Date Signed: 6/3/2016 | MARADMINS Number: 281/16
MARADMINS : 281/16
R 021310Z JUN 16
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  Situation.  In response to the dynamic and changing manpower environment, and attempting to reduce the burden on commands, all branches of manpower management will synchronize in order to ensure unified manpower messaging, and address individual and command concerns.
2.  Mission.  From August to December 2016, MMOA will visit designated locations to conduct a series of briefs, in-calls, and interviews in order to update commands on manpower issues, and assist Marines to make well-informed career decisions.
3.  Execution
3.a.  Intent.  Provide commands with information pertaining to manpower management policies, procedures, and assignments, support career retention of Marines, and facilitate opportunities for Marines to discuss future assignments with their PMOS monitor.
3.b.  Concept of Operations.  The FY17 MMOA Command Visit schedule will interact along three lines of effort (LOEs) – strategic, operational, and tactical.  The strategic LOE encompasses Staff Principles within manpower management conducting Senior Leadership Engagements (SLEs) in person with component and MEF commands.  The operational LOE involves informational briefs about the most up-to-date manpower assignments, retention, promotions, and programs/policies.  The tactical LOE is the personal interview and interaction between individual Marines and their PMOS monitors.
3.c.  Coordinating Instructions
3.c.1.  MMOA Command Visit Timeline
        Location                               Date(s)
        Miami, FL                              2 Aug
        Tampa, FL                              4-5 Aug
        Albany, GA                             8 Aug
        Pensacola/Whiting Field, FL            8-9 Aug
        Ft Meade, MD                           11 Aug (AM)
        Marine Barracks Washington, DC         11 Aug (PM)
        Corpus Christi/Kingsville, TX          11-12 Aug
        New Orleans, LA                        15 Aug
        Dallas/Ft Worth, TX                    15 Aug
        CGSC, Ft Leavenworth, NC               17 Aug
        MCB Camp Lejeune, NC                   24-26 Aug
        MCAS New River, NC                     24-26 Aug
        MCAS Cherry Point, NC                  24-26 Aug
        MCRD Parris Island, SC                 29-30 Aug
        MCAS Beaufort, SC                      29-30 Aug
        MARFOREUR/AF, Germany                  6-7 Sep
        MCWAR, Quantico, VA                    20 Sep
        CSC and SAW, Quantico, VA              20 Sep
        MCB Quantico, VA                       21-22 Sep
        EWS, Quantico, VA                      26 Sep
        National Defense University, DC        27 Sep
        Pentagon, DC                           28-29 Sep
        Norfolk, VA                            3-4 Oct
        USNA, MD                               5 Oct (AM)
        CBIRF, MD                              5 Oct (PM)
        Pax River, MD                          5 Oct
        MCB/MCAS Hawaii                        12-13 Oct
        Camp Smith, Hawaii                     13 Oct
        Korea                                  16 Oct
        MCAS Iwakuni, JP                       17 Oct
        MCB Camp Butler, JP                    19-21 Oct
        MCAS Futenma, JP                       19-21 Oct
        MCB Camp Hansen, JP                    21 Oct
        MCB Camp Pendleton, JP                 25-27 Oct
        MCAS Miramar, CA                       25-28 Oct
        MCAS Camp Pendleton, CA                27-28 Oct
        MCRD San Diego, CA                     28 Oct
        MCAGCC Twentynine Palms, CA            31 Oct-2 Nov
        MCAS Yuma, AZ                          31 Oct-1 Nov
        Army War College, Carlisle, PA         8 Nov
        Air War College, Montgomery, AL        15 Nov
        Naval War College, Newport, RI0        17 Nov
3.c.2.  Officer Manpower Brief
3.c.2.a.  Target Audience: All officers.  Maximum participation is essential to facilitate dialogue during monitor interviews.
3.c.2.b.  Timeframe: Appx 60-90 minute brief.
3.c.2.c.  Subject:  Manpower programs and policies, to include a condensed version of the Enlisted Manpower Brief to address Enlisted npower programs and policies for which officers need familiarity.
3.c.3.  Interviews
3.c.3.a.  Length: 15 minutes for O5 and below, 20 minutes for O6.
3.c.3.b.  Attendance of the Officer Manpower Brief before the interview is encouraged.
3.c.3.c.  Scheduling: Contact the respective Site POC.  Site POC roster available at MMOA Roadshow website.
3.c.3.d.  Monitor Availability: Monitor availability roster is available at MMOA Roadshow website.
3.c.3.e.  Location: Established by respective Site POC.
3.C.4  MMOA Roadshow website. https:(slash)(slash)www.manpower.usmc.mil(slash)portal(slash)page(slash)portal(slash)m_ra_home(slash)mm(slash)a_oa(slash)oa_roadshow
4.  Administration and Logistics
4.a.  Administration.  Commands resident at the locations listed in paragraph 3.c.1. must review the tentative dates, assign a Site Coordinator, and advise HQMC/MM of scheduling conflicts NLT 30 days prior to the visit.
4.b.  Logisitics
4.b.1.  Funding.  Manpower Management will fund all travel, lodging, and rental vehicle expenses for the MMOA Command Visit team.
4.b.2.  Facilities.  Facilities are requested to support both the all officer Manpower Brief, and the monitor interviews.  The brief location requires audio/visual support, and the interview location requires internet connectivity.
5.  Command and Signal
5.a.  Site Coordinator.  Hosting commands will designate one representative to serve as the primary point of contact for coordination of the MMOA Command Visit.
5.b.  Network Access.  Each member of the MMOA Command Visit team will arrive with an official, authorized MCEN laptop, and requires access to an active network data port in order to best serve officers during their interviews.  All hosting commands must submit a port security exemption request to their respective G-6s, and prepare to support the team with up to 19 data drops.  At locations hosting the entire team, MMOA will travel with one 16-port Linksys “dumb” HUB that has an approved waiver from CMC (C4) through 2017.  Hosting commands that require a copy of the waiver should contact the POC NLT 30 days prior to the visit.  The team is unable to travel with data support and will require at least one network support specialist to remain present at the interview site for the duration of the visit.
5.c.  Printer and Phone Support.  The MMOA Command Visit team requires one networked printer and one DSN-capable phone.
5.d.  This bulletin is not applicable to the Marine Corps Reserve.
6.  Release authorized by MajGen Craig Q. Timberlake, Director, Manpower Management.//