Date Signed: 9/28/2016 | MARADMINS Number: 514/16
MARADMINS : 514/16
R 271548Z SEP 16
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  The purpose of this MARADMIN is to provide an update of awards since the last update, MARADMIN 147/16.
2.  The following unit awards are authorized and will be incorporated in ref (a).
2.a.  Joint Meritorious Unit Award (JMUA)
2.a.1.  HQ, US Forces Central Command                01Aug14-31Jul16
2.a.2.  HQ, Combined Joint Special Operations Air
Component-Afghanistan                                01May14-30Apr15
2.a.3.  HQ, Special Operations JTF-Afghanistan       02Jun15-03Jun16
2.a.4.  HQ, US Africa Command                        01Apr11-31Mar14
2.a.5.  HQ, Combined Joint Forces Land Component
Command-Iraq                                         10Oct14-28Jun15
2.a.6.  Joint Task Force-Guantanamo                  01Jul13-30Jun15
2.a.7.  HQ, JTF 94-7.1                               01Jul14-24Oct14
2.a.8.  Joint Communications Integration Element     04Oct06-31Dec11
2.a.9.  US European Command Balkans National
Support Element                                      01Feb12-01Oct13
2.a.10.  HQ, CJTF Operation Inherent Resolve         24Jun14-16Sep16
2.a.11.  US Liaison Office, Kenya                    20Feb13-15Oct13
2.a.12.  HQ, Combined Security Transition Command
Afghanistan                                          01Jun13-31May15
(Correction to MARADMIN 147/16)
Period of this award amended to read 01Jun13-31May15 vs. 01Jun11-31May15
2.a.13.  Joint Staff                                 01Jan12-15Sep15
(Correction to MARADMIN 508/15)
Additional Personnel approved for participation:
  LtCol Bancroft, John J.           LtCol Kreider, Daniel R.
  LtCol Blevins, Grant R.           LtCol Lysko, Gregg M.
  Maj Bradstreet, Bradley F.        Maj McCartan, Glenn E.
  LtCol Brewster, Christopher A.    Col McGire, Brian J.
  LtCol Carey, David M.             LtCol Mead, Mark A.
  LtCol Coast, Mark R.              Capt Peters IV, Burnett W.
  LtCol Erlanger, Graig G.          LtCol Roberts, Brian H.
  LtCol Hashimoto, Robert H.        LtCol Sadowski, Glenn J.
  LtCol Haynie, Jeannette A.        Maj Schork, Scott F.
  Maj Kimber, James S.              Col Speicher, John A.
  Col Kleineahlbrandt, Trevor       Maj Tamburello, Daniel J.
2.a.14.  HQ, US Forces Pacific Command               10Mar12-20Feb15
(Correction to MARADMIN 225/15)
Additional Personnel approved for participation:
  Capt Abdiel, Douglas              Col Humphrey, Kenneth
  2ndLt Carter, Zina                Maj Itoh, Masato
  LtCol Chaine, Jean                SSgt Lauersdof, Charles
  Maj Coyle, Scott                  Maj Mcdonald, Matthew
  GySgt Craig, Cary                 Maj McLain, Marrisa
  Col Davenport, David              GySgt Stasiak, John
  LtCol Davis, Stephen              LtCol Tarver, Sean
  SSgt Hirt, Rondey                 GySgt Wick, Brian
2.a.15. HQ, Joint Task Force 48-8                    01Jul13-31Dec14
(Correction to MARADMIN 147/16)
Additional personnel approved for participation:
  Sgt Bambrick, John M.             GySgt Levine, Joshua B.
  GySgt Bartczak, Vincent C.        SSgt Marcussen, Celia H.
  Sgt Bayley, John                  SSgt Merritt, Jamarcia
  GySgt Boros, Jeremy M.            Maj Milbrandt, Jason W.
  SSgt Bostick, Rich                GySgt Miller, Eric J.
  LtCol Brown, Shannon M.           Maj Millett, William B
  MSgt Cashman, Kip M.              Col Mulvaney, Sean W.
  MSgt Chesnutt, Jonathan W.        Maj Myung, James 0.
  Sgt Crumley, Erick                Sgt Nguyen, Tuan T.
  GySgt Dickhut, Kevin C.           Lt Olson, Diann M.
  GySgt Dixon, Kenneth R.           CWO4 Parsons, William G
  Col Elliott, Derek G.             SSgt Pearsall, Robert
  Maj Floom, Christopher M.         Capt Plummer, Joshua R.
  Maj Foley, James F.               GySgt Pyles, Johnny D.
  Maj Gard III, Clayton D.          Maj Rouchon, James F.
  SgtMaj Garner, Edward B.          GySgt Salisbury, Brian D.
  Maj Good, Everett                 Maj Short, Thomas F.
  GySgt Hall Jr, Darrell R.         GySgt Simpson, David E
  LtCol Handler, Edward J.          GySgt Smith, Robert
  SSgt Hardy, Darin M.              Maj Starr, Eric N.
  SSgt Harmon, Jesse A              GySgt Stevens, Ryan S.
  GySgt Hedquist, Kody J.           GySgt Thomason, Christopher M.
  Maj Hodgins, Benjamin J.          SSgt Vega, Joel
  GySgt Jacobs, Stacy F.            MGySgt Voss, Sidney J.
  MSgt Johnson, Brian H.            SSgt  Walker, Brandon J.
  Sgt Johnston, Thomas L.           SSgt West, Ryan M.
  MGySgt Jones, Blaine M.           GySgt Young, Nathan J.
  GySgt Kirkland, Christopher L.
  SSgt Leone, Christopher N.
Note:  Per ref (b), service units and individuals assigned to service units in support of these Joint organizations are not eligible for these awards.  Only those members of the Armed Forces of the United States who were present at the time and directly participated in the service or achievement for 30 days or more or for the period cited if less than 30 days, are authorized to wear the JMUA ribbon.  Personnel must be assigned and/or attached by official orders to the joint unit or task force headquarters receiving the JMUA.  Local Commanders may waive, on an individual basis, the 30-day minimum time requirement for individuals (reserve personnel on active duty and TDY and/or TAD personnel) who, in the purview of the Commander, contributed directly to the achievement cited, and were assigned on official orders to the awarded unit during the approved time frames.
2.b.  Meritorious  Unit  Commendation (MUC)
2.b.1.  US Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations
Command                                              01Jan12-31Dec15
Additional units approved for participation:
  MARSOC Command Element (MCC 094)
  Marine Raider Support Group (MCC IMT)
  1st Marine Radier Support Battalion (MCC 1ML)
  2d Marine Radier Support Battalion (MCC 1MY)
  3d Marine Radier Support Battalion (MCC 1MZ)
  Marine Raider Regiment (MCC 1S8)
  1st Marine Raider Battalion (MCC 1MU)
  2d Marine Raider Battalion (MCC 1MR) (MSOC G is excluded from 1 Jan - 16 Feb 2012 and 1 May - Nov 2013)
  3d Marine Raider Battalion (MCC IMX)
  Marine Special Operation School (MCC 1MS) (PERM PERS ONLY)
2.b.2.  CDR, Task Force Five One                     01Jan15-30Jun15
Additional units approved for participation:
  24th MEU Command Element
    Det, 2d ANGLICO
    Det, 8th Communications Battalion
    Det, 2d Intelligence Battalion
    Det, 2d Law Enforcement Battalion
    Det, MCIOC Team 24
    Det, 2d Radio Battalion
    Det, 2d Reconnaissance Battalion
  BLT 3/6
    AV Det, 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion
    Arty Det, 1st Battalion, 10th Marines
    CEB Det, 2d Combat Engineering Battalion
    LAV Det, 3rd Battalion, 10th Marines
    Tank Det, 2d Tank Battalion
    Det, Disbursing, HQ Reg
  VMM-365 (REIN)
    Det HMLA 269
    Det HMH 461
    Det VMA 231
    Det MALS 26
    Det MWSS 272
    Det VMGR 252
    Det VMU 2
    Det MACG 28
2.b.3.  MCB Camp Lejeune                             01Oct13-30Sep14
Additional units approved for participation:
  H&S BN, MCB Camp Lejeune
  2d Dental Company
  22d Dental Company
  Naval Dental Center
  Naval Hospital, MCB Camp Lejeune
  H&S Dental Company
List of approved civilian personnel is maintained in iAPS
2.b.4.  HQSVC Battalion, US Marine Forces Pacific    01Jun13-31May15
(Correction to MARADMIN 147/16)
Additional units approved for participation:
  Marine Corps Activity Guam (MCC 127 and MCC U86)
  Marine Corps Reserve personnel from Platoon FPAC, RUC 88831 (must have served a minimum of six days of active duty)
Additional personnel approved for participation:
  Capt Inselmann, Kenneth V.     MGySgt Jones, Reginal
  1stLt McArthur, George T.
Additional Civilian personnel approved for participation:
  Civ Mada, Adrian E.            Civ Rogers, Zachary
2.c.  Army Meritorious Unit Commendation
2.c.1.  USMC Detachment, Georgian Liaison Team 12    25Jun14-31Dec14
Eligible Marine Corps Personnel:
  Capt Apodaca, Daniel M.             Capt Machi, Chris
  Sgt Brisendine, Cody D.             Capt Martin, Andrew J.
  Capt Brown, William D.              Sgt Martin, Anthony
  Cpl Brueggeman, Kasey A.            Sgt Moser, Nathan E.
  SSgt Carr, Charles E.               1stLt Niederbuhl, Alexander C.
  GySgt Chevere, Dennis               Sgt Obrien, Sean D.
  Sgt Donnelly, Jason R.              Cpl Oliver, Demarcus T.
  GySgt Dupart, Terry A.              Sgt Ortiz, Carlos A.
  GySgt Easley, Joshua K.             1stLt Perry, Craig A.
  1stLt Fadden, James G.              SSgt Pierce, Alexander R.
  Cpl Fleischman, Gregory V.          Cpl Quevedochirinos, Martin
  GySgt Hall, Ryan L.                 Cpl Rath, Chance A.
  Sgt Hargrow, Rashund J.             GySgt Renya, Manuel A.
  Sgt Harris, Troy J.                 Sgt Romero, Diego
  Cpl Hasting II, James T.            Maj Saye, Mark T
  Cpl Hodgkinson, Nicholas R.         GySgt Shearer, Quinton A.
  Sgt Jennice, Treven S.              Capt Straub, John J.
  SSgt Konda, Mark E.                 Sgt Sweitzer, Lee A.
  Sgt Kunkel, Timothy I.              SSgt Vera, Rigoberto
  Cpl Lawlor, Jordan A.               GySgt Wade, Tyson D.
  SSgt Lecureux, Christophe M.        SSgt Wright, Jason M.
  Sgt Lemarhi, Said                   Sgt Zamora, Luis F.
  MSgt Lopez, Mario N.                Cpl Zarazua, Matthew
  Sgt Lundy, Joseph A.                Capt Zumstein, Benjamin
2.c.2.  Maine Georgian Liaison Team Rotation I       27Mar15-13Oct15
Eligible Marine Corps Personnel:
  Sgt Adams, Peter                    Cpl Kroshl, Mark
  Capt Baker, Dylan                   GySgt Langford, Jeremy
  Capt Barker, Cameron                SSgt Lombardo, Dominic
  Sgt Barnhouse, Corey                Sgt Mellott, Thomas
  1stLt Bilyard, James                MSgt Parry, Scott
  Cpl Brooks, Vincent                 Sgt Patterson, Thomas
  SSgt Brown, William                 Cpl Paulino, Angel
  Sgt Brown, Bruce                    Sgt Pouvnale, Anthony
  Capt Capra, Douglas                 Cpl Ramon, Abel
  SSgt Caruthers, Jack                Capt Reid, Michael
  Sgt Cathey, Andy                    SSgt Reyes, Luis
  Sgt Cotion, Edward                  1stLt Rhodes, Isaac
  Cpl Deseife, Jared                  GySgt Riley, Paul W.
  Capt Director, Mark                 Cpl Ryan, Connor A.
  Sgt Epperson, Kelson                LCpl Santos, Emmanuel F.
  Capt Erquiti, Brm                   Cpl Shaw, Andrew C.
  Maj Geiger, James                   Sgt Slater, Christopher J.
  SSgt Gonzalez, Maikel               Sgt Sosa, Ernesto F.
  Sgt Grosche, Tyler                  Sgt Stansel, Gregory B.
  Cpl Guardado, Jaime                 Cpl Sturgeon, Matihew J.
  SSgt Harvey, David                  Sgt Tarter, Brandon L.
  SSgt Hill, Jonathan                 Sgt Umanzor, Edwin A.
  1stLt Horace, Edmund                1stLt Vigil, Jesse B.
  Cpl Jimick, Spencer                 1stLt Vish, Christopher J.
  SSgt Jones, James                   Sgt Willis, Mark
  Sgt Karol, John                     Cpl Zandi, Dillon M.
  LCpl Kinsey, Brian
2.d.  Coast Guard Special Operations Service Ribbon
2.d.1.  Joint Interagency Task Force South          18Sep12-31Dec14
Eligible Marine Corps personnel:
  Capt Adams, Jordan T.               Sgt Laman, Anthony E.
  Sgt Armijo, Paul R.                 CWO4 Martino, Anthony L.
  Sgt Austin, Emily E.                Capt Perez, Eric D.
  Cpl Bodenbender, Joey               Col Puliese, Neal F.
  Maj Claudio, Jesus M.               Capt Robinette, Shane M.
  Capt Culberson Jr, Thomas L.        Sgt Robinson, Joshua S.
  Maj Diener, Dirk R.                 Capt Viehmeyer, Robert W.
  GySgt Hegenbart, Michael            CWO3 Young, Arthur E.
  SSgt Jackson, Jessica K.
2.e.  Coast Guard Commandants LOC Ribbon Bar with Operational Distinguishing Device.  This HQ concurred with Cpl Ippoon, Kelvin accepting this award from 25Oct14-07Nov14 (not authorized wear per ref (c).
3.  Ref (a) is no longer distributed.  Instead, ref (a) is updated quarterly and maintained on the internet at
4.  Release authorized by MajGen Craig Q. Timberlake, Director, Manpower Management Division.//