same Day Bot
3.c.1.b.13.  Global Trade Services
3.c.1.b.14.  Sense Aware presentation
3.c.1.b.15.  Blockchain
4.  Administration and Logistics
4.a.  The summit participation capacity is limited to thirty (30) personnel.  All summit-associated costs and travel are unit-funded.  No government lodging or messing are available.  Participants’ commands are responsible for the funding and travel details of their participants.
4.b.  Recommended airport is Memphis International Airport (MEM).
4.c.  Transportation to and from the Memphis International Airport on travel days is not provided.  FedEx will provide transportation for summit attendees between the recommended lodging facility and FedEx facilities in direct support of summit events.
4.d.  The lodging facility is:
4.d.1.  Holiday Inn & Suites Memphis Southeast Germantown – 7730 Centennial Dr., Memphis, TN 38125/TEL: (901) 730-0015
4.d.2.  Lodging has been blocked off for the summit at the above location.  The group reservation code is GLO.  Reservations must be made NLT 22 April 2022.  Please use the following link to make reservations:  https:(slash)(slash),%20Memphis,%20TN%2038125,%20USA&qCiMy=42022&qCiD=8&qCoMy=42022&qCoD=13&qAdlt=1&qChld=0&qRms=1&qRtP=6CBARC&qIta=99801505&qGrpCd=GLO&qSlH=MEMBB&qAkamaiCC=US&qSrt=sBR&
4.e.  Summit attire for all participants is business casual.  No military uniforms and no jeans are permitted throughout the duration of the summit.  Only exception is when participants are working at the hub, jeans are allowed.
4.f.  Participants will get the opportunity to work at the Memphis world hub and assist in sorting and routing packages for delivery.  Participants should bring jeans and a collared shirt they do not mind getting dirty.  Recommend boots for this event (steel toe not required).
4.g.  COVID-19 guidelines and regulations
4.g.1.  All participants will be required to wear face masks throughout the duration of the summit.
4.g.2.  Social distancing will be maintained at all times in accordance with CDC guidelines.
4.g.3.  FedEx will provide hand sanitizing stations at each location during the summit.
4.g.4.  Avoid physical greetings like handshakes.
4.g.5.  Cover your mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing.
4.g.6.  Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
4.g.7.  Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
4.g.8.  Participants will be divided into teams of no more than 10 in order to ensure proper social distancing.
4.g.9.  Teams will rotate through events and presentations in order to limit mass gatherings and to ensure proper social distancing.
4.g.10.  Participants will be required to answer a COVID-19 questionnaire and email to the FedEx CMC Fellow at the email listed above, no earlier than Wednesday 4 May and no later than Friday 6 May prior to the summit.  Participants will immediately notify the point of contact above, if their condition changes after the questionnaire has been submitted.
4.h.  Cancellation.  FedEx reserves the right to cancel the summit at any time due to updated CDC guidelines, a rise in COVID-19 cases, or any other reason they deem pertinent to reduce the risk of spreading the virus within their organization.
5.  Command and Signal.  Direct all questions concerning this message to the POCs listed above.
6.  Release authorized by BGen Adam L. Chalkley, Assistant Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics (LP).//