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"A Nation's Call" is the latest advertisement released under the “Battles Won” strategy. “A Nation’s Call” unfolds by showcasing the full power of the United States Marine Corps engaged in an assault mission. Depicting a 5th Generation Marine Corps operation (naval integration, ship-to-objective, technology-fueled). As the Marines move toward the objective, each layer of ships, tanks, armored vehicles, planes and helicopters is removed. This visual story, in combination with the voiceover, will communicate and emphasize to the audience that, when the Nation faces any battle, the Marines themselves—with their fighting spirit—are the greatest weapon in the United States Marine Corps’ arsenal.

Photo by Staff Sgt. Bryan Nygaard

Marines answer "A Nation's Call" in new advertisement

2 Feb 2018 | Staff Sgt. Bryan Nygaard The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

Marine Corps Recruiting Command released the latest commercial under the “Battles Won” brand idea on Super Bowl Sunday, February 4, 2018. The ad, entitled “A Nation’s Call," like other work in the recently-launched campaign, is aimed at the recruitable population and their influencers – parents, teachers, coaches and community leaders. 

The new digital and TV commercial focuses on the greatest weapon in the Marine Corps’ arsenal – the indomitable fighting spirit of each and every Marine. To communicate that concept and idea, viewers see the overwhelming material might of the Navy and Marine Corps team – amphibious shipping, aviation and ground assets – disappear around Marines as the camera closes in on one Marine and his fighting spirit.

“A Nation’s Call” reinforces the distinctive way Marines fight and win our nation’s battles. As such, it is intended to communicate to prospects and influencers alike that nothing is as vital to mission success as a Marine who is willing to engage and determined to defeat any opposing force – as long as there are Marines, there will be “Battles Won”.

“People know who Marines are -- whether described as ‘The Few. The Proud,’ by our prestigious Dress Blue uniform, or the honorable ferocity displayed on battlefields that established and maintains our ‘Devil Dog’ moniker,” said Lt. Col. John Caldwell, Assistant Chief of Staff, Marketing and Communication, MCRC. “But what most often appears in online search queries is the question, ‘What do Marines do?’ This ad, A Nation's Call, definitively answers that question -- it shows our service defining capability to project a self-contained and overwhelming Marine Air Ground Task Force from a sea-based location to an inland objective. But most importantly, this ad makes crystal clear the fact that more than any weapon system or materiel platform, our success remains reliant upon the indomitable fighting spirit and determination to win inside each and every Marine.” 

The new commercial was initially published digitally and can be viewed at, and shared from 

“A Nation’s Call”, digitally available today, is scheduled to begin airing on TV throughout this month.

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