Date Signed: 6/6/2023 | MARADMINS Number: 289/23
MARADMINS : 289/23

R 061500Z JUN 23
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Purpose.  The Marine Corps has identified Unaccompanied Housing (UH), also known as barracks, as an area of improvement to enhance resident morale and quality of life in alignment with Marine Corps strategic planning efforts.  The Marine Corps UH  Guarantees and Resident Responsibilities reflect the Marine Corps commitment to providing safe, secure living spaces, and defines how residents are expected to maintain those spaces.
2.  Background.
2.a.  The Marine Corps UH program supports operational readiness by ensuring eligible service members aboard our installations are provided high-quality UH and associated amenities.
2.b.  A commitment to providing a quality of life commensurate with our single and unaccompanied service members’ service and sacrifice is integral to recruitment and retention.
2.c.  The Marine Corps continues to optimize the UH program through investments in UH facilities, development of the UH workforce, and refinement of policies, processes, and oversight procedures.
2.d.  The following codifies the guarantees pledged to our UH residents and articulates UH residents’ responsibilities and rules of conduct pertaining to their UH living spaces.  Installation commanders are responsible for ensuring UH meets these standards.
3.  The Marine Corps' commitment to UH residents ensures the opportunity for residents to:
3.a.  Live in UH that is safe and secure.
3.b.  Live in UH that meets applicable health, environmental, and safety standards.
3.c.  Live in UH with functional fixtures, furnishings, appliances, and utilities.
3.d.  Have access to common areas and amenities that are enjoyable.
3.e.  Receive responsive maintenance and repair of UH spaces, appliances, and utilities.
3.f.  Have direct access to clearly defined UH regulations.
3.g.  Inspect the condition and cleanliness of assigned rooms, furnishings, and shared spaces (if applicable) prior to occupancy.
3.h.  Refuse uninhabitable UH, as defined by MCO 11000.22, and to report inadequate UH standards, deficits in habitability, and maintenance issues to the UH manager and the chain of command without fear of:
3.h.1.  Reprisal, retaliation, or harassment.
3.h.2.  Interference with right to privacy.
3.h.3.  Decreased services.
4.  Responsibilities for UH residents are as follows:
4.a.  Maintain cleanliness and functionality of rooms, shared spaces, appliances, and common areas in accordance with applicable Marine Corps and installation orders, policies, and standards.
4.b.  Report maintenance and repair issues in a timely manner and allow access to rooms and shared spaces for inspections, maintenance, and repairs.
4.c.  Notify UH management prior to vacating and scheduling move-out inspection.
4.d.  To be knowledgeable and comply with established UH rules and regulations, to include destructive weather, life, health, and safety policies.
4.e.  To be accountable for visitors’ behavior.
4.f.  To intervene and/or report incidents of vandalism, abuse, and neglect.
4.g.  To actively engage in energy conservation.
5.  Action.
5.a.  Installation Commanders via UH offices will:
5.a.1.  Inform UH residents by distributing and posting UH Resident Guarantees and Responsibilities throughout UH facilities, incorporating its content into UH welcome/orientation material if applicable and posting to installation websites.
5.a.2.  Educate UH residents on the Marine Corps commitment to safe and secure UH and their responsibilities as a condition of occupancy.
5.a.3.  Serve as a resource to answer general questions regarding UH Resident Guarantees and Responsibilities.
5.b.  Legal Offices will:
5.b.1.  Answer any legal questions and assist residents in understanding their guarantees and responsibilities.
5.c.  Commanders will:
5.c.1.  Emphasize the significance and ensure execution of the UH Resident Guarantees and Resident Responsibilities to positively impact resident morale and quality of life.
6.  Release authorized by LtGen Edward D. Banta, Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics.//