Date Signed: 12/30/2015 | MARADMINS Number: 652/15
MARADMINS : 652/15
R 300753Z DEC 15
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The AY 16-17 TLS Board convened on 1 Dec 15 to select officers for assignment to Top Level School (TLS).  Through a highly competitive board process, the Marine officers listed in paragraph 2 were selected from among the eligible population, resulting in a primary selection opportunity of approximately 15 percent and an overall selection opportunity (primary-alternates) of approximately 22 percent.  All officers selected as a primary or an alternate will have a letter indicating their selection inserted into their Official Military Personnel File (OMPF).
2. The AY 16-17 TLS primary selectees and school assignments are as follows:
Name                          PMOS     MCC
Air War College (Report JUL 16)
Brown, Jason P.               0802     J56
Drake, Jason C.               0302     V16
Eilertson, Philip E.          7565     G10
Gerber, Lester R.             0202     R06
Horvath, Bryan T.             6002     1JS
Jones, Gregory L.             0302     KAD
Murphy, Steven R.             0402     1EA
Schenk, Brian S.              7523     1JA
Army War College (Report JUL 16)
Arnone, Michael F.            0302     B46
Donnelly III, William P.      7525     G78
Gehris, Scott A.              0302     1R3
Kissoon, Joshua .             3002     016
Kline, Michael C.             6002     1JU
Lehane, John G.               0802     BAG
Miller, Todd M.               7565     057
Moore, David B.               7565     VLE
Ost, Derek S.                 0202     1FZ
Owens, Neil J.                0802     1NK
Pitchford, Richard H.         0302     239
Reid, Mark R.                 0302     096
Roberson, Christopher D.      0802     1F4
Storer, Ronald D.             1802     B78
College of Naval Warfare (Report JUL 16)
Angell, Aaron A.              0402     1CG
Bango, Anthony J.             0302     1GS
Beals, Ginger E.              0402     1PF
Bodisch Jr, Robert J.         1802     199
Brannon, Derek M.             7523     VF2 (Report NOV 16)
Chronister, William H.        0802     1NE
Connelly, Terence M.          0402     1UR (Report FEB 17)
Conway, Adam S.               0370     1MX
Faught, Kristopher L.         7565     1J2
Koch, Brian T.                7532     VM1
Koumparakis, Speros C.        0602     K18
Lavato, Andreas D.            7532     VMA
Mchaty, Rodrick H.            0202     W52
Powledge, Timothy R.          0302     V32
Salcido, Raul L.              0602     KAH
Tracy, Matthew W.             0302     110
Marine Corps War College (Report JUL 16)
Carlton, Mark E.              0302     V15
Doctor Jr, William            3404     017
Hart, David J.                0302     V17
Hyman, David C.               5803     1SH
Lee, Kenneth G.               0402     15T
Magrath, Bradley M.           7562     1JL
Mills, David H.               0402     1CJ
Nordberg, Wade H.             0802     B98
Nunnink, Tiley R.             0202     NBA
Schmidt, Karl T.              7557     044
Vallejo, Carlos A.            0402     QBF
Information Resource Management College (Report JUL 16)
Ash, Phillip N.               0302     KAK
National War College (Report JUL 16)
Bowmer, Elika S.              7523     VFG
Danielson, Edward J.          4402     016
Gillette, Steve E.            7518     1JC
Gilley IV, Thomas H.          0402     J78
Greeley, Edward C.            0302     V31
Hancock, Robert M.            0302     KAB
Kelley, Andrew M.             0802     E84
Lively, James W.              0302     V26
Murray, Christopher M.        7532     1V4
Parrish, Ross A.              0302     V37
Phillips, Ford C.             0302     B58
Rush, Lee M.                  1802     19D
Sampson Jr, Dennis W.         7566     1HN
Whitley, Daniel M.            0802     1NF
The Eisenhower School (formerly ICAF) (Report JUL 16)
Bailey, Robert O.             8061     070
Bryant Jr, Alvin L.           7525     V63
Campbell, Tamara L.           8061     070
Dudik, Charles E.             7588     V9B
Fiscus, Stephen V.            0302     V25
Gonzalez, Armando             0402     1EH
Graham, Brandon W.            0302     KAM
Jenkins Jr, Larry M.          0202     174
Malinowski, Eric C.           0402     1EN
Miller, Kolter R.             6002     1JN
Rankin, Christian M.          0302     1GR
Skuce, Daniel J.              0802     1NJ
Welch, Sidney R.              0402     015
Wittnam, Daniel J.            0302     U18
College of International Security Affairs (Report JUL 16)
Bradley, Jonathan L.          0202     175
Joint Advanced Warfighting School (Report JUL 16)
Hammond, Jeffrey L.           0602     1G7
Priechenfried, Carl C.        0202     115
Advanced Strategic Leadership Studies, Ft. Leavenworth (Report JUL 16)
Adams, Eric J.                0402     1MY
Australian College of Defense and Strategic Studies (Report JAN 17)
Dill, Eric C.                 0370     B64
Inter-American Defense College, Ft. McNair (Report JUL 17)
(Language Training JAN-JUN 17, Wash DC)
Morales, Bruce L.             3002     15J
Israeli National Defense College (Report JUN 16)
Maraska, Donald G.            7556     016
Japanese National Institute for Defense Studies (Report AUG 18)
(Language Training MAR 17 – JUN 18, Monterey, CA)
Hendricks IV, William C.      7565     1HM
Royal College of Defence Studies, UK (Report AUG 16)
Tucker, Patrick M.            3002     1CK
NATO Defense College, Rome, Italy
Basco, Shawn M.               7523     V6B (Report SEP 16)
Jones, Quintin D.             0302     V13 (Report FEB 17)
Department of Homeland Security, Wash DC  (Report JUL 16)
Penrod, Eric J.               1302     1YB
Department of Justice, Wash DC (Report JUL 16)
Schrantz, William J.          4402     R12
United States Agency for International Development, Wash DC (Report JUL 16)
Harris, Tiffany N.            3002     1Y9
United States Institute of Peace, Wash DC (Report JUL 16)
Powers, Edward W.             7563     VLF
Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Wash DC (Report JUL 16)
Smith, Charles E.             7202     1PK
Hoover Institution, Stanford (Report JUL 16)
Reid, Eric A.                 0302     V12
International Studies Program, Yale (Report JUL 16)
Lane, Derek E.                0602     1G8
JFK School of Government, Harvard (Report JUL 16)
Coyne, Brian P.               0302     V23
Logistics Fellowship, Penn State (Report JUL 16)
Hakola, Matthew B.            3002     15E
School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins (Report JUL 16)
Koltick, Scott M.             7557     142
Security Studies Program, MIT (Report JUL 16)
Coleman, Daniel H.            0402     1UW
SECDEF Corporate Fellowship (Report JUN 16)
Jackson, Carlos T.            1803     19C
Spangenberg, Kirk M.          0402     J15
3.  The list of officers selected as alternates will be published Via the MMOA-3 board updates and info page following the release Of this message.  The list will be posted alphabetically by full name, MOS and current MCC.  No action is required by officers on this list.  If vacancies for TLS quotas open from the primary slate, the next alternate will be notified by their primary MOS monitor and fleeted up from the prioritized alternate list.
4.  Fellowships and foreign PME.  Fellows will be assigned to a two day indoctrination conference during late July or early August at HQMC.  SECDEFCORPFEL specific assignments will be coordinated with MCU POC;an additional four week orientation program will begin in late June 16.  Officers assigned to foreign PME will conduct foreign language training as indicated.  Those selectees in these categories are directed to coordinate with MCU POC (see para 9 below) for the applicable indoctrination or language training.
5.  Security clearance, special access, and passport requirements.
  a.  All officers need a civilian passport.
  b.  Inter-American Defense College, Marine Corps War College, Advanced Strategic Leadership Studies, Air War College, the Eisenhower School, School of Advanced International Studies: Secret, official passport.
  c.  Army War College: Secret, no official passport requirement.
  d.  National War College: Secret with TS-SCI only for students taking certain elective courses (selectees should contact the senior Marine Corps rep at the school for details), official passport (which can be applied for once at the college).
  e.  College of Naval Warfare:  Secret with TS-SCI only for students taking certain elective courses (selectees should contact the senior Marine Corps rep at the school for details).
  f.  NATO Defense College: NATO COSMIC TS (SSBI), official passport.
  g.  Joint Advanced Warfighting School: TS/SSBI, official passport.
  h.  Department of State, Justice, Homeland Security, and United States Agency for International Development: TS/SCI, official passport.
  i.  United States Institute of Peace: TS, official passport.
  j.  SECDEF Corporate Fellowship, Security Studies Program, JFK School of Government, International Studies Program, Logistics Fellowship, Hoover Institution, School of Advanced International Studies: Secret, no official passport requirements.
  k.  Israeli National Defense College, Australian College of Defense and Strategic Studies, Japanese National Institute for Defense Studies, Royal College of Defence Studies: Secret, official passport.
6.  Officers selected as either a primary or an alternate should immediately consult their local Security Manager-Special Security Office (SSO) to confirm their eligibility for TS-SCI respectively.  Failure to coordinate clearance-access requirements may negate eligibility to attend TLS.
7.  All primary selectees are required to accept or decline their assignment via their respective monitor NLT 20 JAN 2016.  Selectees who decline their assignment must submit their declination in writing (AA Form) via the first General Officer in their chain of command to HQMC (MMOA-3) within 30 calendar days of release of this message.  A letter recognizing this declination will be placed in that officer's OMPF.
8.  All correspondence must originate from, or be endorsed by, the selected officer utilizing an AA Form.  Officers should scan and email AA Forms in PDF format to the MMOA SMB mailbox at: smbmanpowerofficerpr(at) or mail correspondence to:
             Headquarters US Marine Corps
             Manpower and Reserve Affairs (MMOA-3)
             Attn: TLS
             3280 Russell Rd
             Quantico, Va 22134-5103
9.  Points of contact are:
Col B. M. Wilson, MMOA Branch Head
  DSN: 278-9300, COMM: (703) 784-9300
  email: blake.m.wilson(at)
Col J. E. Quinn, Aviation Col Monitor
  DSN: 278-9300, COMM: (703) 784-9300
  email: james.e.quinn(at)
Col T. J. Zagurski, Ground Col Monitor
  DSN: 278-9300, COMM: (703) 784-9300
  email: tyler.zagurski(at)
LtCol F. Fridriksson, Ground LtCol Monitor
  DSN: 278-9279 COMM: (703) 784-9279
  email: fridrik.fridriksson(at)
LtCol S. J. Lightfoot, Aviation LtCol Monitor
  DSN: 278-9267 COMM: (703) 784-9267
  email: stephen.lightfoot(at)
LtCol S. O. Meredith, Head, MMOA-3 Plans and Programs
  DSN: 278-9284, COMM: (703) 784-9284
  email: scott.meredith(at)
Maj C. T. Tierney, Plans Officer, MMOA-3
  DSN: 278-9284, COMM: (703) 784-9284
  email: christopher.tierney(at)
Mr. M. G. Cooper, CMC Fellowships/Foreign PME MCU
  DSN: 378-0696, COMM: (703) 432-0696
  email: michael.g.cooper2(at)
Mr. J. L. Hatton, PME Plans and Policy MCU
  DSN: (703)784-4037
10.  This MARADMIN is not applicable to the Marine Corps Reserve.
11.  Release authorized by MajGen Craig. Q. Timberlake, Director, Manpower Management Division.//