Date Signed: 9/19/2023 | MARADMINS Number: 466/23
MARADMINS : 466/23

R 191700Z SEP 23
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  United States Naval Community College (USNCC) will take applications for the first cohort of multiple degree programs associate degree students starting 1 September 2023 with a deadline of 1 October 2023.  These programs include a degree program in cybersecurity, a degree program in maritime logistics, a degree program in data analytics, and a stand-alone certificate in nuclear engineering fundamentals.  There is no tuition, mandatory course fees, or course material costs incurred by parent commands or participating students.  Future application windows will be promulgated on the USNCC website at https:(slash)(slash), on USNCC social media sites, road show briefs, and additional messages.
2.  Background.  The USNCC started Pilot II in January 2022.  The intent of this pilot is to evaluate academic programs, learning delivery systems, and student performance through the opportunity to complete online college courses.
2.a.  The next USNCC professional concentration area opening is Data Analytics (open application period starts September 2023 and course starts approximately Spring 2023).  This program confers an associate degree with embedded certificates, to include the Naval Studies Certificate.
2.b.  The USNCC Naval Studies Certificate comprises five USNCC delivered courses and will be incorporated into all USNCC degree programs:
2.b.1.  NAV 101 Naval Ethics & Leadership
2.b.2.  NAV 102 Modern Naval History
2.b.3.  NAV 103 Naval Force Design
2.b.4.  NAV 104 Civilian/Military Relations, Organization, and American Government
2.b.5.  NAV 105 Introduction to the Geopolitical Environment
2.c.  Classes are taught fully online and asynchronously.  Most courses are taught in the 8 to 16-week course format, depending on the schedule of the participating colleges and the complexity of course material.  For additional information regarding program requirements and course details, please visit the USNCC website at https:(slash)(slash)
2.d.  The Associate of Science in Data Analytics classes will be taught in the competency-based education (CBE) format.  Students will advance through the program at their own pace instead of by the calendar format.  The Naval Studies Certificate courses taught with this program will still follow the 8-week course format.
3.  Criteria:
3.a.  USNCC will accept program applications from all enlisted Sailors, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen subject to the following eligibility preferences:
3.a.1.  Members of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, in any rating or MOS, in the pay grades of E-1 to E-9 may apply; prioritization of acceptance is dependent on the degree program.  Junior Service Members will be prioritized.
3.a.2.  All applicants must be on active duty and available to take online college courses.
3.a.3.  Applicants must not have previously earned an associate or higher academic degree except as noted in paragraph (4).
3.a.4.  Students that have previously earned a college degree may apply for the USNCC Naval Studies Certificate or Nuclear Engineering Fundamentals Certificate (expected start date Spring 2023).
3.a.5.  Applicants must not be pending any legal or disciplinary action.
3.a.6.  Applicants must have 90 days left on contract from the start of the course.
3.a.7.  For programs that have more than one degree path, applicants may only apply for one program.
3.b.  Qualified individuals will need a designated command representative/Commanding Officer/Education Service Officer (at the E6 or higher level) endorsement.
4.  Application Process:  More information is available and applications must be submitted at the USNCC website at https:(slash)(slash)
5.  Selection Notifications:  The USNCC will make enrollment selections and accepted applicants will be advised of their selection status via email.
6.  Point of contact:  Mr. Alphonso Garrett, USNCC Director of Enrollment, by email at
7.  Request widest dissemination of the above information.  Regional and installation education specialists are requested to pass this information to all interested personnel at home stations.
8.  To arrange command visits or briefs, contact MCCS Xander Gamble, USNCC Public Affairs Officer, at, or visit the USNCC website for more information.
9.  This message will remain in effect until 31 December 2023 or until superseded.
10.  Release authorized by Brigadier General Maura M. Hennigan, President, Marine Corps University.//