Date Signed: 8/3/2022 | MARADMINS Number: 390/22
MARADMINS : 390/22

R 031410Z AUG 22
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The Communication Directorate Los Angeles (CDLA) will host the annual Commanders' Media Training Symposium in San Diego, CA from 26-28 September 2022.
2.  This symposium will empower commanders with critical communication skills necessary to understand the demands of the modern media environment by providing access to some of the world's most reputable news organizations and emerging media corporations.  This symposium will offer board-selected commanding officers industry-standard practices taught by leading professionals, and one-on-one interview training with nationally recognized members of the media.  Participants will be provided insight into the latest institutional communication strategy and information initiatives from Marine Corps communication and information-related professionals.  Commanders will emerge from the symposium with an enhanced understanding of the global media environment and how it impacts the Marine Corps.
3.  Participant Audience.  Current O-5, O-6 commanders or those selected for command; Executive Officers may attend in the absence of the commander.  Commanders are encouraged to bring their command’s Communication Strategy (CommStrat) Officers.
4.  Registration.  Nominees must submit registration requests NLT 22 August 2022 via e-mail to usmc.emlo@gmail.com.  Provide full name, grade, MOS, current military address, work phone, mobile phone, e-mail address, present command assignment, and estimated rotation date.  Should the number of requests exceed capacity, they will be prioritized based on the date command was assumed.  CDLA will notify those approved NLT 26 August 2022.
5.  Funding.  All travel costs will be funded by the participant's parent command.  Government Travel Charge Cards must be used for official travel.  No disbursing or transportation assistance is available on site.  Rental vehicles are highly discouraged due to lack of parking and traffic conditions.  Public transportation is the recommended form of transportation in San Diego.
6.  Uniform.  The uniform of the day is business casual for the first two days of the symposium and Dress Blue “D” for the last day.
7.  Billeting.  Individual travelers are responsible for billeting arrangements in San Diego.  POC in paragraph (10) will provide recommended billeting arrangements upon selection.
8.  Training.  Training begins promptly at 0800 on 26 September 2022 and will conclude no later than 1700 on 28 September 2022.  The training location will be provided upon selection.
9.  Symposium Material.  Read-ahead content, itinerary, Letter of Instruction, and other coordinating information will be distributed via e-mail to all attendees.  Participants are highly encouraged to familiarize themselves with all content and discuss with their unit CommStrat Officer prior to arrival.
10.  Point of contact is LtCol Geraldine Carey 814-883-7757 or via email at Geraldine.c.carey.civ@us.navy.mil.
11.  Release authorized by SES April L. Langwell, Director of Communication, Headquarters Marine Corps.//