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U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy visit Marine Corps Security Force Regiment for a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle capabilities brief and demonstration Sept. 22.

Photo by Sgt. Desmond Martin

Leaders with MARFORCOM, SSP visit MCSFR for a JLTV Demonstration

25 Sep 2020 | Sgt. Danielle Prentice The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Robert F. Hedelund, Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force Atlantic, and Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Command, and U.S. Navy Vice Adm. Johnny R. Wolfe, Director of Strategic Systems Programs, visited Marine Corps Security Force Regiment for a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle capabilities brief and demonstration September 22 at Naval Weapons Station, Yorktown, Virginia.

The demonstration showcased the off-road performance, suspension capabilities and safety advancements of the JLTV. There are four variants of the vehicle and one trailer.

“The JLTV is the vehicle we have identified that would be a good replacement for the tactical vehicles at the security force battalions at Bangor and Kings Bay,” said Col. Corey M. Collier, the commanding officer of MCSFR. “So, we wanted to give Vice Adm. Wolfe the opportunity to see the vehicle for himself and get a chance to ride in it, take a look at the capabilities that the vehicle presents and how advanced it is in comparison to the current fleet of vehicles, so that he can consider it as a possibility for the future vehicle of choice at the [Marine Corps] Security Force Battalions.”

“We had the opportunity to demonstrate the unique capabilities and characteristics of the JLTV." 1st Lt. Corrine Caggiano, the MCSFR motor transportation officer in charge

The JLTV is being fielded as a replacement for the High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles currently in use at MCSFR.

“We had the opportunity to demonstrate the unique capabilities and characteristics of the JLTV,” said 1st Lt. Corrine Caggiano, the motor transportation officer in charge at MCSFR. “With this off-road course we designed, we were able to demonstrate to Vice Adm. Wolfe the central tire inflation system, the five-setting suspension, as well as the vehicle’s unique ability to accelerate to traverse across side-slopes, up to a 60 degree slope.”

The adaptable suspension of the JLTV can be raised and lowered to meet transportability requirements using interior controls. The JLTV has several safety features, including an advanced hull design built to optimize survivability against a full range of blast and ballistic threats, as well as blast protected seats, restraints, and stowage to minimize crew impact during adverse events.

“The JLTV is light-years ahead of the current HMMVW fleet in what it provides to the Marines and Sailors who are utilizing it,” said Collier. “Its capabilities include being able to navigate difficult terrain, being a vehicle that is both road-worthy and also provides a level of protection that the Marines and Sailors need in order to perform the mission.”

Senior leaders experienced the JLTV’s capabilities first-hand by joining the Marines and Sailors inside the vehicles during the off-road demonstrations.

“Here in Yorktown, MCSFR provides that middle ground where [Lt. Gen. Hedelund and Vice Adm. Wolfe] can get together,” said Collier. “When you have the blue-green team gather and jointly decide on decisions that are in support of that mission, I think that is always going to be a good thing. Having the two of them here today was to our benefit.”