Date Signed: 2/9/2022 | ALMARS Number: 003/22
ALMARS : 003/22

R 092030Z FEB 22
ALMAR 003/22
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Situation.  Our Corps is charged with providing the nation's young men and women, who have earned the title Marine, with superiorly trained officers that can lead them in any clime or place.  Officer Candidates School (OCS) is responsible for training, evaluating, and screening those men and women who desire to be officers of Marines.  Although OCS is staffed with sufficient personnel to meet a steady state student load, it cannot support peak demands when OCS experiences its largest inventory of candidates.  During these peak training periods, OCS requires augmentation of its permanent staff to meet its mission.  Fulfilling this requirement solely from Training and Education Command (TECOM) and Marine Corps Base Quantico tenant commands is not supportable.  A reduction in the total number of Marines comprising Quantico-based organizations and the scarceness of Marines who conjointly meet Primary Military Occupational Specialties requirements and have the 0911 secondary military occupational specialty, requires an institutional approach to our responsibility to support this annual recurring requirement.  Therefore, the purpose of this ALMAR is to establish policy to support OCS summer augmentation requirements.  The OCS mission is an institutional imperative and as a result, the summer augmentation program is a Service-level responsibility.  While TECOM and Quantico-based commands will continue to provide the preponderance of augmentation staff, we as a Service must share in fulfilling this commitment by providing qualified augmentees when tasked.
2.  Mission.  The Marine Corps establishes a Service-wide policy to support the OCS summer augmentation program.
3.  Execution.  The OCS summer augmentation program policy and process will be accomplished in two phases:
3.a.  Phase I:  OCS summer augmentation for peak training periods.
3.b.  Phase II:  Annual revalidation of OCS augmentation requirements and processes.
3.c.  Commanding General (CG), TECOM.
3.c.a.  Publish a MARADMIN with details for execution of phases I and II.
3.c.b.  Publish a permanent institutional process via Marine Corps Order.
4.  Administration and logistics instructions to be detailed in the Marine Corps Order outlined in paragraph 3.c.
5.  Command and signal.  As a result of establishing TECOM as a command separate from Marine Corps Combat Development Command, CG, TECOM is now designated as my executive agent for the development and implementation of the OCS summer augmentation program process and policy.
5.a.  CG, TECOM is the supported commander.
5.b.  All other commanders/organizations are in support.
6.  Manning the Marine Corps’ operating forces continues to be our main focus.  However, providing adequate staff for training, evaluating, and screening officer candidates is vital to the future health of our Corps.
7.  Semper Fidelis, D. H. Berger, General, U.S. Marine Corps, Commandant of the Marine Corps.//