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A KC-130J Hercules with Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron 352 arrives at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Calif., Oct. 7. For eight days, Marines with VMGR-352 participated in a humanitarian aid mission and helped victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Photo by Sgt. Shakima Deprince

3rd MAW supports Puerto Rico: “Raiders” soar to the rescue

16 Oct 2017 | Cpl. Jake McClung The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing sent 12 Marines and two KC-130J Super Hercules from Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (VMGR) 352 to deliver 60,000 pounds of food and supplies to the community of Puerto Rico, Sept. 29 to Oct. 7.

Maria made landfall Sept. 20 as a category four hurricane leaving over 3,000,000 residents without power or a way to evacuate, said Capt. Kellen Crawford, a KC-130J Super Hercules pilot with VMGR-352.

In times of crisis or disasters, it is important for every component of the Marine Corps to come together and assist with humanitarian relief efforts such as this, said Crawford.

“Working together is what the Marine Corps is all about,” said Sgt. Randon Navarro, a crew master with VMGR-352. “The tip of the spear is not always with the infantry because our mission sets are all different, but whatever it is we will all come together to help drive it.”