Date Signed: 3/10/2023 | MARADMINS Number: 136/23
MARADMINS : 136/23

R 081830Z MAR 23
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The purpose of this MARADMIN is to provide an update of awards since the last update, MARADMIN 609/22.
2.  The following unit awards are authorized and will be incorporated in Ref A.
2.a.  Joint Meritorious Unit Award (JMUA)
2.a.1.  The Joint Staff                          02Aug19-01Nov22
This award is for the Headquarters only.
Additional staffs and controlled agencies approved
for participation:
Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Joint Requirements Office for Chemical, Biological
Radiological, and Nuclear Defense
Joint Center for International Security Force Assistance
Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Operations Center
Joint Information Operations Warfare Center
National Defense University
Joint Personnel Recovery Agency
2.a.2.  HQ, U.S. Africa Command                  13Nov20-16Jan21
Additional units approved for participation:
Special Operations Command Africa
Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa
Joint Task Force Quartz
Joint Forces Special Operations Component Command
Task Force 94-7
2.a.3.  HQ, Combined Joint Task Force-           15Sep21-14Sep22
Operation Inherent Resolve
This award is for the Headquarters only.
2.a.4.  HQ, Special Operations Joint Task        16Jun21-15Jun22
This award is for the Headquarters only.
Note:  Per Ref B, Service units and individuals assigned to Service units in support of these organizations are not eligible for this award.  Only those members of the Armed Forces of the United States who were present at the time and directly participated in the service or achievement for 30 days or more or for the period cited if less than 30 days, are authorized to wear the JMUA ribbon.  Personnel must be individually assigned and/or attached by official orders to the joint unit or task force headquarters receiving the JMUA.  Local commanders may waive, on an individual basis, the 30-day minimum time requirement for individuals (reserve personnel on active duty and TDY and/or TAD personnel) who, in the purview of the commander, contributed directly to the achievement cited, and were assigned on official orders to the awarded unit during the approved time frames.
2.b.  Presidential Unit Citation
2.b.1.  Naval Special Warfare Development      01Jan17-31Dec20
Group (47898)
Additional units approved for participation:
TACDEVRON One (40458)
TACDEVRON Two (40459)
TACDEVRON Three (40460)
TACDEVRON Four (40461)
TACDEVRON Five (40298)
NSW DEVGRU Det Wash DC (58191)
NIOC Suitland (3226B)
NSWDG Det West Coronado (00994)
Note:  Marine personnel were not individually identified for eligibility of this award.  However, Marines who were assigned to Naval Special Warfare Development Group who were physically present and participated in the activities for which the command was recognized, are eligible.  Personnel will submit official orders or other proof of unit assignment within the period of the award with a copy of this MARADMIN to their respective IPAC.
2.c.  Navy Unit Commendation Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-  21Jun16-09Jun17 Iraq Individuals deployed with additional units approved for participation:
U.S. Fleet Forces Command
Naval Special Warfare Command
Naval Special Warfare Center
Naval Special Warfare Group One
Naval Special Warfare Group Two
Naval Special Warfare Group Three
Naval Special Warfare Group Four
Naval Special Warfare Group Ten
SEAL Team One
SEAL Team Three
SEAL Team Five
SEAL Team Seven
SEAL Team Eight
SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One
Special Boat Team 22
SEAL Team Seventeen
SEAL Team Eighteen
Mobile Communications Team One
Mobile Communications Team Two
Special Reconnaissance Team One
Special Reconnaissance Team Two
Logistics Support Activity One
Logistics Support Activity Three
Kennedy Irregular Warfare Center
U.S. Navy Fleet Combat Camera Pacific
Cultural Engagement Unit
Navy Ocean Special Warfare
U.S. Marine Special Operations Command
1st Marine Raider Battalion
2nd Marine Raider Battalion
  Marine Special Operation Company F
  Marine Special Operation Company I
3rd Marine Raider Battalion
U.S. Special Operations Command Central
Staffs approved for participation:
CJSOTF-1 Augmentees
SOTF-W Augmentees
SOTF-N Augmentees
(Update to MARADMIN 056/12)
Additional units eligible (attached units not USMC):
3d Bn, 4th Brigade Military Transition         10Feb08-08Feb09
Team (USA)
2d Brigade Military Transition Team (USA)      10Feb08-08Feb09
(Correction to MARADMIN 379/22)
The dates of participation are amended to read 01Jun07-30SEP07
for the following units:
13th MEU Command Element
Battalion Landing Team 3/1 (REIN)
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-163 (REIN)
Combat Logistics Battalion 13
2.d.  Meritorious Unit Commendation
2.d.1. Units involved in Operations Allies     01Apr21-30Sep22
Refuge and Allies Welcome:
Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Detachment Sigonella (44330)
American Forces Network Europe Detachment Rota (42022)
Aviation Supply Depot Sigonella (67022)
Commander Task Force 63 (40365)
Commander Task Force 65 (34798)
Commander Task Force 68 (40366)
Commander, Destroyer Squadron SIXTY (S5699)
Commander, Fleet Air Sigonella (67061)
Commander, Task Force SIX SEVEN (30191)
Construction Dive Detachment Alpha (30121)
Defense Courier Station Sigonella (45390)
Defense Distribution Depot Sigonella (3771A)
Defense Media Agency Operations Sigonella (42024)
050 NORTH 8ROFF ROTA (35504)
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit EIGHT (55568)
Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team Europe (67401)
Forward Deployed Regional Maintenance Center Detachment
Rota (60550)
Harbor Patrol Unit Rota (58055)
Maritime Expeditionary Squadron ELEVEN (55383)
Maritime Expeditionary Squadron FOUR (30671)
Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station
Atlantic Detachment Rota(63182)
Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station (NCTS)
Bahrain (49957)
Naval Construction Detachment Europe (41908)
Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (44307)
Naval Information Warfare Systems Command Reserve
Unit 406 (89459)
Naval Medical Readiness Training Center Sigonella (31963)
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ELEVEN (4608A)
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion ONE (55101)
Naval Station Rota Security Detachment (46129)
Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center
Sigonella (40059)
Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistic Center
Sigonella (N40059)
Naval Supply Systems Command Fleet Logistics Center
Rota (40338)
NAVSUP FLC Sigonella Site Rota (N40338)
Navy Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station
Pacific (00950)
Navy Environmental and Preventative Medicine Unit SEVEN
Navy Exchange Rota (63357)
Navy Information Operations Command (NIOC) Bahrain (48035)
Navy Medicine Readiness and Training Command Rota (66101)
Navy Munitions Command Atlantic Detachment Sigonella (50200)
Navy Munitions Command Detachment Rota (50201)
Navy Region Europe Maritime Ashore Support Team (47057)
Navy Reserve Region Legal Service Office Europe, Africa,
Central (3899A)
Navy Service Support Advance Training Site Sigonella (4262A)
NCTS Sicily (68893)
NEPMU 2 (63117)
NIOC Georgia (41246)
NIOC Georgia CC (41247)
NIOC Georgia FIOC OS Air (39901)
NIOC Georgia FIOC OS Subsurface (3480B)
NIOC Georgia FIOC OS Surf (39900)
NIOC Georgia FIOC NTI (40533)
NMRTC Quantico (00231)
Patrol Squadron FOUR ZERO (09674)
Personnel Support Detachment Rota (43498)
Personnel Support Detachment Sigonella (43497)
Public Works Department Sigonella (44309)
Region Legal Service Office Detachment Sigonella (31943)
U.S. Naval Forces Europe, U.S. Naval Forces Africa (00061)
U.S. Naval Air Station Sigonella Security Detachment (46131)
U.S. Naval Computers and Telecommunications Station
Sigonella (68893)
U.S. RLSO Europe Africa Central (31940)
U.S. RLSO Europe Africa Central BROFF, London, EN (3898A)
U.S. RLSO Europe Africa Central BROFF, Souda Bay, GR (3899A)
U.S. RLSO Europe Africa Central Det, Bahrain (31944)
U.S. RLSO Europe Africa Central Det, Rota, SP (31941)
Underwater Construction Team ONE (30121)
United States SIXTH Fleet (3818A)
US Naval Medical Research Unit 3 (617SI)
USA Sigonella Veterinary Treatment Facility (W09CCO)
USS PORTER (21951)
USS ROOSEVELT (DDG-80) (21954)
USS ROSS (DDG-71) (21945)
USS TRENTON (LPD 4) (29788)
1st Battalion (BN), 10th Marine Regiment (1/10)  26Aug21-11Sep21
(1/10) (M12310)
1st Bn, 23d Marine Regiment (1/23) (M14111)      01Nov21-30Sep22
26th Marine Expeditionary Unit Command           26Aug21-15Dec21
Element (26 MEU CE) (M18038)
2d Bn, 24th Marine Regiment (2/24) (M14171)      01Nov21-15Feb22
2d Bn, 23d Marine Regiment (2/23) (M14120)       01Nov21-30Sep22
2d Marine Logistics Group (2d MLG) HQ (M27101)   26Aug21-23Dec21
2d Medical/Dental Battalion Det (M12020)         21Aug21-31Jan22
3d Bn, 6th Marine Regiment (V36) Det (M12180)    11Sep21-15Nov21
8th Engineer Support Battalion (8th ESB)         21Aug21-15Dec21
Det (M21300)
Combat Logistics Battalion 2 (CLB2) (M27341)     26Aug21-23Jan22
Combat Logistics Battalion 451 (CLB 451)         01Dec21-31Jan22
Combat Logistics Regiment 2 (CLR 2) HQ (M27331)  26Aug21-23Dec21
Det 10 Bulk Fuel Co B, 6th Engineer Support      01Dec21-30Apr22
Batallion (6th ESB) (M22428)
Det 2, Supply Company, CLB 453, CLR 4, 4th       01Dec21-30Apr22
MLG Det M (M29468)
Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST)        19Aug21-08Sep21
II Marine Expeditionary Force (II MEF) Command   26Aug21-31Jan22
Element (M20133)
Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 234    23Aug21-01Sep21
(VMGR 234) (M01234)
Marine Corps Base Quantico/Task Force            26Aug21-31Jan22
Quantico (M00264)
Marine Forces Northern Command/Marine Forces     21Aug21-31Jan22
Command HQ (M20050)
U.S. Marine Corps Forces Central Command         15Aug21-30Aug21
(MARCENT), Command Element (M20500)
Additional personnel approved for participation:
Col Douglas, Christopher J.         Col Hakola, Matthew B.
Col Reuter, Matthew B.              Col Rice, Robert C.
Col Roach, Michael J.               Col Scott, David D.
Col Simon, Patrick E.               LtCol Anthony, Ward
LtCol Bonaventura, Adam D.          LtCol Cook, Rian E.
LtCol Elders, Thomas E.             LtCol Frick, Matthew C.
LtCol Hare, Andrew M.               LtCol Heppler, Christopher U.
LtCol Johnson, Kelly M.             LtCol Kratzer, Kevin D.
LtCol Lee, Andrew                   LtCol McAvoy III, Thomas A.
LtCol Naughton II, John B.          LtCol ODonnell, Dennis
LtCol Payne, Cornell A.             LtCol Skutch, John P.
LtCol Spitznogle, Eric W.           LtCol Spodarak, Robert A.
LtCol Stiger, Matthew A.            LtCol Warren, Thomas M.
LtCol Ylitalo, Luke R.              Maj Baker, Benjamin B.
Maj Bergstrom, Sarah E.             Maj Bongianni, Robert E.
Maj Bridger, Christopher J.         Maj Brown, Daniel P.
Maj Campbell, Nathan A.             Maj Center, Alex J.
Maj Cocozza, Nicholas R.            Maj Datiz, Keith C.
Maj Green, Carmen N.                Maj Hayek, Brian
Maj Jernigan III, George A.         Maj Johnsen, James L.
Maj Leahy, Sean P.                  Maj Loosbrock, Abraham J.
Maj Lynch, Richard N.               Maj Lorkowski, Donald L.
Maj Miller, Bradley                 Maj Meyer, Robert G.
Maj Miller, Jacob B.                Maj Phillips, III, Benjamin W.
Maj Reynolds, Joel L.               Maj Sharpe, Justin
Maj Turaj, Daniel T.                Maj Westerholm, Alex O.
Maj Wolf, Gregory A.                Capt Andrews, Marshal T.
Capt Aranda, Sergio                 Capt Baeza, Benjamin A.
Capt Campbell, Tyler T.             Capt Daugherty, Kyle C.
Capt Hernandez, Frank C.            Capt Jacobs, Nicholas S.
Capt Large, Patrick P.              Capt Martino, Andrew T.
Capt McFadden IV, John J.           Capt Mercure Jr, James M.
Capt Meskunas, Charles J.           Capt Nelson, David T.
Capt Schultze, Corey D.             Capt Simeoli, Serena G.
Capt Sloan, Charles S.              Capt Styerwalt, Sean W.
Capt Suter, Damien P.               Capt Swindall, Mark L.
Capt Thompson, Andrew R.            Capt Whalen,  Nicholas S.
1stLt Blakock, Seth A.              1stLt Coppola, John F.
1stLt Dreibelbis, Gregory           1stLt Murphy, Rachel L.
1stLt Twitty, Joshua A.             2ndLt Downing, Stephanie MI.
CWO4 Harding, Christian M.          CWO4 Hogan, William S.
CWO4 Hubbard, Christopher H.        CWO4 Jones, Adam J.
CWO4 Mathews, Damon A.              CWO4 McAllister, Christopher E.
CWO2 Phillips, Edward G.            CWO4 Sherwood, Ryan
SgtMaj Schuster, Paul A.            MGySgt Hart, Jason R.
MGySgt Jean, Byron G.               MGySgt Roman, Nathaniel J.
MGySgt Skelton, Joshua A.           MGySgt VanBuren II, John H.
MGySgt Vargas, George A.            MSgt Bailey, Nicholas T.
MSgt Gay, Matthew L.                MSgt Glickman, Jamie L.
MSgt Gomez, Elder                   MSgt Gonzalez, Andrew D.
MSgt Lesterick, Michael E.          MSgt Lineberry, Matthew J.
MSgt Morris, Joshua B.              MSgt Perez, Victor
MSgt Rose III, Arthur E.            MSgt Woods, Shawanda S.
GySgt Abernathy, Nicholas B.        GySgt Abrams, Louis H.
GySgt Alabiso II, Eric L.           GySgt Bradbury, Calvin L.
GySgt Carretero, Robert A.          GySgt Hammons, Joseph
GySgt Hausknecht, Jeffrey R.        GySgt Hayward, John F.
GySgt Hirnyk, John R.               GySgt Oroquita IV, Ralph R.
GySgt Partlow, David E.             GySgt Wester, Richard A.
GySgt Whitehouse, Emily             GySgt Wrubel, Jasen
SSgt Campbell III, Malvis           SSgt Carmona, Brian A.
SSgt Distler, Brenden L.            SSgt Dillon, Drevdahl
SSgt Echeverria, Dener A.           SSgt Jamshidi, Ehsan
SSgt King, Derek R.                 SSgt Milner, Jacob A.
SSgt Musick, Brytani M.             SSgt Mustane, Jared C.
SSgt Ramirez, Felipe                SSgt Reedy, Michael T.
SSgt Ring, Tyler F.                 SSgt Romero, Robert
SSgt Schaefer, Gregory J.           SSgt Scott, Derek
SSgt Seck, Judena O.                SSgt Varga, Michael A.
SSgt Wilbanks, Jordan E.            Sgt Alaniz, Ernesto C.
Sgt Arcos, Luis                     Sgt Bell, Kwes
Sgt Campbell III, Mavis C.          Sgt Clarobevsek, Amanda M.
Sgt Chockey III, William J.         Sgt Dewey, Pierce F.
Sgt Echeverri, Daniel               Sgt Garcia, Marcus R.
Sgt Gindin, Taylor G.               Sgt Groff, Shelby L.
Sgt Haymaker, Bo J.                 Sgt Janick, Adam J.
Sgt Jensen, James                   Sgt Kurulgan, John J.
Sgt Loy, Ryan                       Sgt Luna, Cameron R.
Sgt Markowski, Andrew               Sgt Martin, David
Sgt Miesner, Justin S.              Sgt Munoz, Carlos E.
Sgt Navarro, Jasmine P.             Sgt Ortega, Carmelita
Sgt Paredes, Andres                 Sgt Parish, Reginald T.
Sgt Pinaire, Adam                   Sgt Rendon, Abel
Sgt Rutter, Thomas J.               Sgt SantanaFlores, Yazmin K.
Sgt Santos, Kendrick A.             Sgt Susskraut, Matthew C.
Sgt Tabarquino, Christian           Sgt Tucker, Maxamillion M.
Sgt Vera, Jacob T.                  Sgt Wang, Daniel
Sgt Zepeda, Samuel                  Cpl Allen, Ryann N.
Cpl Cardenales, Isaiah              Cpl Cardona, Dominick A.
Cpl Corralesserrano, Oscar          Cpl Dragos, Noah A.
Cpl Espinaguevara, Benjamin         Cpl Fisher, Sarah M.
Cpl Fisher, Russ                    Cpl Fletcher, Wesley L.
Cpl Goud, Manish B.                 Cpl Hatch, Austin L.
Cpl Keisler, Joely A.               Cpl King, Ryan J.
Cpl Lopez, Elijah P.                Cpl McCormick, Caitlin M.
Cpl McKeown, Sydney M.              Cpl Murray, Helen R.
Cpl Neafus, Nickolas R.             Cpl Nix, Claudia C.
Cpl Perezchavira, Frank             Cpl Sellers, Samantha C.
Cpl Stanfield, James                Cpl Sunigajimenez, Alanah J.
Cpl Tiatia, Nathaniel A.            Cpl Valle, Oscar
Cpl Vargas, Nathan                  Cpl Wheeler, Tara A.
LCpl Ballesteros, Faith             LCpl Bowie, Brian M.
LCpl Bradley, Leonard L.            LCpl Carlos, Hudson H.
LCpl Cirinodavila, Ianivette M.     LCpl Clark, Johna
LCpl Diaz, Steven                   LCpl Epelstein, Andrew O.
LCpl GonzalezSanchez, Axel          LCpl Guthrie, Paul G.
LCpl Hagood, Craig J.               LCpl Intriago, David
LCpl Jia, Kyle B.                   LCpl Loughman, Daniel P.
LCpl Luther, Mason E.               LCpl Martinez, Angel
LCpl Medina, Kellen D.              LCpl Neal, Javon M.
LCpl Prado, Felipe D.               LCpl Ramirez, Fernando
LCpl Rivera, Jared                  LCpl Sanchez, Andrea L.
LCpl Saucedo, Joseph D.             LCpl Sheeks Jr., Ralph
LCpl Snell, Nathan R.               LCpl Stevenson, Ethan C.
LCpl Szeto, Jared B.                LCpl Tinoco, Mauricio
LCpl Tubis, Ilan J.                 LCpl Uribe, Pavel A.
LCpl Wensel, Brian J.               LCpl Withrow, Zoe I.
PFC Lyons, Otto D.                  PFC Rangel, Danny
PFC Rodriguez, Julian P.            HN Sun, Dariew C.
CAPT Delk, Gerald T.                LCDR Atterbury, Jessica T.
LTJG McGraw, Daniel                 PO1 Agagas, Christian J.
PO3 Hall, Holden                    PO3 Trinh, Duyanh
Roster of DON CIV personnel approved for participation:
Mr. LeSavage, Michael A.            Mr. McSpadden, James M.
2.d.2. U.S. Fleet Cyber Command                  2AUG21-31MAY22
Additional units approved for participation:
Commander, U.S. Tenth Fleet (3822A)
USFLTCYBERCOM Special Program (30736)
COM10THFLT Special Program (69699)
Joint Forces Headquarters-Cyber Fleet Cyber Command (4783C)
Fleet Cyber Command Combat Mission Force Pacific (3118C)
Joint Task Force-Cyber (3118C)
Combat Mission Team 700
Combat Mission Team 504
3. The Armed Forces Service Medal (AFSM) is approved for award to eligible Service members for qualifying participation in Operation ALLIES REFUGE (OAR) and ALLIES WELCOME (OAW), pursuant to the Areas of Eligibility (AOE) below, for the period 31Aug21-01Apr22.
Area of Eligibility:
Peterson Space Force Base, Colorado
Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico
Fort Lee, Virginia
Tampa, Florida
Stuttgart, Germany
Kaiserslautern, Germany
  Ramstein Air Base
  Rhine Ordinance Barracks
  Landstuhl Regional Medical Center
United Arab Emirates
  Abu Dhabi
  Al Dahfra
Dulles International Airport, Virginia
Fort Bliss, Texas
Joint Base McGuire/Dix/Lakehurst, New Jersey
Fort Pickett, Virginia
Rota, Spain
Wiesbaden, Germany
  Ali Al Salem Air Base
  Camp Buehring
  Shaikh Isa Air Base
Philadelphia International Airport, Pennsylvania
Fort McCoy, Wisconsin
Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia
Camp Atterbury, Indiana
Sigonella, Italy
Ferizaj, Kosovo
  Camp Bondsteel
  Al Udeid Air Base
  Camp as Sayliyah
  Camp Doha
Saudi Arabia
  Prince Sultan Air Base
3.1.  Refer to Paragraph 4.4.c of Ref D for AFSM award criteria and eligibility requirements.
3.2.  Service members at locations not included in the AOE for the Humanitarian Service Medal approved for OAR may use August 29, 2021 as the start date to determine eligibility for award of the AFSM for OAR and OAW.
3.3.  As an exception, the requirement that a Service member deploy in order to qualify for award of the AFSM is waived for members at locations providing direct support, such as those physically receiving, housing, sustaining, or providing medical support, to evacuees, provided the member was reassigned from their primary duties to provide full-time support to the evacuees for at least 30 days, consecutively or non-consecutively, during the designated period of award.
3.4.  As an exception, due to the expansive nature of OAR and OAW, the award is authorized to Service members at non-listed AOE locations, provided the member: 1) was at a location providing direct support, such as physically receiving, housing, sustaining, or providing medical support, to evacuees; and 2) meets the additional AFSM award criteria, to include the outlined criteria.
4.  Ref A is no longer distributed.  Instead, Ref A is updated quarterly and maintained on the internet at
5.  Release authorized by MajGen Michael J. Borgschulte, Director, Manpower Management Division.//