Date Signed: 4/7/2022 | MARADMINS Number: 176/22
MARADMINS : 176/22

R 071247Z APR 22
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Purpose.  This MARADMIN announces the closures of the Learning Resource Centers (LRC) located at multiple locations across the Marine Corps.
2.  Background.  For the past 23 years, the Marine Corps College of Distance Education and Training (CDET), Marine Corps University (MCU) has provided direct oversight over the Marine Corps Distance Learning Program (MCDLP), a Level III Information Technology Program of Record that consists of three major components:  Online courseware development; MarineNet architecture for delivery; and LRCs (computer classrooms) for Marines without a desktop or laptop to access the online courseware.  CDET has managed access via a service support contract that provides personnel (facilitators) to operate, manage and proctor as required online training at one of the 40 LRCs and importantly, account for, maintain and safeguard government furnished equipment.  The divestment of funding for the LRC decision package in Program Objective Memorandum-22 (POM-22) means the MCDLP can no longer provide the LRC facilitators.  The facilities that house the LRCs are part of the various base infrastructure; the computers are fielded assets from Training and Education Command (TECOM).  Bases and stations provide the lighting, electricity, heating and air and basic facilities upkeep for the LRCs.
2.  Timeline:  All LRCs will be closed for operation on 1 June 2022.
3.  Listing of LRCs to be closed:
3.a.  Arizona
3.a.1.  Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Yuma Building 328, 2nd deck
3.b.  California
3.b.1.  Camp Pendleton, Building 14137, 1st Marine Logistics Group (I MLG Mainside)
3.b.2.  Camp Pendleton, Building 210725, Camp Del Mar
3.b.3.  Camp Pendleton, Building 13091, 13 Area (Mainside)
3.b.4.  Camp Pendleton, Building 33062T, Camp Margarita
3.b.5.  Camp Pendleton, Building 4157B, Camp Las Flores
3.b.6.  Camp Pendleton, Building 430406, Camp Las Pulgas
3.b.7.  Camp Pendleton, Building 520512, room 11, Camp San Onofre
3.b.8.  Camp Pendleton, Building 53622, room 208, 2nd deck, Camp Horno
3.b.9.  Camp Pendleton, Building 62330, Camp San Mateo
3.b.10.  Camp Pendleton, Building 220165, room 18, Camp Chappo
3.b.11.  MCAS Camp Pendleton, Building 23195
3.b.12.  Marine Air Ground Task Force Training Command MCAGTFTC Twentynine Palms, Building 1653, East Griffin Street
3.b.13.  MCAGTFTC Twentynine Palms, Building 1612, North Brown Street
3.b.14.  MCAS Miramar Building 5305, room 171, Base Library/Education Center
3.c.  Florida.
3.c.1.  Marine Aviation Training Support Group 21 (MATSG-21) Pensacola, 3450 Farrar Road, room D400
3.d.  Hawaii
3.d.1. Marine Corps Base (MCB) Hawaii, Building 221, room 108, Kaneohe Bay
3.d.2.  MCB Hawaii, Building 1045, room 204, 2nd deck, Kaneohe Bay
3.e.  Japan.
3.e.1.  MCAS Iwakuni, Building 360, room 31A
3.f.  Maryland.
3.f.1.  Indian Head Chemical Biological Incident Response Force (CBIRF), Building 901, room 212
3.g.  Missouri.
3.g.1.  Marine Detachment Fort Leonard Wood, Building 1788, room 159
3.h.  North Carolina
3.h.1.  MCAS New River, Building AS213, room 102, Bancroft Street
3.h.2.  MCB Camp Lejeune, Building WC125, room 1061, Endurance Road
3.h.3.  MCB Camp Lejeune, Building WC160, room 1061, Endurance Road
3.h.4.  MCB Camp Lejeune, Building 519E, O Street
3.h.5.  MCB Camp Lejeune, Building FC330, French Creek
3.h.6.  MCB Camp Lejeune, Building G644, room 119, Camp Geiger
3.h.7.  MCB Camp Lejeune, Building RR99B, Stone Bay Rifle Range
3.h.8.  MCB Camp Lejeune, Building M402, Camp Johnson - closed during December 2021 due to infrastructure reset
3.h.9.  MCB Camp Lejeune, Building 219, F Street - closed during December 2020 due to hurricane damage
3.h.10.  MCB Camp Lejeune, Building BB12, room 101, Courthouse Bay
3.h.11.  MCB Camp Lejeune, Building 1046 Duncan Street, room 170 B
3.h.12.  MCAS Cherry Point, Building 4335, room 229, C Street
3.i.  Okinawa
3.i.1.  Camp Kinser, Building 1220, room 119
3.i.2.  Camp Foster, Building 5691, room 219
3.i.3.  Camp Schwab, Building 3429, room 213
3.i.4.  Camp Hansen, Building 2339, room 206B
3.j.  South Carolina
3.j.1.  MCAS Beaufort, Building 807, room 41, Hoffecker Avenue
3.j.2.  MCRD Parris Island, Building 923, room 27B, Chosin Reservoir Road
3.k.  Virginia.
3.k.1.  MCB Quantico, Building 2006, room 332
4.  LRCs will be returned to owning units during June/July 2022.  Request contact information be forwarded to point of contact (POC) above for coordination efforts of facilities located in paragraphs 3.a. through 3.k.
5.  TECOM G-4 and G-6 are the offices responsible for the asset management of the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) computers located at each LRC and are responsible for the redistribution of the MCEN end-user devices to other Marine Corps organizations, please email TECOM G-6 enterprise service management at email for further information.
6.  Information on examination proctoring can be found under the Proctoring icon located in the Help Center on MarineNet.  https:(slash)(slash)
7.  Release authorized by Brigadier General Walker M. Field, Commanding General, Education Command.//