Date Signed: 7/5/2022 | MARADMINS Number: 337/22
MARADMINS : 337/22

R 011630Z JUL 22
REF/A/MSGID: DOC/CMC/YMD: 20190530//
REF/B/MSGID: DOC/CMC/YMD: 20210510//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The FY22-02 TPS Selection Board will convene on or about 30 August 2022.
2.  The FY22-02 TPS Selection Board will consider applicants for assignment to United States Naval Test Pilot School (NTPS) Class 164 and United States Air Force Test Pilot School (AFTPS) Class 23-B convening on or about March 2023.
3.  Aviators from the following type-model-series MOSs are highly encouraged to apply (read in four columns):
   MOS              TYPE          CLASS                 QUANTITY
   7509/18/23       F-35          NTPS CLASS 164        1
   7566             CH-53         NTPS CLASS 164        1
   7563/65          H-1           NTPS CLASS 164        1
   7509/18/23       F-35          AFTPS CLASS 23-B      1
4.  The following criteria for applicant eligibility will be used:
4.a.  Applicants who are qualified for consideration:
4.a.1.  Be an active component commissioned officer on active duty.
4.a.2.  Be a regular commissioned officer in the rank of First Lieutenant to Major with less than 1 year time-in-grade by the projected class convening date.
4.a.3.  Be a designated Naval Aviator or Naval Flight Officer.
4.a.4.  A minimum of 750 flight hours by the projected class convening date.
4.a.5.  Successful completion of college physics or mechanics and college level mathematics through calculus.  Although not a requirement, a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, physical science, computer science, or mathematics fields is highly desirable.
4.a.6.  Meet anthropometric requirements for TPS syllabus aircraft.  Applicants that fall outside the below requirements may contact the Marine Aviation Detachment for additional guidance.
4.a.6.a.  Weight:  136-213 lbs (may be waved up to 103-245 lbs).
4.a.6.b.  Sitting height:  32.0" through 40.9".
4.a.6.c.  Buttock-knee length:  21.0" through 27.4".
4.a.7.  All Captain candidates shall be Professional Military Education (PME) complete for grade by the projected class convening date.
4.a.8.  Security clearance:  All selected officers must have at least a SECRET clearance that will not expire during the next four Fiscal Years, and all selected officers must be eligible for a Top Secret-Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS-SCI).
4.b.  Applicants who are not eligible for consideration:
4.b.1.  Reserve component commissioned officers.
4.b.2.  Officers in the above-zone for promotion on the convening date of the TPS 164 selection board.
4.b.3.  Officers serving in a joint billet that have not met the minimum time on station requirements at least three months prior to class convening date.
4.b.4.  Officers pending any medical or legal action that would knowingly preclude successful completion of the period of instruction and subsequent tour of duty.
4.b.5.  Officers who have not completed their Commandants Career- Level Education Board (CCLEB) utilization tour by 31 December 2022.
5.  Time on station requirements:
5.a.  Meet the minimum 24-months time-on-station requirement for continental United States (CONUS) assignment or be able to complete their tour control factor for outside the continental United States (OCONUS) assignments.  If an applicant does not meet the 24-month time-on-station obligation, a command-endorsed waiver, via NAVMC 10274 (AA-Form), shall be submitted with the application.  Transfer inside of the normal 24-months permanent change of station time-on-station obligation will result in a gap for that command until that 24-month period has concluded.  If an officer is selected prior to his/her normal rotation date, Manpower Management Officer Assignments branch will attempt to provide a backfill.  A commander's endorsement of the applicant’s letter of intent is considered acknowledgement of this situation.  Negative endorsements should describe impact to the command if the officer is selected but will not preclude consideration.
5.b.  Those officers in a joint billet must meet their minimum time-on-station requirement by 31 December 2022.
5.c.  Weapons and Tactics Instructors (WTI) are eligible to apply, provided they will have met their payback requirement, in accordance with Weapons and Tactics Training Program MCO.
6.  Because of extensive pre-arrival training requirements associated with this curriculum, officers selected for TPS should expect to receive orders to report for duty approximately four months prior to the official course convening date provided in paragraph (2).
7.  Officers should plan to report with a current Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization (NATOPS) and instrument check in their primary Type/Model/Series.
8.  Eligibility Waivers.  If a waiver is required for section (4.a) requirements, it shall be annotated on the online application questionnaire mentioned in paragraph (10.a).  All waivers will be processed during the selection board.  The requirement for a waiver should not be considered a disqualifier for favorable endorsements by the chain of command.
9.  Application Requirements.
9.a.  Applicants shall complete the entire online application questionnaire by navigating to: https:(slash)(slash)go.max.gov/TPS
9.a.1.  Applicants shall disclose if they were subject to a Field Flight Performance Board and the results of the board.
9.a.2.  Applicants shall electronically submit a scanned "Letter of Intent" to apply for TPS to the Commanding Officer, Marine Aviation Detachment, Patuxent River.  The letter of intent shall be submitted via the applicant’s chain of command with endorsements through the first colonel (or O-6 equivalent) in Naval letter format.  A sample letter of intent is provided in the survey containing the online application questionnaire.
9.a.3.  Command endorsements should specifically address the flying abilities and aviation leadership qualities of the applicant.  In cases where the endorsing officer has no firsthand knowledge of the applicant's flying ability, a letter of recommendation shall be included from one or more officers who have supervised the applicant in an operational flying billet within the past three years.
9.a.4.  In the event an officer submits an application and is subsequently transferred, endorsements from the gaining command shall also be forwarded.
9.b.  Digital copies of the following documents shall be uploaded via the applicable fields in the online application questionnaire:
9.b.1.  1-page applicant military biography.  Summarize military school experience, operational, flight and leadership experience, as well as other noteworthy personal experiences that would be of interest to the selection board.
9.b.2.  Legible copies of official college transcript(s).  There is no requirement to have official copies sent directly to the selection board from the educational institutions.  Transcript(s) shall show type of degree conferred and date conferred.  Do not submit copies of diplomas.
9.b.3.  Letters of recommendation (optional, maximum of five).
9.b.4.  Letter of intent (refer to paragraph 10.a.1) and all endorsements.
10.  Application procedures.
10.a.  The application deadline is 2359 Eastern Standard Time on 1 August 2022.
10.b.  Applications shall include an email from PMOS monitor confirming eligibility.
10.c.  Those applicants unable to submit applications online may submit an administrative action form application to the Executive Officer, Marine Aviation Detachment, Patuxent River, listed in the POC paragraph.  Submit hard copy applications to:
   Marine Aviation Detachment
   Attn:  FY22-01 TPS Selection Board
   22401 Cedar Point Road, Building 102
   Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Maryland 20670-1186
11.  Prospective applicants are encouraged to informally contact the Executive Officer, Marine Aviation Detachment, Patuxent River for assistance during the application preparation process.
12.  All applicants shall submit a complete application package.  Information contained in previous applications is not retained after the selection board.
13.  Points of contact:
Fixed Wing Majors Monitor
   Major Jordan Blake
   Comm:  (703) 784-9267
   Email:  jordan.blake@usmc.mil
Fixed Wing Company Grade Monitor
   Major Jenner Yuhas
   Comm:  (703) 784-9267
   Email:  jenner.yuhas@usmc.mil
Rotary Wing Majors Monitor
   Major Kyleigh Cullen
   Comm:  (703) 784-9267
   Email:  kyleigh.cullen@usmc.mil
Rotary Wing Company Grade Monitor
   Captain James Turner III
   Comm:  (703) 784-9267
   Email:  james.turner1@usmc.mil
14.  This MARADMIN is not applicable to the Marine Corps Reserve.
15.  Release authorized by MajGen Michael J. Borgschulte, Director, Manpower Management Division.//