Date Signed: 9/29/2023 | MARADMINS Number: 501/23
MARADMINS : 501/23

R 291930Z SEP 23
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Situation.  President, Marine Corps University (MCU), as executive agent for the Commandant of the Marine Corps, conducts commanders and Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL) programs along with a workshop for command team spouses.  Attendance is mandatory for commanders and CSEL either prior to or shortly after arriving at their new command.  Attendance for spouses, while not required, is encouraged.
2.  Mission.  MCU conducts Cornerstone at Marine Corps University campus onboard Marine Corps Base (MCB) Quantico, VA to prepare board-selected commanders, CSEL, and their respective spouses for the challenges of command.
3.  Execution
3.A.  Commander’s Intent
3.A.1.  Purpose.  To inform board-selected commanding officers, command-equivalents, CSELs, and their spouses, of the programs and practices that contribute to a successful command tour, as well as receive information briefs from senior Marine Corps leaders about the state of the Marine Corps and status of major policy initiatives.
3.A.2.  Method.  The program will address the demands and challenges of command at large, furnish opportunities to focus on communities of interest, provide time for mentoring and cross talk, and encourage the cohort to take advantage of networking events to establish supportive relationships that will be valuable during command.  The program will emphasize the art and science of command with leadership, critical thinking, and unit readiness providing the basic foundations for instruction.  The curriculum maximizes the use of small-group guided discussions with current and former commanders, CSEL, and their spouses to permit a frank exchange of observations, ideas, and methods.
3.A.3.  End State.  Command team members are aware of the tools, resources, best practices, and connections to further prepare them to meet the unique challenges of command.
3.B.  Concept of Operations.  Cornerstone is a two-week program, involving combined-training opportunities for board-selected commanding officers, command equivalents, and CSEL.  The Spouses Workshop runs concurrently during the second week.  Spouses receive combined training with their Marines and spouse-specific curriculum.
3.B.1.  Course Dates:
Course          Report Date     Convene Date    Grad Date
2024001         15 Oct 23       16 Oct 23       27 Oct 23
2024002         10 Mar 24       11 Mar 24       22 Mar 24
2024003         28 Apr 24       29 Apr 24       10 May 24
Spouses Workshop
Course          Report Date     Convene Date    Grad Date
2024001         22 Oct 23       23 Oct 23       27 Oct 23
2024002         17 Mar 24       18 Mar 24       22 Mar 24
2024003         5 May 24        6 May 24        10 May 24
3.C.  Coordinating Instructions
3.C.1.  Eligibility.  Board-selected commanders, including acquisition command equivalents and Recruiting Station Commanding Officers (RSCOs), CSEL, and CSEL (selects) selected on the FY 2024 promotion board, as well as U.S. Navy equivalents identified by Manpower Management Division Officer Assignments are directed to attend the program.  Spouses of eligible attendees are authorized to attend the Spouses Workshop at government expense.  For O5 level Sergeants Major: Attendance is required within one year of their SgtMaj selection.  For O6 level CSEL: Attendance is mandated within one year of being assigned to an O6 level billet.  Additionally, they will serve as mentors to O5 level CSEL.  This requirement becomes obligatory on 1 October 2023.  Those already at the O6 level by 30 September 2023 are exempt.
3.C.2.  Registration instructions.  Attendees must register NLT 30 days prior to their desired course report date.  Attendees will complete the registration form at https:(slash)(slash)  The registration link can only be accessed with a email address and a Common Access Card (CAC) enabled computer.  Once complete, The Lejeune Leadership Institute (LLI) will register all attendees into the Marine Corps Training Information Management System (MCTIMS).
LLI will send notifications to attendees once they have been registered along with follow-on instructions.
3.C.3.  Reporting Instructions
3.C.3.A.  Cornerstone attendees will check in at the Gray Research Center (GRC), MCU between 0700-0800 on the course convening date and execute return travel NET 1630 on the course graduation date.
3.C.3.B.  Spouses Workshop attendees will execute travel on their respective report date.  Spouses attending the optional Cornerstone social on the report date are authorized an additional day of travel.  Check in is at the GRC between 0730-0800 on the course convening date with the Spouses Workshop coordinators.  Return travel NET 1630 on the course graduation date.
3.C.3.C.  Students are required to bring a Personal Electronic Device (PED), such as a laptop, tablet, etc.
4.  Administration and Logistics
4.A.1.  Orders.  All attendees shall travel on non-reporting orders.  Orders are the responsibility of the attendee’s parent command.  Defense Travel System (DTS) orders will suffice.  Government billeting is available on a limited basis.  Messing is available but is not directed as it is not conducive to training.
4.A.2.  Minimum clearance is SECRET.  Send clearance info via Defense Information System for Security (DISS) through your local security manager to Security Management Office (SMO) code: MS3302. POC: Ms. Lisa Nelson.
4.B.  Funding and Travel
4.B.1.  Active Component.  Training and Education Command (TECOM) Formal Schools Training Support will fund travel and per diem to include lodging, meals, and incidental expenses for active component attendees.  Local travel will not be funded.  LLI will submit requests for funding to TECOM upon closing of the registration period.  Attendees must include their funding letters in their travel authorizations.  Individual funding letters can be found in MCTIMS, under course code M02L9L0.  TECOM funding will not open until 30 days prior to the course’s start.  LLI cannot provide customer service for active duty members traveling on TECOM funded orders.  For travel questions or concerns, please contact the TECOM travel helpdesk at
4.B.2.  Spouses of Active Component.  Travel, meals, and incidental expenses for spouses of active duty attendees are authorized and will be funded by MCU.  Spouses will not receive lodging since their active duty spouse will receive lodging funding from TECOM.  Local travel will not be funded.  Active duty Marines must create an invitational travel authorization for their spouse under the service member’s DTS profile to properly process travel.  Directions on how to properly create and submit spouse authorizations and vouchers will be provided via separate correspondence.
4.B.3.  Billeting.  Government billeting is directed.  The government lodging facility aboard Quantico is Liversedge Hall, (703) 630-4444, and travelers must contact Liversedge Hall to inquire about lodging prior to making reservations elsewhere.  If Liversedge cannot accommodate your reservation, travelers must obtain a statement of non-availability (SNA) prior to making other lodging arrangements.  A SNA is required from Liversedge Hall for anyone staying in the Crossroads Inn or in any off-base lodging.  If a SNA is issued, travelers are directed to book commercial lodging through DTS.
4.B.4.  Transportation.  Rental vehicles will not be funded by TECOM, and travelers must utilize their unit LOA for rental vehicles.
4.C.  Reserve Component
4.C.1.  Marine Corps Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) G-3 Training will fund all Reserve Marines designated to attend the Cornerstone Course.  Funding requests are submitted as follows:
4.C.1.A.  For Selected Marine Corps Reserve and Individual Mobilization Augmentee Marine attendees, provide a copy of the MCU notification of registration letter or email to the parent organizations administration section for action.  Unit administrators will use the Marine Reserve Order Writing System to generate orders as appropriate.  Funding information as follows: Order Type: Schools.  Sub Type: PME.  If required, select “Other” from the drop-down menu, and enter FY 2024 Cornerstone: Commandant’s Combined Commandership Course.  Program Identifiers (PID): Career Development Training (CDT) Command.  Force Funding Source: For the funding source section, select PID, CDT, Budget Execution Activity, Budget Execution Sub-Activity G-3/MR.
4.C.1.B.  For Active Reserve Marine attendees, provide a copy of the MCU notification of registration letter or email to the parent organization’s administration section for action.  Unit administrators will ensure the cross organizational worksheet for DTS LOA is submitted to the MARFORRES G-3 Training organizational mailbox at
4.C.1.C.  Spouses of Selected Marine Corps Reserve (SMCR) Marine attendees.
4.C.1.C.1.  MARFORRES G-3 Training will fund all spouses of SMCR Marine attendees.
4.C.1.C.2.  Unit administrators will generate the invitational travel authorization in DTS.
4.C.2.  Any travel or DTS related questions for Reserve component attendees or spouses of a reserve component attendee, direct all inquiries to or call (504) 697-7302.
5.  Command and Signal
5.A.  Command Relationships.  President, MCU serves as the on-scene commander.
5.B.  Signal.  Questions or concerns about this Marine Administrative Message can be directed to the MCU point of contacts.
6.  Release authorized by Brigadier General Maura M. Hennigan, President, Marine Corps University//