Date Signed: 11/20/2023 | MARADMINS Number: 583/23
MARADMINS : 583/23

R 201920Z NOV 23
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GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Purpose.  This message announces the results of those selected for various civilian and military graduate education programs (GEP) on the Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) Commandant's Education Board (CEB) which convened on 6 September 2023.  Some of the various institutions and programs among GEP include but are not limited to Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Regional and Foreign Affairs Officers (RAO/FAO), Congressional Fellowship Program, Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) program, The Judge Advocate General Legal Center School (TJAGLCS), and the Olmsted Scholarship nominations.
1.a.  Major milestone timeline (read in two columns).
    NLT Date             Milestone
    07 December 2023     Olmsted Final application due
    07 December 2023     Acceptance of Career Designation
    28 December 2023     NPS registration deadline
    29 December 2023     AFIT admissions registration
    1-15 January 2024    FAO IAP discussions (see 4.e.)
    1-15 January 2024    RAO IAP discussions (see 4.f.)
    14 January 2024      FAO assignments
    23 June 2024         FAO report date
    23 June 2024         NPS report date
    27 December 2024     RAO course report data
    01 April 2024        Civilian institution acceptance letters due
2.  Background.  The board, composed of one colonel and twenty lieutenant colonels, screened the records of the eligible population and selected the officers listed below.  The small number of GEP assignments available relative to the number of eligible officers makes selection a highly competitive process.
3.  Coordinating Instructions
3.a.  Officers selected as primaries who have not yet accepted career designation will be offered Career Designation (CD) in conjunction with selection.  Officers offered CD must accept or decline the offer by responding via MOL no later than 2359 on 7 December 2023.  Officers who do not respond to this offer by the deadline will be considered as having declined CD and will execute their existing EAS.
3.b.  Declinations.  Only officers whose end of obligated service (EOS) ends prior to the report date to their specific program may decline orders.  Officers eligible to decline this assignment have until 7 December 2023 to decline their selection.  Officers who decline the offer of CD in conjunction with this selection will execute their current EAS IAW MCO 1001.65A.  Officers who elect to decline their selection are deemed as resigning in lieu of orders.  Officers who resign in lieu of orders will exit the service NLT the last day of the month they were required to report to their future unit.  Officers choosing to resign in lieu of orders will exit the service no later than 31 June 2024.
3.c.  Officers who screen on the CY23/FY25 Captains and Majors Promotion Boards must be selected for promotion to retain their selection status.
4.  Selectees
4.a.  Olmsted Scholar Foundation sponsored board.  The officers listed below were selected by the CEB to interview for the Olmsted Scholar Foundation board in early 2024.  Selectees must submit the final application to MMOA-3 along with command photos as part of the selection process per reference (a).  Applications are due 2359 7 December 2023.  Final determination for Marine Corps Scholars will be made by the Olmsted Foundation.  Those chosen will be notified via separate correspondence.  Those not selected as Olmsted Scholars, will be assigned to other programs based on the officer's expressed preferences from the online survey (read in three columns):
     NAME                        PMOS    MCC
     CRUMPLER, CARL S.           0202    1F1
     HEBEL, JONATHAN G.          0202    114
     HOLLISTER, ANDREW R.        0202    1LB
     HOLLOWAY, BRIAN B.          7532    VMB
     JATHO, ADAM S.              0402    1CH
     MALONEY, CHRISTOPHER J.     7563    VLA
     SUN, THOMAS                 0602    1G9
     VALENTINI, KENNY R.         0202    1JB
4.b.  Congressional Fellowship Program.  The following officers will receive orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3 upon acceptance.  Estimated report date is 20 June 2024 (read in three columns):
     NAME                        PMOS    MCC
     BERESFORD, MEREDITH N.      4402    097
     ELVIN, LESLIE S.            6002    VR1
     FELDMAN, ALEXANDER M.       0802    938
     GRILL, MARK P.              4502    122
     HOSIE, ELIZABETH A.         3002    1GR
     LOWE, VIVIANA .             4402    1CE
     MATACOTTA, ANTHONY E.       7557    VRA
     MCSPIRIT, SEAN M.           0402    1YA
     PETERSON, DESIREE A.        0602    1R1
     RICHARDS, JOHN A.           0202    800
     STATON, NAQUAN X.           3404    017
     YEE, BRYANT C.              0402    145
4.c.  Advanced Degree Programs (ADP).  Civilian School acceptance letters must be provided to the MMOA-3 no later than 2359 1 April 2024.  If acceptance letters are not received by the suspense date, you will be removed from consideration.  The following officers will receive orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3. (Read in five columns):
     NAME                         PMOS   MCC  AMOS   DISCIPLINE
     BOLEY, PAUL T.               7566   1HN  8802   Education
     HERNANDO, DANIEL A.          0202   175  8802   Education
     SUAREZ, ANDREW P.            7210   1L1  8802   Education
     KOLODZIEJCZAK, EVAN L.       0202   TAW  8878   Historian
     SECREST, EMILY M.            0202   080  8878   Historian
4.c.1.  Tuition.  MCU will provide funding for officers participating in the 8802 and 8878 programs up to $19,500 per year, for up to two years.  Any tuition cost exceeding this amount will be paid by the officer.  Book stipends of $400 will be paid once per academic year.  EDCOM will pay book stipends directly to the student and in parallel with tuition payments.  Full social security numbers are required for payment and may be requested by the EDCOM Financial Management Office if they cannot be otherwise obtained. Reimbursement for parking fees and other discretionary fees is not authorized.
4.d.  Advanced Civilian School Programs (ACSP).  Civilian School acceptance letters must be provided to MMOA-3 no later than 2359 on 1 April 2024.  If acceptance letters are not received by the suspense date, you will be removed from consideration.  The following officers will receive orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3 (read in three columns):
     NAME                          PMOS    MCC
     GERLACH, EARL D.              7202    1EC
     MORALESNAJERA, JHONATHAN J.   4402    082
     WARD, NATASHA B.              0202    W05
     WOODRUFF II, JOHN B.          4402    QAR
4.d.1.  Tuition.  ACSP is a partially funded education per reference (a).  Participating officers will receive their regular pay and allowances, but application fees, tuition and matriculation fees, cost of textbooks and materials, and all similar fees and expenses will be borne by the officer.  The area of study and research is at the discretion of the officer and no utilization tour is required.  Participant’s follow-on assignment will be based on the needs of the Marine Corps and the participants career progression.
4.e.  International Affairs Program - Foreign Affairs Officer (FAO).  The following officers will be contacted by the International Affairs Program Office to discuss area of assignment NLT 14 January 2024.  Once assigned, PLU-8 will coordinate with the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3 for issuance of orders to NPS.  Estimated report date is 23 June 2024 (read in three columns):
     NAME                        PMOS    MCC
     ADLUM, MICHAEL P.           1302    198
     AGUILAR JR, TOMAS J.        3002    239
     AKERBLOM, CHARLES L.        0302    V31
     ARTEAGA, ALEJANDRO A.       4502    1C1
     BLALOCK, SETH A.            0602    122
     BROWNING, ANDREW M.         3002    1JC
     DAVIS, MORGAN K.            0402    1CV
     DEAN, STEVEN A.             6602    1JZ
     EDWARDS, KYLE B.            0202    116
     EVSEEV, IGOR A.             3404    1Y2
     FRINK, JONATHAN M.          0402    1CJ
     GOSHORN, JUSTIN D.          0802    V13
     HANSON, MACKENZIE M.        3404    1CF
     KHLAING, CHANDARA           3002    022
     KIM, DANIEL J.              0602    1CF
     LILLIE, DANIEL T.           7566    VM1
     LYNCH, ROBERT G.            7208    1EC
     MCFARLIN, RILEY E.          0202    175
     MURRAY, ADAM R.             0202    800
     PATTEN III, THOMAS W.       0202    116
     TROUT, MICHAEL O.           0602    TTX
     TUSSING, MATTHEW D.         0802    1MY
     WINSTEAD, TIANA L.          4402    1CT
     WONG, CHARLES C.            3404    1Y2
     YOON, WONSEOK               0602    129
     YOUNG, ALEX L.              7556    VR1
4.f.  International Affairs Program - Regional Affairs Officer (RAO).  The following officers will be contacted by the International Affairs Program Office to discuss area of assignment NLT 15 January 2024.  Once assigned, PLU-8 will coordinate with the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3 for orders and additional coordinating instructions.  Estimated start date is 27 December 2024 (read in three columns):
     NAME                        PMOS    MCC
     CHEATHAM, WILLIAM D.        0302    V14
     MENDOZA, MONICA A.          3002    1FR
     PAGE, MAXMILLION            0202    TF2
     PULIDO, ASHLEY E.           0402    1PF
4.g.  Graduate Education Programs.  The following AMOSs are associated with the corresponding graduate education disciplines and schools per ref (d) (read in three columns):
     AMOS   DISCIPLINE                                     SCHOOL
     3006   Contingency Contracting                        NPS
     4405   Masters of International Law                   TJAGLCS
     4409   Masters of Criminal Law                        TJAGLCS
     4417   Masters of Cyber Law                           TJAGLCS
     4505   Public Affairs Management                      SDSU
     8803   Leadership Education and Development (LEAD)    USNA
     8816   Defense System Acquisitions                    NPS
     8820   Aeronautical Engineer                          AFIT
     8824   Electrical Engineering                         NPS
     8825   Modeling and Simulation                        NPS
     8831   Environmental Engineer                         AFIT
     8834   Information Warfare Systems                    NPS
     8840   Manpower Management                            NPS
     8844   Financial Management                           NPS
     8846   Computer Science                               NPS
     8848   Information Systems and Technology             NPS
     8850   Operations Analysis                            NPS
     8852   Defense Systems Analysis                       NPS
     8862   Material Logistics Support Management          NPS
     8866   Space Systems Operations                       NPS
     8870   Special Operations (Irregular Warfare)         NPS
4.g.1.  Graduate Education Programs.  NPS registration is 28 December 2023.  AFIT registration is 29 December 2023.  Orders will be issued by the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3.  Estimated start date is on or around 23 June 2024 (read in four columns):
     NAME                        PMOS     MCC   AMOS
     ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER A.       0602    1G9    8834
     AGRAWAL, CHANCHALI          0402    1EZ    8850
     AMIN, EVIN A.               0402    1NP    8825
     ANGLE, ALEX S.              7210    1L3    8848
     ARMIJO, PAUL R.             3404    086    8844
     ARRIETA, CARLOS H.          0602    1QB    8846
     BAILEY, JACOB C.            0402    122    8852
     BATTLE, KIRBY E.            0602    1G8    8848
     BELTRAN, LUCAS A.           3002    1CG    3006
     BERG, ANNIE A.              3002    1EC    8825
     BILLINGSLEY, SETH C.        0202    1RT    8866
     BOBAY, JOSEPH M.            6002    1V4    8850
     BOURBEAU, TRENTON J.        0602    V31    8850
     BOYD, GEORGE D.             0402    1Y2    8862
     BRUNS, DYLAN D.             3002    145    8824
     BUCK, JOHN L.               0302    V25    8850
     BURDS, JEFFREY T.           3404    TMG    8844
     CAMPOS, OMAR L.             6002    V6B    8831
     CANNON, VICTORIA L.         6002    143    8840
     CLARK, MALACHIJAH M.        6002    VHD    8831
     COLEMAN, NICHOLAS T.        0602    15H    8848
     CUNNINGHAM II, WILLIAM H.   0302    D18    8866
     DAUM, JACOB A.              0302    1GT    8831
     DEEMS, GEORGIA O.           1302    193    8850
     DEVAULT, KRISTOFER T.       3404    914    8844
     DEVORE, RUSSELL J.          0202    V26    8852
     DOMINGUEZ JR, ROBERT J.     0370    1MX    8870
     DONNELLY, SHEA P.           0602    1CF    8866
     DORRELL, ARIN M.            6002    VM1    8840
     DOWNING, STEPHANIE M.       4502    138    8834
     DRAKE, ELIZABETH J.         3002    1GE    8834
     DREIBELBIS, GREGORY S.      4502    1FZ    4505
     DYE, JEREMIAH D.            6002    H83    8825
     ELLIOTT, MILES W.           3002    TMG    8803
     FINNEGAN, JOHN              0302    1GR    8848
     FIORENTINO, EDWARD J.       7208    1PJ    8834
     FRASER, LOGAN M.            7563    VLA    8850
     FRITZ, JACOB M.             0402    1QN    8852
     FUCHS, CHRISTOPHER R.       0402    15E    8862
     FUSCO III, ROBERT J.        0402    143    8825
     GARAYPEREZ, CHRISTOPHER A.  3002    1Y4    3006
     GIERLING, DANIEL L.         7532    1T3    8846
     GILLAN, JOSHUA A.           0602    15A    8848
     GOHLWAR, RAAJPAAL S.        0602    1G9    8846
     GONZALEZ, LIZETH            6602    1JT    8862
     GOSE, MORGAN N.             3002    1GT    3006
     GRAHAM, PHILLIP D.          0802    1NG    8824
     GREGORIUS, RANDALL J.       0402    1J8    8824
     GREGORY, MATTHEW J.         0202    1JB    8824
     GUSTAFSON, ANSEL E.         0602    V13    8848
     HALE, JOSHUA A.             7220    1L1    8840
     HAUDE, HENRIK C.            3002    V31    3006
     HEDRICK, GRIFFEN B.         0602    1Y2    8848
     HELLER, ALEXANDRA L.        1702    1G7    8824
     HENDERSON, CHRISTOPHER M.   6602    1JN    3006
     HORMAN, JOSHUA D.           7557    VR1    8848
     IVANOV, ALEXIS M.           0602    1G8    8825
     IVANOV, VADIM A.            0402    160    8850
     JACKSON, ALEXANDRA R.       0402    15G    8803
     JACOB, ZACHARY R.           5803    092    8846
     JANSEN, BRANDAN R.          1302    198    8803
     JONES, ANTWON H.            0202    124    8825
     KANGWIJAYA, JORDAN A.       7565    VLB    8824
     KEENAN JR, STEVEN J.        4502    1C1    4505
     KILLEEN, CASEY M.           0602    1JL    8824
     KIM, ROD H.                 0402    TMH    8850
     KRONLAGE, JOSEPH H.         0302    V17    8824
     LAMPE, JOSHUA J.            0302    V13    8825
     LARSON, ALEXANDER N.        1702    TRV    8834
     LEVINE, JASON C.            0202    H86    8846
     LINDSTROM, JUSTIN A.        0202    V11    8834
     LOCKSMITH, JOHN W.          0402    1Y6    8852
     LUND, ZECHARIAH M.          3002    V16    3006
     MANNINO, BENJAMIN M.        0302    V31    8866
     MARGROUM, MACKENZIE A.      4502    1ER    4505
     MARSHALL, RYNEL M.          7220    044    8834
     MATAHERNANDEZ, MANUEL E.    4502    137    8852
     MCCABE, WILLIAM J.          7563    VLC    8820
     MCDANNEL, RYAN B.           3002    1EM    8850
     MCLELLAN, JONATHAN D.       0602    1XC    8848
     MCMULLEN, TYNAN             0302    V26    8803
     MILLER, DANIEL C.           3002    UKU    3006
     MILLER, MARGARET            0102    152    8840
     MULKEARNS, PATRICK T.       0602    1QH    8846
     MURRAY, CHRISTOPHER M.      0602    1G9    8846
     NAUGHTON, HARRISON R.       0402    145    8848
     NERI, BRIAN C.              7509    V81    8866
     NGUYEN, KEVIN D.            0402    1Y5    8846
     PACKER, JORDAN R.           1302    167    8850
     PANZINI, SEAN T.            0602    1NB    8850
     PATTERSON, ISAAC J.         0302    V35    8834
     PECHIE, PAUL M.             0402    1Y4    8852
     PRESTON, QUINLIN J.         0602    1CK    8816
     RAMOS, AARON A.             0202    1CE    8834
     RASCHE, COLTON L.           3404    1Y2    8844
     REYNOLDS, NICHOLAS M.       0102    1WX    8840
     ROSE JR, WILLIAM D.         7566    1HL    8834
     RUESS, BRANDON J.           0402    1Y5    3006
     RYAN, COLE W.               0602    V28    8866
     SCOTT, BRADY J.             7532    VM2    8831
     SCOTT, JASMINE S.           4502    1F1    4505
     SIMMONS, ASA C.             0202    1CC    8850
     SUGG, JACOB M.              4502    1F1    4505
     SULENTIC, STEPHEN A.        0602    V11    8852
     SUMNER, ANDREW M.           0402    1R2    8831
     TATAR, MATTHEW S.           0602    137    8848
     TAYLOR, JAMESON W.          0602    1GT    8834
     VIEIRA, STEVEN R.           0202    1J1    8834
     VOLKOV, KEVIN               3002    1RT    8846
     WATRAL, PATRICK D.          0202    028    8866
     WEINGARTEN, LEAH S.         0402    1QN    8866
     WHALING, JOHN K.            0802    1NB    8850
     WHEELER, COLLIN R.          7566    VM1    8816
     WISE, JESSE T.              3002    1YE    3006
     WRIGHT, KEITH C.            7210    1QD    8866
     WRINKLE, KURTIS B.          7523    1JJ    8840
     ZOLOVICK, GEORGE T.         0202    1JG    8866
4.h.  The Judge Advocate General Legal Center School (TJAGLCS) acceptance letters are required by 1 April 2024.  The following officers will receive orders from the Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3 (read in four columns):
     NAME                        PMOS    MCC    AMOS
     ALI, MIKAIL A.              4402    086    4405
     BLAIR, TYLER W.             4402    W27    4409
     BUCKHOLTZ CHELSEA A.        4402    098    4417
     BUSSLER, ARNE J.            4402    031    4409
     CARSON, PAUL E.             4402    034    4409
     CARVER, VAN A.              4402    1E1    4409
     FRENZEL V., OTTO N.         4402    168    4409
     HILL, AVERY B.              4402    033    4405
     LINDSEY, ANDREW S.          4402    124    4405
     MILLETTE, ANTHONY A.        4402    016    4405
     STARKES, HOLLY M.           4402    110    4409
     TROTTIER, STEVEN M.         4402    097    4409
4.i.  Junior Officer Strategic Intelligence Program (JOSIP), Junior Officer Cryptologic Career Program (JOCCP), and Junior Officer Geospatial Intelligence Program (JOGP).  The following officers will receive orders from their Primary Military Occupational Specialty (PMOS) monitor (read in four columns):
     NAME                        PMOS     MCC   Program
     BYBEE, DAWN J.              0202    121    JOSIP
     DAY, LIAM A.                0202    174    JOSIP
     JOHNSON, RAEANNE C.         0202    1EP    JOCCP
     VANDUCH, ALEXANDER N.       0202    1RU    JOGP
5.  Alternates
5.a.   The list of officers selected as alternates for the FY24 CEB will be published via the MMOA-3 Commandant's Education Board info page following the release of this message at the following CAC protected website:  https:(slash)(slash)www.manpower.usmc.mil/webcenter/portal/OA3CEB/
5.b.  The list will be posted alphabetically by full name and MOS.  No action is required by officers on this list.  If vacancies open from the primary slate, an available alternate will be notified by their primary MOS monitor or Graduate Education Manager to fleet up.
6.  Communication to Headquarters Marine Corps
6.a.  All correspondence must originate from and be endorsed by the selected officer.  Submit correspondence to:  MMOA-3 GradEd Organizational Email:  SMBMMOAGRADEDU@usmc.mil
7.  Points of Contact:
7.a.  Olmsted Scholar Program
         Mr. Michael Cooper (Marine Corps University)
         DSN: 378-0696, Comm: (703) 432-0696
         Email: michael.cooper@usmcu.edu
7.b.  Masters of Education
         Maj Nathan M. Clark
         Comm: (703) 784-4726
         Email: nathan.clark@usmc.mil
7.c.  Masters of History
         Maj Benjamin Brewster (United States Naval Academy)  
         Comm: (410) 293-6295
         Email: brewster@usna.edu
7.d.  Advanced Civilian School Program 
        Maj Jaime Goss, Graduate Education Manager, MMOA-3
        Comm: (703) 784-9284/5
        Email: SMBMMOAGRADEDU@usmc.mil
7.e.  Congressional Fellowship Program
         Maj Charles T.J. Byers (OLA)
         Tel:  (703) 692-0197
         Email:  HQMC_OLA_CFP@usmc.mil
         Email:  charles.t.byers@usmc.mil
7.f.  International Affairs Program (IAP)
         Mr. Clayton Fisher (PLU-8)
         Tel:  (703) 692-4365
         Email:  clayton.fisher@usmc.mil
7.g.  Law Programs (TJAGLCS)
         Maj John B. Woodruff II
         Tel:  (703) 955-1424
         Email:  john.woodruff@usmc.mil
7.h.  Naval Postgraduate School
         LtCol Amy B. Roznowski
         Tel: (831) 656-2794
         Email: amy.roznowski@nps.edu
7.i.  Leadership Development Program (LEAD)
         Capt Paola C. Phipps
         Tel: (410) 293-6304
         Email: pphipps@usna.edu
7.j.  Junior Officer Intelligence Programs
         Capt Nathan C. Rogers
         Tel:  (703) 784-9277
         Email:  nathan.c.rogers@usmc.mil
8.  Release authorized by BGen Ryan S. Rideout, Director, Manpower Management Division.//