Date Signed: 12/21/2022 | MARADMINS Number: 672/22
MARADMINS : 672/22

R 211345Z DEC 22 
REF/B/MSGID:DOC/CMC C 466/YMD:20210512//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The purpose of this MARADMIN is to announce the FY24 Enlisted to Warrant Officer (WO) Reserve Selection Board.  Qualified Marines in the Selected Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR), Active Reserve (AR), Mobilized Reserve Marines, Individual Ready Reserve and Standby Reserve (Active list) are encouraged to submit applications in accordance with the guidelines provided by reference (a) and this MARADMIN.  
2.  Dates
    a.  FY24 WO Reserve Selection Board.  On or about 6 June 2023, the board will convene at Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps for approximately 2 weeks.
    b.  Application Deadline.  The deadline for submission of applications is 24 April 2023.  Marines should complete their applications and submit them before the established deadline.
3.  Electronic Applications.  All WO applications will be submitted electronically in accordance with the instructions provided in the following paragraphs.  All submitted documents shall be legible.  Marines who have questions regarding the technical use of the electronic application may contact the Marine Corps Recruiting Command (MCRC) point of contact listed in paragraph 15 of this message.  Qualified Marines are required to obtain a Commanding Officer (CO) or Inspector-Instructor (I-I) endorsement at each level of command up to the first General Officer (GO) in their endorsing chain of command and submit their complete application through DoD SAFE (Secure Access File Exchange), https:(slash)(slash), to the following email address:  Marines are to follow all instructions within DoD SAFE when uploading and submitting their application.  Hard copy applications will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Marines must send their complete applications to the electronic mail address listed above prior to the application deadline.  COs/I-Is must ensure that their endorsements, denoting their level of confidence in the Marines, are promptly returned to the Marines so that the Marines may submit their applications prior to the deadline.  Commands do not necessarily need to review all of the information contained in the applications in order to determine a level of endorsement.  Leaders, in the chains of command, should only request review of items relevant to determining the level of confidence the CO/I-I has in a Marine.  Commands must ensure that Marines receive original copies of all endorsements 
4.  WO Technical Qualification.  Marines are encouraged to contact their respective Military Occupational Field Sponsors to determine technical eligibility for a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).  Per references (a) and (b), to apply for the FY24 Enlisted to WO Reserve Selection Board, Marines must be technically and professionally qualified to serve in the MOS for which they are applying.  MOS, assignments, and billets held must be identified in the application.
5.  Billet Vacancies (BV).  The below-listed BV are available for the FY24 Enlisted to WO Reserve selection board.  SMCR applications must identify preferred assignment locations. 
    a.  AR Marines only: 0170 (2), 6004 (3) and 6502 (2).  Assignment locations will be based on the needs of the AR program upon attendance at the Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC).
    b.  SMCR Marines only:
BMOS  RESRUC City                Unit
0170  21831  Tampa               H and S Co 4th AA Bn 4th MARDIV
0170  14331  Bristol             Hqtrs Btry 3/14 4th MARDIV
0170  14301  Fort Worth          Hqtrs Btry 14th Mar Regt 4th MARDIV
0170  00407  Great Lakes         Hqtrs MWCS-48 MACG-48 4th MAW
0170  01764  Miramar             MCAS VMM-764 MAG-41 4th MAW
0170  00985  Chicopee            MASS-6 MACG-48 4th MAW
0210  14803  San Diego           CI/ HumInt Co A ISB FHG MARFORRES
0210  14803  San Antonio         CI/ HumInt Co A ISB FHG MARFORRES
0480  14666  Smyrna              Pers Ret and Proc Co CLR 45 4th MLG
0480  14665  Quantico            Pers Ret and Proc Co CLR 45 4th MLG
0430  14301  Fort Worth          Hqtrs Btry 14th Mar Regt 4th MARDIV
0620  00407  Great Lakes         Hqtrs MWCS-48 MACG-48 4th MAW
0620  04048  Greensboro          Comm Co CLR 45 4th MLG
0630  00407  Great Lakes         Hqtrs MWCS-48 MACG-48 4th MAW
0670  00407  Great Lakes         Hqtrs MWCS-48 MACG-48 4th MAW
0803  14641  Seal Beach          Hqtrs Btry 5/14 4th MARDIV
0803  14301  Fort Worth          Hqtrs Btry 14th Mar Regt 4th MARDIV
0803  14331  Bristol             Hqtrs Btry 3/14 4th MARDIV
0803  14321  Grand Prairie       Hqtrs Btry 2/14 4th MARDIV
0803  14641  Seal Beach          Hqtrs Btry 5/14 4th MARDIV
1120  00527  Selfridge ANGB      Det B MWSS-471 MAG-41 4th MAW
1120  00985  Chicopee            MASS-6 MACG-48 4th MAW
1120  04157  Fort Worth NAS JRB  Det B MWSS-473 MAG-41 4th MAW
1120  21684  Brooklyn            Svc Co 6th Comm Bn FHG MARFORRES
1310  00540  Chicopee            Det B MWSS-472 MAG-49 4th MAW
1390  22327  Luke AFB            Bulk Fuel Co C 6th ESB 4th MLG
1390  22327  Luke AFB            Bulk Fuel Co C 6th ESB 4th MLG
1390  22327  Luke AFB            Bulk Fuel Co C 6th ESB 4th MLG
1390  22327  Luke AFB            Bulk Fuel Co C 6th ESB 4th MLG
1390  29063  Tucson              Bulk Fuel CoA (-) 6th ESB 4th MLG
1390  29063  Tucson              Bulk Fuel CoA (-) 6th ESB 4th MLG
1720  82007  Ayer                Def Cyber Ops IDM CoB 6th Comm Bn 
2110  21833  Jacksonville        AAV Co B 4th AA Bn 4th MARDIV
2110  04046  Kansas City         Hqtrs Co CLR 4 4th MLG
2110  04042  Rock Island         Maint Co CLB 451 CLR 45 4th MLG
2110  04055  Waco                Maint Co CLB 453 CLR 4 4th MLG
2120  14301  Fort Worth          Hqtrs Btry 14th Mar Regt 4th MARDIV
2120  14331  Bristol             Hqtrs Btry 3/14 4th MARDIV
2120  14321  Grand Prairie       Hqtrs Btry 2/14 4th MARDIV
2120  14641  Seal Beach          Hqtrs Btry 5/14 4th MARDIV
2120  04055  Waco                Maint Co CLB 453 CLR 4 4th MLG
2305  00527  Selfridge ANGB      Det B MWSS-471 MAG-41 4th MAW
2340  04059  Greenville          Det 1 Sup Co CLB 451 CLR 45 4th MLG
3010  04058  Raleigh             Sup Co CLB 451 CLR 45 4th MLG
3010  04060  Anacostia           Det 2 Sup Co CLB451 CLR 45 4th MLG
3010  04058  Raleigh             Sup Co CLB 451 CLR 45 4th MLG
3010  04064  Albany              Det 2 Sup Co CLB 453 CLR 4 4th MLG
3010  04064  Albany              Det 2 Sup Co CLB 453 CLR 4 4th MLG
3102  04061  Charleston          Det 3 Sup Co CLB 451 CLR 45 4th MLG
3510  04042  Rock Island         Maint Co CLB 451 CLR 45 4th MLG
3510  04056  Vienna              Det 3 Maint Co CLB 453 CLR 4 4th MLG
5702  14121  Pasadena            H and S Co 2/23 4th MARDIV
5702  14161  Detroit             H and S Co 1/24 4th MARDIV
5702  14171  Fort Sheridan       H and S Co 2/24 4th MARDIV
5702  14211  Fort Devens         H and S Co 1/25 4th MARDIV
5702  14221  Brooklyn            H and S Co 2/25 4th MARDIV
5702  14331  Bristol             Hqtrs Btry 3/14 4th MARDIV
5702  14321  Grand Prairie       Hqtrs Btry 2/14 4th MARDIV
5702  14641  Seal Beach          Hqtrs Btry 5/14 4th MARDIV
5950  01236  Fort Worth NAS JRB  Det A ATC MACS-24 MACG-48 4th MAW
6877  01236  Fort Worth NAS JRB  Det A ATC MACS-24 MACG-48 4th MAW
6.  Qualified Marines are encouraged to submit applications in accordance with the guidelines provided by reference (a) and this MARADMIN.  In accordance with reference (l), no promotion photos will be submitted with the application.  Marines should follow the sample application and endorsements should follow the format and content located at https:(slash)(slash) Marine-Officer/Officer-Naval-Enlisted-Applicants/ with the exception of the following: 
    a.  Submit appropriate Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) screens for Service Record Book (SRB) pages that have been replaced per reference (c) by MCTFS.  Marines must ensure SRB pages which have been removed and replaced by MCTFS are updated, and these pages must be made part of their application.  Due to operational necessity, all Marines are required to provide their full Social Security Number (SSN) and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on the data sheet only.  PII is required to track, identify and evaluate applicants throughout the application process.   
    b.  Reference (d) covers the Marine Corps tattoo policy.  In accordance with reference (d), the Commanding General (CG) MCRC is the adjudicating authority for any tattoo issue involving accessions (both officer and enlisted), to include enlisted Marines who apply for a commissioning or warrant officer program and prior service accessions.  All Marines will complete the Tattoo Screening Form (TSF) and Statement of Understanding (SOU).  A copy of the TSF and SOU may be found in the Warrant Officer sample application that can be found on the MCRC website at https:(slash)(slash)  Marines and certifying commissioned officers are required to fill out the entire form except the re-verification portion.  Commands must ensure that color photos are included and forwarded with the application.  Marines must submit full length photos in Physical Training (PT) gear (green shorts-green t-shirt) from the left, right, front, and back.  Marines with body markings must submit a clear, close-up color photograph of each body marking accompanied by an explanation addressing the content (description and meaning), location, size, and date the body marking was made.  For body markings located in private areas, Marines will submit a drawing and a written description detailing the criteria cited by this paragraph in lieu of a photograph.  Private areas are defined as any portion of the body that is covered by the PT uniform.  Photo/drawing of the body marking is required in the application only.  Digital photos/drawings of body markings will not be filed in the Marines' Official Military Personnel Files, nor be viewed by the board.  The photographs and screening forms aid CG MCRC in ensuing all officer accessions are within standards.
    c.  Disciplinary Action.  Per reference (c), Unit Punishment Books (UPB) are only filed in the SRB if applicable.  Therefore, include a UPB as an additional enclosure to the basic application if applicable.  For those Marines who do not have a UPB, include the following statement as an additional paragraph in the basic application:  "No UPB provided due to no record of disciplinary action." 
    d.  Marines must possess unquestionable character and exercise sound judgment at all times.  Accordingly, applicants must disclose all instances of disciplinary and/or investigative actions taken against the Marine, regardless of the outcome.  This includes but is not limited to:  court martial proceedings, civilian court proceedings, administrative separation processing, non-judicial punishment, command investigations, Prohibited Activities and Conduct investigations, and any other investigation conducted by a government agency.  This includes court proceedings of any kind resulting in an acquittal, a dismissal, or a deferred prosecution; and any investigation or proceeding in which the basis is unfounded or unsubstantiated.  Marines reporting such instances must provide a detailed statement with any associated documentation explaining the circumstances of the matter and the disposition.
    e.  Marines must submit a 100 - 500 word essay that must address why they want to become a WO in the Marine Corps.
    f.  Physical Fitness.  Per reference (e), Marines are required to have a current Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test (PFT) on file.  The PFT induction standard for TBS is a first class PFT defined in reference (e).  Marines are required to maintain Marine Corps body composition and military appearance.
    g.  Test Scores.  Per reference (a), Marines must possess a minimum Electronics Repair (EL) composite score of 110 derived from one of the following tests: 
        1) Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB),
        2) Armed Forces Classification Test (AFCT)            
They can also qualify with one of the following standardized tests:
        1) Minimum combined English and Math score of 39 or a composite score of 22 on the American College Test (ACT)
        2) Minimum combined Math and Verbal or Math and Critical Reading score of 1000 on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).  Marines who meet the aptitude test score requirement with an ACT or a SAT test score must include a certified copy of the test report as an enclosure to the application.  Marines who meet the aptitude test score requirement with an ASVAB must use the Basic Training Record (BTR) as evidence of a qualifying EL score.  Classification test scores are located on the test score screen of MCTFS.  If scores are in MCTFS, but do not appear on the BTR, attach a copy of the test score screen to the BTR and submit as an enclosure to the application.  Only EL scores resident within MCTFS will be accepted as official scores of record for all Marines.  
    h.  Age.  There is no age restriction.
    i.  Rank.  Sergeant and above.
    j.  Qualifying service
        (1) SMCR Marines.  In addition to the eligibility criteria, Marines who apply for a SMCR billet should have no less than 8 or more than 20 projected years of Qualifying Naval Service (QNS) as indicated on the Career Retirement Credit Report.  Marines selected on the FY24 Enlisted to WO Reserve Selection Board are tentatively scheduled for appointment on 1 February 2024.  When computing the amount of total QNS, use the convening date of 6 June 2023.  When calculating SMCR QNS, add the total number of satisfactory years to the total number of months from the Marines' anniversary date to the projected convening date of the board. 
        (2) AR Marines.  AR Marines who apply for WO to fill an AR WO vacancy must have neither less than 8 nor more than 20 years of Active Naval Service (ANS) on the date the board convenes.  For the purpose of this requirement, ANS is defined as active duty naval service which would qualify the Marine for an active duty retirement upon completion of 20 years of naval service.   When calculating AR ANS, take the number of active duty points paid then divide by 365.25.  Active duty in the U.S. Army or U.S. Air Force is not creditable as naval service.  This prerequisite is required to ensure selectees meet targeted active duty naval service for future competitive promotions, and future promotion potential within its population.
        (3) AR Marines who apply for SMCR WO Billets.  AR Marines are exempt from the 8 years ANS requirement but still must meet the 8 years qualifying service.  AR Marines who accept an appointment for a SMCR billet must be released from the AR program.  They will be identified by a separate correspondence but no later than 31 December 2023.
    k.  Waivers.  Requests for waivers shall be submitted as part of the Marine's basic letter, and a recommendation for waiver approval must be made in the GO endorsements at the major subordinate command level.
    l.  Retest Procedures.  Marines whose test scores do not satisfy minimum requirements must retest immediately to ensure scores are posted prior to submission of an application.  Marines will not be allowed to retest without first obtaining written authorization from their commands at the battalion/squadron level via the Command Authorization Letter found within reference (g).  These requests may be signed "by direction" by the unit Career Retention Specialist or any staff officer with "by direction" authority from the CO.  Marines are highly encouraged to follow the Command Authorization Letter template found within reference (g), enclosure (1), to avoid administrative processing delays due to incorrect letter format.  The Command Authorization Letter template can also be downloaded from the Manpower Studies and Analysis (MPA) Test Control website at https:(slash)(slash) Testing.  Marines should then schedule an AFCT retest with the nearest base or installation education center or authorized Marine Corps test site.  Marines are not authorized to take an ASVAB/AFCT retest at a Military Entrance Processing Station or Military Entrance Test site.  Marines may only take the AFCT twice in a twelve (12) month period.  In addition, Marines will not be retested earlier than six (6) months following the most recent retest.  Exceptions to those requirements can only be authorized by the Commandant of the Marine Corps (MPA Test Control).  Failure to follow AFCT retesting policy will result in test score invalidation.  Marines may submit their applications pending AFQT/AFCT retesting if they are using their EL score to meet the aptitude test score requirements established by reference (a) provided the following conditions are met: 
        (1) Commands must endorse the applications with a projected date for testing availability and test results.
        (2) Testing must be completed no later than 30 days prior to the convening date of the selection board in order to ensure test scores can be recorded and reflected in MCTFS.  Convening date of the board is on or about 6 June 2023; therefore, testing must be completed no later than 2 May 2023.  Marines must provide a copy of their updated scores as soon as they receive them.
        (3) Marines are advised that if the qualifying score is not reflected in MCTFS by the convening date of the board, the application will be determined ineligible and not forwarded to the board for consideration.  Reference (g) provides information on the Marine Corps Classification Testing Program and publishes initial testing and retest prerequisites.  Arrangements and coordination with Army testing facilities in Kuwait have been made to test Marines.  Army testing facilities are located at Camp Arifjan and Camp Buehring.  If not located within 50 miles of a Marine Corps or sister service testing facility or if any other extenuating circumstances exist regarding AFCT retest authorization, contact MPA Test Control DSN 278-9368/Comm:  (703) 784-9368.
    m.  OMPF and Master Brief Sheet (MBS).  Per references (c) and (i), each Marine is personally responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their OMPF and MBS.  The most expeditious means of accessing and viewing the OMPF and MBS are through OMPF online via Marine Online (MOL).  Marines are advised that the OMPFs and MBSs are distributed to the board in advance of the convening date.  Therefore, it is imperative that the Marine review their OMPF and MBS in a timely manner.  If deficiencies such as missing fitness reports, date gaps, or unreadable documents are present in the OMPFs, Marines are personally responsible for correcting the deficiencies, officially, with Manpower Management Records and Performance Branch (MMRP).  The deadline to submit Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) related information is no later than 24 May 2023.  All emails submitted to MMRP-20 will include "FY24 WO Reserve Selection Board" the subject line.  Emails not including said information on subject line or submitted after said date may not be reviewed in time for said board.  Only information that has posted to Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS) and OMPF by 2359 EST on 31 May 2023 will be submitted to the board.
    n.  Billet Choices.  If qualified, Marines may indicate additional billet choices provided in paragraph 5b of this MARADMIN.  Additional billet choices should be listed in order of preference.  Due to fluctuations in structure and personnel requirements, some of the primary MOS(s) and BV(s) listed in this MARADMIN may close out prior to the convening date of the board.  Marines whose primary MOS choices or billet locations close out will automatically have their subsequent MOS choice considered as their primary.  Marines must apply for specific billets at specific sites listed in this MARADMIN where they will subsequently be assigned.  Marines must indicate billet and MOS choices in the sample application form located on the MCRC website at website at https:(slash)(slash) Marine-Officer/Officer-Naval-Enlisted-Applicants/.  This requirement also applies to AR Marines desiring release from the AR Program in order to fill a SMCR billet.  The Commandant of the Marine Corps has approved procedures to select Marines for appointment to WO where they can continue to actively participate in the SMCR.  AR Marines may apply for a SMCR MOS vacancy; however, an AR Marine who is selected for a SMCR MOS vacancy and accepts appointment in that MOS will not be retained on active duty in the AR program.  Further, an AR Marine applying for a SMCR MOS requirement must include the following statement in addition to the application:  "I understand that if I am selected for and accept appointment in one of the SMCR MOS requirements for which I have applied, I will be released from active duty in the AR program no later than 30 days before the day in which I accept appointment to Warrant Officer.  I further understand selection to the grade of Warrant Officer requires that I affiliate with the designated unit for a period of 3 years." 
7.  Application completeness.  Applications received without all endorsements will not be considered by the board.  Ineligible Marines will not be considered by the board.  COs/I-I should not recommend appointment for Marines who do not meet the eligibility criteria and do not qualify for a waiver.  If a senior endorser deems a Marine "not recommended" for appointment, do not submit the Marine's application, as it will be determined to be ineligible.  COs/I-Is are directed to pass this information to eligible Marines within their commands, review applications for completeness, ensure that Marines who are requesting a waiver receive comprehensive justification on all endorsements (including the senior endorser), and make definitive recommendations regarding all applicants who submit applications.  Requests for waiver of disciplinary action requirements will be considered if appropriate justification is provided in accordance with the following:  
8.  Proof of security clearance or open investigation.  All applicants must have their Security Manager complete a Security Clearance Verification Letter.  A sample of the Security Clearance Verification Letter can be found on the MCRC website at https:(slash)(slash) "General Forms."       
9.  Medical Qualifications.  A complete medical examination must be completed and submitted separately from the application.  Medical documents must include a Report of Medical Examination (DD Form 2808), Report of Medical History (DD Form 2807-1), and an Annual Certification of physical condition or current Preventative Health Assessment, if applicable.  A medical examination must have been completed within 24 months prior to anticipated date of appointment (1 February 2024).  Applicants must pay particular attention to the following items:       
    a.  Marks and scars must be listed.
    b.  Dental class type 1 or 2, documented on the DD Form 2808 in block 43, and have block 83.a. signed by a dentist or submit a dental examination as a separate enclosure.  Dental records should be updated to reflect the most current dental examination. 
    c.  HIV results must be within 24 months of check-in to include date tested and roster number.
    d.  Distance vision must be documented in block 61 of the DD Form 2808.  If vision does not correct to 20/20, a current manifest refraction and ophthalmology evaluation is required.  Applicants with a history of vision correction surgery must have all pre-operative and post-operative reports included with the medical documents.  
    e.  The results of an updated audiogram must be included in DD Form 2808 block 71.a. or as a separate enclosure.  If any results are outside the normal range, per reference (h), section 38, submit an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) or Audiology consultation/evaluation and interpretation. 
    f.  Female Marines over the age of 21 must have a current Papanicolaou (PAP) test within the past 36 months.  The pathology report from the most recent test must be submitted.
    g.  Ensure all "Yes" answers on DD Form 2807-1 are explained by the physician in block 29.  All pertinent medical clearance documents for each condition disclosed in the DD Form 2807-1 should be provided.
    h.  Ensure all answers on DD Form 2808 blocks 17-42 (excluding block 41 for males) are marked normal or abnormal.  "NE" is not an acceptable answer.
10.  Extensions.  Due to the amount of time needed to process applications, requests for extensions will not be entertained.  To ensure proper filing of separate correspondence addressed to the president of the board or for inclusion with an application, each submission must include the Marine's name, Electronic Data Interchange Personal Identifier number and MOS choices.  Letters of recommendation from officers outside the normal COC, who have knowledge of the Marine's leadership qualities and potential for an appointment, should be included in the application.     
11.  Recurring application discrepancies noted on past selection boards include: 
    a.  Senior endorsers neglecting to make definitive recommendations regarding a Marine's application
    b.  Marines applying for a MOS they are not qualified for
    c.  COC neglecting to vet Marines for MOS qualifications
    d.  Gaps in fitness reports
    e.  Missing statements supporting NJPs and page 11 entries (i.e. fraternization statement)
    f.  Incomplete statements regarding initiation, completion, or type of security investigation/clearance
    g.  Missing current physical fitness or combat fitness test scores 
    h.  Missing proof or verification of citizenship (if Basic Individual Record reflects Alien)
    i.  Letters of recommendation neglecting to address the Marines' experience in the MOS they are applying for
    e.  Missing documents from the OMPF:
        1.  Fitness reports
        2.  Award citation write-ups 
        3.  Any information not documented in the OMPF
12.  Changes to Status.  COs/I-Is must notify MCRC in writing of any changes which affect enlistment status or disciplinary action which occurs after submission of an application.
13.  Basic Reenlistment Prerequisites.  In addition to the requirements contained in reference (a), Marines must meet the basic reenlistment prerequisites per reference (l).  Applying to the WO Selection Board does not justify an extension of an End of Active Service (EAS) date or a reenlistment as the sole basis.  If a Marine will EAS prior to the appointment date on or about 1 February 2024, the Marines will need to coordinate with their respective career planner and CO/I-I for guidance.
14.  Post Selection
    a.  All WO selection results are considered confidential and cannot be released under any circumstances until approved by the CMC.  Once CMC approves, results will be published by MARADMIN message.   
    b.  Selectees are scheduled to be appointed on or about 1 February 2024 and will attend the WOBC.
    c.  By separate orders, selectees will be ordered to report to the CG, Marine Corps Combat Development Command to attend the WOBC at TBS in January 2024.
    d.  A Reserve WO lineal control number is determined based upon seniority of a WO in his/her permanent enlisted grade at the time of appointment to WO.  Per Title 10, U.S. Code, Section 12241, Reserve appointments to permanent WO grades are for an indefinite term and are held during the pleasure of the Secretary concerned.  Accordingly, the CO, TBS or any required MOS follow-on school may request that CMC terminate the appointment of a WO who fails the WOBC or any required MOS follow-on school.  Marines whose appointments are terminated may, upon their requests and at the discretion of the SECNAV, be enlisted in a grade not lower than that held immediately prior to appointment. 
    e.  SMCR selectees are eligible for the SMCR Warrant Officer Accession Bonus in the amount of $20,000.  All requests must be submitted no later than 31 December 2023.  Point of contact is GySgt Marks at (703)432-9077.
15.  Cancellation.  This MARADMIN is cancelled 28 February 2024.
16.  The point of contact (POC) for the MARADMIN is Mr. Brent Reidenbach.  Please refer to the POC information at the beginning of this MARADMIN or email
17.  Release authorized by Major General William J. Bowers, Commanding General, Marine Corps Recruiting Command.//