Date Signed: 7/28/2016 | MARADMINS Number: 386/16
MARADMINS : 386/16
R 282133Z JUL 16
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GENTEXT/REMARKS/ 1.  Purpose.  The Marine Corps Force 2025 is part of a CMC-directed, Combat Development and Integration (CDI) led effort to design a Marine Corps that is organized to adapt and operate effectively despite operational imperatives (threat, environment, mission), and improve efficiency in meeting increasing demands from the geographic combatant commanders for ready and relevant forces across the range of military operations.  As an integral part of both the naval and joint force, the Marine Corps of 2025 must be organized, trained, and equipped to perform the full range of its assigned roles and responsibilities.  These roles and responsibilities are under ever-more challenging conditions in an era of rapidly proliferating technology, intensifying urbanization, global access challenges, and the empowerment of state and non-state actors to prosecute sophisticated agendas contrary to our national interests. 
2.  The Marine Corps Force 2025 is being developed in phases:  Phase I, COA development is complete and was briefed to the CMC executive off-site 18-20 July 2016.  As the Marine Corps Force 2025 development transitions to Phase II at the beginning of September, several efforts will take place in order to achieve the final objective of Phase II: development of an integrated executable implementation plan for the CMC-approved Marine Corps Force 2025.  These efforts include a Supporting Establishment (SE) and Command Element (CE) headquarters review, a Mission Statement, MET/METL, and T/E development working group, a detailed DOTMLPF/C analysis, a Navy personnel in support of USMC review and the development of the Marine Corps 2025 force strategic communications plan.  To reduce the impact on the key personnel, Phase II of Force 2025 will use standing working groups and virtual meetings wherever possible.  Rather than the heavy OPFOR work that was done during Phase I, much of the work that remains will be accomplished by the supporting establishment.  Phase II will culminate with a CMC decision based on the detailed implementation plan to be presented in the December 2016/January 2017 timeframe.  The approved implementation plan will be entered into the Total Force Structure Management System (TFSMS) Authorized Structure Report (ASR) and will be ready for release in FY 17.  All initiatives determined to be too immature for implementation will continue to be developed within the Campaign of Learning.
3.  Completion of the above efforts will require the continued support from many different commands and organizations.  Separate calling messages will be released for working groups requesting participation.  For those working groups where participation is recommended, members and SMEs will be requested to serve for the duration of their assigned WG.  The following lays out the activities and the OPRs for the effort:
3.a.  22 August – 2 September 2016:  MARFORCOM (OPR), DC PP and O (supporting) will determine operational phasing/global posture/laydown for the approved COA in support of the DOTMLPF/C.
3.b.  7 September – 7 October 2016:  Director of Capabilities Development Directorate (CDD) (OPR), Deputy Commandants, TECOM, MARFORS, MCICOM (supporting) will conduct a comprehensive review of the Supporting Establishment (SE) and Command Element (CE) headquarters (HQ) in Quantico, supported by an Executive Steering Group (ESG) which will be comprised of members of the MCF2025 General Officer OPT from Phase I. The goal of this review will be to obtain efficiencies to “buy back” critical operating force capabilities sacrificed during Phase I. The review will consist of a working group of Col/GS-15 members. The ESG will hold regular meetings to review options, provide guidance, and approve recommendations via DC CDI for consideration by the Commandant.  The ESG will hold regular meetings (conducted via SVTC) to review options, provide guidance, and approve recommendations via DC CDI for consideration by the Commandant.
3.b.1.  As a subtask of the SE/CE HQ review, a comprehensive review of Green In Support of Blue (GISOB), Marine Corps billets serving on Navy staffs, will be conducted and led by COMMARFORCOM (OPR) with DC CDI; DC MRA; DC PR; DC IL; DC PPO; DC AVN; DIR C4; DIR INTEL; MARSOC; MARCENT; MARFORPAC; MARFORSOUTH; MARFOREUR; MARFORAF; MARFORNORTH; and MARFORRES (supporting).  This working group’s results will be included into the overall SE/CE HQ review.
3.c.  7 September – 7 October 2016:  Director, CDD (OPR), with Advocates; DC PPO; DC MRA; DC AVN; DC IL; CG, TECOM; MARFORPAC; MARFORCOM; MARFORRES; and MARFORCYBER (supporting) will sponsor a working group to develop and update METS/ METLS, Mission Statements and T/E for affected units. 
3.d.  12 - 16 September 2016:  Director, CDD (OPR) with Director, TFSD; Command Element Advocate Board Representative, CDD; DC IL; DC PPO; DC AVN; MARFORCOM; MARFORPAC; MARFORRES; I MEF; II MEF; and III MEF (supporting) will sponsor a working group to review Navy manpower ISO the Marine Corps.      
3.e.  13 September 2016:  DC CDI (OPR), DOTMLPF/C pillar representatives (supporting) will conduct weekly DOTMLPF/C working group meetings with standing pillar principal and staff members to produce a supportable POAM of the approved COA, and to identify all costs and concerns associated with it.     
3.f.  September 2016:  OUSMCC (OPR), with Advocates; DC CDI; DC PPO; DC IL; DC MRA; DC PR; MARFORPAC; MARFORCOM; MARFORRES and MARFORCYBER (supporting) will begin to develop a strategic communication plan for Marine Corps Force 2025.
4.  Admin and logistics.  Working group admin and logistics vary and will be provided via SEPCOR as required.
5.  This MARADMIN is applicable to the Marine Corps Total Force.
6.  Release authorized by Lieutenant General Robert S. Walsh, Deputy Commandant, Combat Development and Integration.//