Date Signed: 1/5/2016 | MARADMINS Number: 002/16
MARADMINS : 002/16
R 051444Z JAN 16
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1. To solicit nominations for the Marine Corps Intelligence Awards presented during the sixth annual Marine Corps Association and Foundation (MCAF) Intelligence Awards dinner.  Nomination packages are due to Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC) Intelligence Department no later than 4 April 2016.  MCIAP awards are sponsored by the MCAF and recognize superior achievement during calendar year (CY) 2015.
2.  The MCIAP is administered by the Director of Intelligence (DIRINT) and consists of five individual awards, one unit/organization award for excellence in intelligence, and one individual, team, or unit award for the most innovative contribution to the Marine Corps Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Enterprise (MCISRE).
    a.  Individual awards recognize those whose performance within the operating forces, supporting establishment, and Marine Corps Reserve represent significant contributions to the MCISRE and embody the Marine Corps core values of honor, courage, and commitment.
    b.  The DIRINT Unit of the Year Award recognizes the intelligence unit/organization within the operating forces, supporting establishment, or Marine Corps Reserve that has made the most outstanding contribution to the MCISRE through development of advanced concepts, doctrine, technology, training, or procedures and/or through demonstration of consistent resourcefulness and responsiveness while providing support in a tactical, operational, or strategic environment.
    c.  Nominations for the DIRINT Innovation Award will be evaluated on the scope and impact of innovation, with specific attention to the measurable improvement generated by the action.  Potential areas of innovation include (but are not limited to): doctrine, organization, training, materiel, technology, management, and leadership.  Measurable improvement may be quantitative and/or qualitative, but must be directly linked to the functions of the MCISRE; examples of measurable improvement include (but are not limited to): increased efficiencies in time and resources, enhanced effectiveness in analysis, and better accuracy or precision of forecasting.  In addition to explicitly describing the innovation, nominations must also describe the method/process of innovation, along with the specific outcome(s) achieved.  Nominations should further note any positive secondary effects of the innovation, particularly the emergence of unique environments or circumstances that foster a climate of innovative accomplishment, such as during combat operations or the implementation of new or unique techniques or technologies that advance intelligence functions within the Marine Corps.  Maximum consideration will be given to nominations that demonstrate the highest potential for institutionalization across the MCISRE.
3.  Commanders and G2S are encouraged to submit candidates for the following awards:
    a.  The LtCol Michael D. Kuszewski Marine Corps Intelligence Officer of the Year Award.
    b.  The MGySgt Samuel C. Plott Marine Corps Intelligence Staff Noncommissioned Officer (SNCO) of the Year Award.
    c.  The MSgt Charles C. Arndt Marine Corps Intelligence Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) of the Year Award.
    d.  The LCpl James E. Swain Marine Corps Intelligence Enlisted of the Year Award.
    e.  The John J. Guenther Marine Corps Intelligence Civilian of the Year Award.
    f.  The DIRINT Unit of the Year Award (the DIRINT's cup).
    g.  The DIRINT Innovation Award.
4.  Detailed MCIAP eligibility and performance criteria are in MCO 1650.56.  Nominees' actions must have taken place within CY 2015.  Limit Summary of Action (SOA) write-ups to no more than three pages.  Classified SOAs may be submitted at the classification level required to adequately describe the activity, but award citations must be unclassified.  Previous individual recipients of a particular award are not eligible for subsequent selection for that same award, but previous nominees remain eligible.  Unit award nominations should originate at the next higher echelon of command above the unit recommended for the award.  Innovation award nominations must be submitted from within the MCISRE.  Under no circumstances should units submit nominations via multiple chains of command.  Questions regarding eligibility or submission requirements should be submitted to the point of contact in this MARADMIN.
    a.  The commander Marine Corps Forces Command (MARFORCOM), commander Marine Corps Forces Pacific (MARFORPAC), commander Marine Corps Forces Reserve, and commander Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command will screen, select, and forward nominations, in pdf format, to the DIRINT not to exceed the quantities outlined in Table 1 of the reference.  Marine Corps Forces Europe, Marine Corps Forces Africa, and Marine Corps Forces South will submit through MARFORCOM.  Marine Corps Forces Korea will submit through MARFORPAC.
    b.  The commander Marine Corps Forces Central Command, commander Marine Corps Forces Cyber Command, and commander Marine Corps Forces Strategic Command will submit nominations, in pdf format, directly to the DIRINT.  Marine Corps supporting establishment organizations will submit nominations via the first general officer in their chain of command, in pdf format, directly to the DIRINT.
    c.  Award packages should be emailed (preferred method) to the POC in pdf format.  Packages sent via the mail must allow two additional weeks for delivery, due to Pentagon security screening requirements.  Intelligence Department mailing address: Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps (Intelligence Dept Attn: IJ), 3000 Marine Corps Pentagon, Rm 1A262B, Washington dc 20350-3000.
    d.  The DIRINT will convene an awards board during April 2016 to review nominations and select winners.
    e.  In addition to the MCIAP awards, the board will select the 2015 National Military Intelligence Association (NMIA) Colonel Donald G. Cook and Colonel James L. Jones Awards from the submitted nominees.  These awards also recognize professional excellence and exceptional dedication to duty in the MCISRE.  The Colonel Donald Cook award is presented to a Marine Corps Active Duty (Officer or Enlisted) or government civilian intelligence professional.  The Colonel James L. Jones award is presented to a Marine Corps Reserve (Officer or Enlisted) intelligence professional.  Marine Corps Reserve commands are encouraged to submit reserve nominations directly to the DIRINT per paragraph 4.c.
    f.  The NMIA awards will be presented during the May 2015 NMIA banquet, in the greater Washington, DC area.  NMIA provides administrative support for the Colonel Donald G. Cook and Colonel James L. Jones awards, but does not fund awardees travel to/from the banquet.
5.  The MCIAP awards will be presented during the MCAF Intelligence Awards dinner on 22 September 2016 in Arlington, VA.  In addition to the MCIAP awards, the Marine Corps Language Professional of the Year Award, the Marine Corps Command Language Program of the Year Award, and the MajGen Ennis Award for Literary Excellence will be presented during the 22 September dinner.
    a.  Submission, eligibility, and performance criteria for the Marine Corps language awards and the MajGen Ennis literary award will be issued via separate correspondence.
    b.  HQMC Intelligence Department will provide administrative support for the MCIAP to include funding for award recipients participation in the awards ceremony.
6.  Ensure widest dissemination of the contents of this msg.
7.  Questions regarding this MARADMIN should be directed to the POCs.
8.  This message self-cancels on 1 January 2017.
9.  Release authorized by BGen M.S. Groen, Director of Intelligence, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps.//