Date Signed: 1/8/2016 | MARADMINS Number: 013/16
MARADMINS : 013/16
R 082102Z JAN 16
AMPN/REF A IS MCO1420.25 THE CIVILIAN COMMUNITY OF INTEREST (COI) PROGRAM. POC/STEPHEN A. KELLY (STEPHEN.A.KELLY(AT)USMC.MIL, (703) 784-9069)/MRA MPC/GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Purpose.  To announce the establishment of a Civilian Marine Foundational Skills Training program (FSTP) developed by the Community of Interest (COI) Leaders per the reference.  This program is designed to develop basic skills applicable to all Civilian Marines for professional success in their technical fields.
2.  Basics of the Program.
    a.  Every Civilian Marine has a need for certain foundational skills that support the Marine Corps’ mission.  To develop these skills, COI Leaders have designed the FSTP to provide foundational training opportunities for each Civilian Marine.  By training to these skills, Civilian Marines will be better equipped to assist Commanders in achieving local goals and objectives.
    b.  The COI FSTP will offer structured training opportunities each fiscal year for Civilian Marines through a mix of courses delivered via traditional on-site training, virtual classroom, online training, or a blended learning environment.  This program is designed to develop the foundational technical expertise and general skills applicable to all occupational series across the 19 Communities of Interest and position title of the COI Leader listed below:
        (1)  Administration (Director of Administration and Resources).
        (2)  Community Support (Director, Marine Family and Support Division).
        (3)  Contracts (Assistant Deputy Commandant Installation & Logistics (Contracts)
        (4)  Education and Training (Executive Deputy, Training & Education Command).
        (5)  Environmental (Deputy, Marine Corps Installations Command, (DADC I&L Facilities and Services Division).
        (6)  Facilities (Deputy, Marine Corps Installations Command, (DADC I&L Facilities and Services Division).
        (7)  Financial (Assistant Deputy Commandant Programs & Resources, for Financial Matters and the Fiscal Director of the Marine Corps).
        (8)  Human Resources (Assistant Deputy Commandant Programs & Resources, for Financial Matters and the Fiscal Director of the Marine Corps).
        (9)  Intelligence (Assistant Director for Intelligence Support).
        (10)  Information Technology Management (Deputy Director, C4/Deputy).
        (11)  Legal (Deputy Counsel, for The Commandant).
        (12)  Logistics (Assistant Deputy Commandant Installation and Logistics).
        (13)  Management and Professional Analysts (Assistant Deputy Commandant Program and Resources).
        (14)  Professional Analyst (Director, Analysis Directorate, Marine Corps Combat Development Center).
        (15)  Program Management (Program Executive Officer (Land Systems).
        (16)  Safety and Occupational Health (Director, Safety Division).
        (17)  Science and Engineering (Deputy Commander, Systems Engineering Interoperability Architecture & Technology (SIAT) MCSYSCOM).
        (18)  Security and Emergency Services (Assistant Deputy Commandant, Plans, Policies, & Operations (Security).
        (19)  Visual Information and Public Affairs (Director, Public Affairs Division).
    c.  The program will focus on developing skills in the following foundational categories:
        (1)  Communication.
        (2)  Project Management.
        (3)  Information Technology.
        (4)  Business Functions.
        (5)  Personal/Professional Management Skills.
    d.  COI Leaders will be responsible for designating and announcing courses designed to give employees a graduated level of knowledge and expertise in each of the above categories. To accomplish this, in 2016 the COIs will be using the commercial online training site as their primary training resource. NOTE: The COI FSTP is not to be confused with or regarded as a substitution for certification programs such as the DAWIA or DOD Financial Management Certification.
3.  Roles and Responsibilities. To support the COI FSTP, M&RA and the COI Leaders purchased 3,000 accounts in 2016.  COIs have been allocated these accounts for use based on their community membership as a percentage of total Appropriated Fund employee population.
    a.  COIs Managers will be responsible for:
        (1) Communicating to their communities how to request accounts.
        (2) Approve account requests on a “First-Come” basis until the account limit is reached.
        (3) Assigning courses that support the FSTP.
        (4) Designating and assigning community-specific courses.
        (5) Monitoring account usage and deactivating idle accounts.
    b.  Community Members provided an account are required to:
        (1) Complete any training assigned by the COI Manager within 120 days of assignment.
        (2) Advise the COI Manager of any status changes (i.e. transfer to another occupational series, leave the Marine Corps, etc.).
        (3) Log into the account for at least one hour every two weeks.
    c.  Accounts will be deactivated:
        (1) If an account has no activity for a period of 90 days.
        (2) If courses assigned by the COI Manager have not been completed within 120 days of assignment.
    d. Once an account has been deactivated, requests for reactivation will be treated as a “New” account request and be handled in the order it was received.
4.  The Assistant Deputy Commandant Manpower and Reserve Affairs is responsible for the oversight of the FSTP.   For questions regarding program information and COI Manager contact information please visit:
5.  Release authorized by S. E. Murray, Assistant Deputy Commandant for Manpower and Reserve Affairs.//