Date Signed: 10/28/2016 | MARADMINS Number: 568/16
MARADMINS : 568/16
R 271950Z OCT 16
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  PURPOSE.  To provide information on the implementation of the new DD Form 2648 single electronic form (eForm) in support of the Transition Readiness Program (TRP) throughout the Marine For Life Cycle (M4LC).
2.  BACKGROUND.  Effective 7 November 2016, the current DD Form 2648, Pre-Separation Counseling Checklist for Active Component, DD Form 2648-1 Pre-Separation Counseling Checklist for Reserve Component, and DD Form 2958, Individual Transition Plan Checklist, will be consolidated into an eForm titled “DD Form 2648, Service Member Pre-Separation/Transition Counseling and Career Readiness Standards EFORM for Service members Separating, Retiring, Released from Active Duty (REFRAD)” herein referred to as the eForm.  The eForm will be housed on the Department of Defense, Transition Assistance Program (DoDTAP) web portal, and accessible via Marine Online’s (MOL) “Few Good Links” resources titled “Department of Defense (DoD) Transition Assistance Program and eForm”.  The eForm will provide a streamlined data collection platform to record:  (1) attainment of Career Readiness Standards (CRS) throughout the M4LC, (2) Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) to Hire Heroes Act compliance, (3) Capstone Review, and (4) Capstone Verification, herein referred to as Commander’s Verification. 
3.  ACTION.  The eForm will be used at four stages of the M4LC:  (1) the Personal Readiness Seminar (PRS), (2) Pre-Separation Counseling, (3) Capstone Review, and (4) Commander’s Verification.
a.  The Personal Readiness Seminar (PRS) Stage.  All Active Duty Marines (Enlisted and Officer) will attend PRS training no later than 90 days upon check in at their First Permanent Duty Station per reference (a).  Upon completion of the PRS, the Marine, as directed by the Personal and Professional Development staff, will initiate the eForm to update Section I (Service member Personal Information), and record completion of Section II (Pre-Separation Counseling/Pre-Separation Needs Assessment, Review and Verification) pre-work items number 1 (registered on e-benefits) and number 7 (completed an assessment tool to identify personal interests and leanings regarding career selection).  The eForm will be saved and closed with no signatures required.  Attendance will be tracked per reference (a).
b.  Pre-Separation Counseling Stage.  The Unit Transition Coordinators (UTCs) are responsible for facilitating all unit transition activities with the local Transition Readiness Program office per reference (a).  UTCs must be appointed in writing, in the pay grade of E5 and above, and have at least 12 months remaining with the Command.  All Active and Reserve Component Marines who are separating, retiring, demobilizing or deactivating after a minimum of 180 continuous days of Active Duty per reference (a), will meet with the UTC to receive pre-work and eForm instructions in preparation for mandatory TRS attendance.
(1)  Marines will complete all pre-work and initialize, or update the pre-separation counseling stage of the eForm following the same instructions as noted in the PRS stage above. 
(2)  If the Marine is completing pre-separation counseling in 89 days or less, justification must be provided using the drop down box in Section III (Signatures and Remarks).  Upon completion, the Marine must save and sign the eForm.
(3)  UTCs will validate completion of all pre-work. To validate completion of the eForm, the UTC will obtain a screen print of the Marine’s signature in Section III (Signature and Remarks) of the eForm.  As part of TRS registration, the UTC will provide the name and email address of the Commander (or designee) responsible for conducting the Commander’s Verification stage with the Marine per reference (b).  All designees must be: appointed in writing by the Commander, a staff non-commissioned officer (SNCO) or higher, not currently serving in the capacity as a UTC, and who can properly assess the Marine’s CRS and VOW compliance.
(4)  Upon completion of TRS registration, the Transition Readiness staff will verify the Marine completed all sections of the eForm as noted above.  They will also complete Section II (Pre-Separation Counseling/Pre-Separation Needs Assessment, Review and Verification - Prefill Information for Sessions and Tracks) item number 14 (hosting service, session type and military installation), and include the Commander (or designee) email in the remarks section. Upon completion, save and sign the eForm.  Attendance will be tracked per reference (a).
(5)  Upon successful completion of TRS, the UTC will coordinate entry of training event code “TA” (Transition Readiness Seminar) in Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS), through the unit.
c.  Capstone Review Stage.  Recommended no earlier than 120 days from separation, retirement, demobilization, deactivation, the Marine will attend the first stage of Capstone per reference (b).  Upon completion, the Transition Readiness staff will send an email with a token to the Commander (or designee) that will be used to access and verify the Marine’s VOW and CRS compliance, this token can only be used by the email recipient.
d.  Commander’s Verification Stage.  No later than 90 days from the end of active duty service, the UTC will facilitate the second stage of Capstone between the Marine and the Commander (or designee) per reference (b).  The Commander (or designee) will use the email token to access the Commander’s dashboard to verify the Marine’s VOW and CRS compliance. Upon completion of the meeting, the Commander (or designee) will sign the eForm. 
(1)  Once the eForm is signed by the Commander (or designee) it will be permanently locked and converted to a PDF. The Marine will receive an email notification that the eForm has been signed and can access the pdf from the DoDTAP dashboard and upload it via MOL to their Outbound Interview Module and print a copy for IPAC. 
(2)  Upon completion of the Commander’s Verification, the UTC will coordinate the entry of the training event code “TZ” (Transition Readiness Seminar Capstone)into the Marine’s MCTFS record for all new DD Form 2648 eForms and any remaining old DD Form 2958s.
4.  Disconnected Operations.  Disconnected operations is only available and can only be used when internet connectivity is unavailable (such as incarceration, hospitalization, or deployment).  If disconnected operations is used during an eForm phase, the paper form being entered must contain wet signatures, and must be used to complete that entire phase of the eForm.  The form containing the wet signature must also be retained in the Marine’s Electronic Service Record (ESR).
5.  Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC)/Administration Unit (Admin Unit).  The IPAC/Admin Unit will verify and ensure training event code “TZ” (Transition Readiness Seminar Capstone) and “TA” (Transition Readiness Seminar) are reported for all Marines in possession of the new DD Form 2648 eForm, old DD Form 2648 or 2648-1, and any remaining old DD Form 2958, prior to completing out-processing with the Marine.  These forms will be uploaded to the Marine’s ESR by the IPAC/Admin Unit.
6.  Marines geographically separated from a Marine Corps installation should have their UTC contact the nearest Marine Corps installation for virtual assistance with completing the eForm process.
7.  This MARADMIN is cancelled upon incorporation to the revision of reference (a).
8.  This MARADMIN is applicable to the Active and Reserve Component of the Marine Corps.
9.  Release authorized by MajGen B. W. Whitman, Director, Marine and Family Programs Division.//