Date Signed: 7/9/2024 | MARADMINS Number: 314/24
MARADMINS : 314/24

R 081856Z JUL 24
REF/A/DOC/MCO 1001R.1l/YMD: 20190215//
REF/B/DOC/MCO 1130.56D/YMD: 20090526//
REF/C/DOC/MCO 1130.62C/YMD: 20201203//
REF/D/DOC/MCO 1616.1/YMD: 20201125//
REF/E/DOC/MCO 1610.7B/YMD: 20230605//
POC/C. J. PEARL/MAJ/RAP-1/ TEL: 703-784-9373/
POC/A. A. LAZELLE/CWO5/MCRC-G3/TEL: 571-559-4610/
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Purpose.  To support the Commandant’s call for 
Total Force support to the recruiting mission, this MARADMIN informs 
Reserve Component (RC) Marines of available programs in which they 
can receive reserve referral credit.  Such credit includes 
meritorious promotions, bonus points toward promotion, earning 
non-paid Inactive Duty Training (IDT) points, and award credit for 
providing recruiting support.  Using reserve retirement points 
awarded for membership and referrals, a reserve Marine may remain a 
satisfactory participant and potentially be credited with a 
qualifying year of service toward a reserve retirement.
2.  Eligibility.  Marines in the Ready Reserve are eligible to 
receive reserve referral credit in accordance with the references 
and this MARADMIN in support of recruiting and affiliation efforts 
benefiting the Marine Corps, both Active Component (AC) and RC. The 
Ready Reserve includes the Active Reserve (AR), Selected Marine Corps
Reserve (SMCR), Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA), and 
Individual Ready Reserve (IRR).
3.  Meritorious Promotion
3.a.  Per reference (c), any Private (Pvt) in the RC who, while 
working outside the scope of their normal duties, refers one (1) 
applicant who is subsequently contracted (through enlistment, 
re-enlistment, or commission) in the AC, or contracted (through an 
initial enlistment or commission) in the RC will be meritoriously 
promoted to Private First Class (PFC) if otherwise qualified and 
3.b.  Any PFC who, while working outside the scope of their normal
duties, refers two (2) applicants who are subsequently contracted 
(through enlistment, re-enlistment, or commission) in the AC, or 
contracted (through an initial enlistment or commission) in the RC 
will be meritoriously promoted to Lance Corporal (LCpl) if otherwise
qualified and recommended.
3.c.  Reserve Pvts and PFCs who are assigned to a Recruiting Station
(RS) on Permission Temporary Additional Duty (PTAD), Permissive 
Recruiter Assistance Support Program (PRASP), and Reserve Recruiter 
Aide (RRA) are ineligible for meritorious promotion under the 
referral credit program.
3.d.  All dates of rank and the effective dates for pay and 
allowances are the second day of the month following the month in 
which the required number of referrals are contracted.
3.e.  RS commanding officers will forward the appropriate letter of 
recognition to the commander of the participant's gaining or parent 
3.f.  RS commanding officers may promote Pvts to PFCs and PFCs to 
LCpls at the RS.  However, prior coordination must be made and 
authorized by the gaining or parent command.  The gaining or parent
command must determine whether the Marine is otherwise qualified and
recommended for meritorious promotion.  If qualified and recommended,
then the gaining or parent command is required to make the 
meritorious promotion unit diary entry and submit a Certificate of
Appointment (DD Form 216 MC) (Meritorious Warrant) to the Field tab
of the Marine’s Official Military Personnel File (OMPF). 
3.g.  Meritorious promotions do not include promotions to PFC 
(“Contract” PFC) earned while in the Delayed Entry Program.
Authority for appointment to PFC upon graduation from recruit 
training is granted by the Marine Corps Recruiting Command Enlistment
Processing Manual and will be properly recorded on the DD Form 1966
and DD Form 4.
4.  Recruiting Promotion Points
4.a.  A LCpl and Corporal (Cpl) in the RC will receive 20 promotion
points per applicant referred who is subsequently contracted 
through an initial enlistment or commission) into the AC or RC, or 
reenlists into the AC following a break in service.  Reserve LCpls
and Cpls who are assigned to a RS on PTAD, PRASP, and RRA are 
ineligible to receive recruiting promotion points.
4.a.1.  Bonus points will be reflected in paragraph 5f of the JEPES
manual scoring instructions in accordance with reference (d). 
4.a.2.  Bonus points may not exceed 100 points per quarterly 
evaluation period and are allocated to the composite scores.
4.a.3.  Bonus points are not carried forward to the next higher 
4.a.4.  RS commanding officers will forward the appropriate letter 
of recognition to the commanding officer of the participant's parent
4.b.  For Sergeants and above, appropriate comments are recommended
for fitness reports.
4.b.1.  Command recruiting comments should be incorporated within 
the scheduled fitness report period and may be used to enhance 
already desirable traits of the Marine being reported on.  RS 
commanding officers will forward appropriate letters of recognition
to the Marine's parent command recommending appropriate comments on 
the Marine's fitness report.
5.  Reserve Referral Retirement Credit
5.a.  Referral Retirement Credit can be awarded in conjunction with
credits and recognition earned in paragraphs 3, 4, and 6 of this 
5.b.  Recruiting credit.  Ready Reserve Marines are eligible to 
receive 10 non-paid IDT points for each referral resulting in a first
enlistment of a Marine or newly contracted officer in either the 
Active Component (AC) or Selected Reserve (SelRes).  The SelRes 
includes AR, SMCR, and IMA.
5.b.1.  The maximum number of points earned in this manner is 40 
non-paid IDT points per anniversary year.
5.c.  Affiliation credit.  Ready Reserve Marines are eligible to 
receive six (6) non-paid IDT points for each referral resulting in a
Prior Service (PS) IRR Marine affiliation with a SMCR unit or PS IRR
Marine who serves in an IMA billet for a period greater than 90 days.
5.c.1.  The referred Marine must not be currently serving in a SelRes 
5.c.2.  Referrals will be verified, authorized, and documented by the
RS and the appropriate letter will be forwarded to the referee’s 
chain of command. 
5.c.3.  Non-paid IDT points will be processed no earlier than 91 days
after the referral joins and remains with their reserve unit. 
Non-paid IDT points will be credited on the 91st day after the 90-day
post-join requirement is met.  
5.c.4.  The maximum number of points earned in this manner is 36 
non-paid IDT points per anniversary year.
5.d.  Career Retirement Credit Report (CRCR) Self-Audit. It is the
responsibility of the individual Marine to ensure non-paid IDT points
for referrals are credited to their CRCR. 
6.  Reserve Referral Award 
6.a.  Commanders are strongly encouraged to seek ways to recognize
their deserving Marines that are actively supporting the reserve
referral efforts.  Some of those ways may be with Letters of 
Appreciation, Meritorious Mast, Certificate of Commendation, or 
Personal Military Decorations should the circumstances clearly merit
special recognition. 
6.b.  This is in addition to any other credit that this MARADMIN 
6.c.  The awarding authority for the personal military decorations
must be the Marine’s current assigned command.
7.  Referral Submission Process 
7.a.  Non- Prior Service (NPS) - civilian status to AC or RC. 
7.a.1.  Marines can submit NPS referrals through the 
website, at the following 
URL: https:(slash)(slash) 
Marines should direct the person being referred to submit all the 
requested information into the website.  Once submitted, the 
information will be sent to their nearest RS and coded to notify the
recruiter the information was provided via reserve referral. Marines
must ensure that all referred persons provide the referring Marine’s
contact information, last 4 Social Security Number (SSN), and
Reporting Unit Code (RUC) and unit name, rank, and full name because
the recruiter requires this information from the referred person to
provide the referring Marine referral credit. 
7.a.2.  If Marines are unable to provide the referral via the website, they are encouraged to submit referrals by
calling their local RS.  Marines will need to provide the recruiter
with the referee’s full name and phone number as well as their own
contact information, last 4 of SSN, and RUC and unit name.
7.b.  Prior Service (PS) Referrals - IRR transfer to SMCR or
IMA status. 
7.b.1.  Marines will submit PS referrals through the local Prior
Service Recruiter (PSR). Marines seeking to provide a referral will
need (at a minimum) the full name and phone number of the person
being referred. 
7.c.  NPS and PS referrals will be screened by the recruiter, and the
referrer’s EDIPI and the unit providing the referral will be recorded
on the Prospect Applicant Card in the Marine Corps Recruiting
Information Support System (MCRISS).
8.  Referral Credit Reporting
8.a.  NPS.  The RS will draft a referral letter for each referral
contracted in MCRISS. The referral letter will be sent to the
referring Marines’ command with a copy provided to the referring
8.b.  PS.  Following the referral’s join to a reserve unit, the PS RS
will provide a copy of the referral letter in the join package and to
the Marine who provided the referral.  The referral letter cannot be
used to credit the referring Marine until the 91st day after the
referred Marine joins and stays with their reserve unit.
8.c.  MCRC will provide referral data by EDIPI to Reserve Affairs
Division to create reports that track referral success by unit.
9.  This MARADMIN applies to the Reserve Component.
10.  Release authorized by Major General K. D. Pierson, Director, 
Reserve Affairs Division.//