Date Signed: 2/17/2023 | MARADMINS Number: 094/23
MARADMINS : 094/23

R 171400Z FEB 23
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1. Background.  Each year, the Marine Corps League (MCL) recognizes exceptional professional performance demonstrated by active duty and reserve enlisted Marines and Sailors across the Marine Air Ground Task Force.  Nominated by 05 level commands and higher and selected by the Executive Leadership of the MCL, award winners are recognized at the annual Modern Day Marine Exposition in Washington, D.C. Selected Marines and Sailors embody the extraordinary qualities of leadership, dedication, skill, and creativity forged through the collective experience of challenging training, demanding duties, austere environments, and the core values that all members of the Navy and Marine Corps Team respect, share, and to which they aspire. 
2.  This message solicits nominations for the following six awards:
A. Gunnery Sergeant Carlos N. Hathcock II Award: Awarded to an enlisted Marine who has made an outstanding contribution to the improvement of marksmanship training.
B. Sergeant Major Wilbur Bestwick Award: Awarded to an enlisted Marine in a Ground Combat Element of the operating forces who has made an outstanding contribution to increased combat readiness within the organization.
C. Sergeant Harry D. Myers Award: Awarded to an enlisted Marine in a Combat Service Support Element of the operating forces who has made a significant contribution to increased combat readiness within the organization.
D. Sergeant Major Frederick B. Douglass Award: Awarded to an enlisted Marine in an Aviation Combat Element of the operating forces who have made a significant contribution to increased combat readiness within the organization.
E. Chief Hospital Corpsman George William 'Doc' Piercy Award: Awarded to a Navy corpsman or dental technician in a ground, logistic, or aviation element of the operating forces, who has made a significant contribution to increased combat medical readiness within the organization.
F. Marine Corps Reservist of the Year Award: Awarded to an enlisted Marine Corps reservist who, while serving with the Marine Corps Reserve, has made an outstanding contribution to combat readiness within the organization.
3. All commands are encouraged to submit nominations for these awards. To ensure a sufficient number of nominations are received, it is requested that I, II, and III Marine Expeditionary Forces as well as Marine Corps Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) provide at least one nomination for each category. Nominations of individual mobilization augmentees (IMA) for the Reservist of the Year must be submitted through the reservist’s operational sponsor. Nominations for reservists assigned to MARFORRES units will be submitted via their chain of command to MARFORRES.
4. Nominations must reflect either sustained performance or a specific individual act. The contribution must have been made during calendar year 2022. Nominations must be fully substantiated and include:
A. Nominations should be sent to Mr. Robert Borka, National Executive Director/COO, Marine Corps League. The first general officer in the nominee's chain of command must endorse the nomination. Additional endorsements beyond that are not required.
B. Nomination letter. A command nomination letter in standard letter format that includes a brief narrative justifying the nomination and the following personal information of the nominee.
   1. Full name, rank, and Military Occupation Specialty Code.
   2. Current duty station and assignment.
   3. Current duty address, work email, and work telephone.
   4. Time in service.
   5. Name and address of the unit in which he or she was serving when contribution was made.
   6. Name of unit point of contact with phone number and email address.
   7. Home of Record City and State
C. Additional enclosures. In addition to the nomination letter and endorsement, each submission must include the following as separate enclosures:
   1. Nominee's biography.
   2. A written and signed statement of consent by the nominee, authorizing release of information contained in the nomination package, per the privacy act of 1974. The following statement is a sample of written consent: I, rank and full name, do hereby authorize the release of all information enclosed in this nomination package to those persons involved in the selection process.
5. A sample nomination package is available via the Marine Corps website by copying and pasting the following URL into the web browser https:(slash)(slash) MC%20LEAGUE%20ENLISTED%20AWARDS%20-%20SAMPLE%20NOMINATION%20PKG.pdf.  Submissions which do not follow the above guidelines or are received after the deadline (see para. 7) will not be considered.
6. Award submissions will be sent to the Marine Corps League for their review and selection. Upon completion of the selection process, commands and selected awardees will be notified via email and a MARADMIN will be released to announce the selected award recipients.
7. Submissions. All nominations should be sent electronically via email to: using PDF files with the following subject line: 2023 Enlisted Awards Program (name of award category) ICO (rank and name).
8. Deadline. Nomination packages must be received no later than 01 April 2023. No extensions or exceptions will be granted.
9. Modern Day Marine 2023 takes place 27-29 June. The Marine Corps League will provide selected award recipients with travel and lodging for themselves and one additional family member. Full details for selected awardees will be provided via SEPCOR.
10. Release authorized by SES April L. Langwell, Director of Communication, Headquarters Marine Corps.//