Marine Corps Establishes 17XX Information Maneuver Occupational Field

9 Mar 2022 | Maj. Gregory Carroll The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

The 17XX Cyberspace Operations occupational field is redesignated as the 17XX Information Maneuver OCCFLD today.

The Deputy Commandant for Information directed the consolidation of Operations in the Information Environment military occupational specialties into one OCCFLD resulting in the redesignation.

Aligned with Talent Management modernization, the 17XX IM OCCFLD formally manages the career path of Marines with highly specialized training required for space, electromagnetic spectrum operations, cyber warfare, civil affairs, and psychological operations.

“The Information Maneuver OCCFLD provides Marines the opportunity to continue doing what they are passionate about,” stated Lt. Gen. Matthew Glavy, Deputy Commandant for Information. “When you put people first and provide them the opportunity to pursue a career they are passionate about, they give back tenfold to the team and our mission of gaining advantage in the IE.”

The 17XX IM OCCFLD provides the Marine Corps with a deliberate, professionalized, and sustainable workforce enabling the Marine Corps to integrate information related capabilities, operationalizing information as the Marine Corps seventh warfighting function.

“Prior to the established of the Information Maneuver OCCFLD, Marines gained valuable experience and skills at a Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group or at combatant commands only to go back to their previous MOS causing us to repeat the cycle again, never getting Marines with more than three years of experience across information related billets,” stated Col. Jordan Walzer, Director, Information Maneuver Division, DC I and former CO, II MIG, II MEF. “The professionalization of information related MOSs improves retention and readiness by avoiding Marines with valuable skills forced into deciding either to return to their prior MOS or exit the Marine Corps to continue following their passion.”

DC I developed the plan for 17XX professionalization in close coordination with Total Force Structure Division, Manpower and Reserve Affairs and Training and Education Command to facilitate the implementation of the 17XX Professionalization Plan.

In addition to preexisting primarily MOSs across cyber, civil affairs, and PSYOP OCCFLDs, the newly established IM OCCFLD will transition existing structure of multiple Free Military Occupational Specialties to create four new Primary MOSs.

PMOS Name Grades
1751 Influence Specialist Sgt. – Gunnery Sgt.
1795 Influence Chief Master Sgt. – Master Gunnery Sgt.
Officer (Unrestricted)
PMOS Name Grades
1706 Maritime Space Officer Capt. – Lt. Col.
1707 Influence Officer 2nd Lt. – Lt. Col.

 “The professionalization of information related MOSs improves retention and readiness..." Col. Jordan Walzer, Information Maneuver Division director

The fulfillment of required Marines for these PMOS will take place from the current fiscal year through FY31. Fulfillment of required Marines in above stated PMOSs will occur from both direct accessions and lateral moves. Previous billets identified by PMOS 0521 PSYOP Specialist, 0531 Civil Affairs Non-Commissioned Officer, and 0551 Information Operations Specialist will consolidate to a single PMOS of 1751 Influence Specialist and those Marines will promote to 1795 Influence Chief.

A future MARADMIN will contain information regarding 0521 transition of Active Component Marines with the PMOS of 0521. No action is required by the individual Marine. M&RA, in conjunction with DC I, will review the population and Marines will be re-designated to their new PMOS Oct 1, 2022.

Future MARADMINs related to the IM OCCFLD will solicit unrestricted officer applications for lateral move into the newly established PMOS 1706 Maritime Space Officer and 1707 Influence Officer.

A complete list of Information Maneuver OCCFLD PMOS are provided below:

PMOS Name Grade
1702 Cyberspace Warfare Officer 2nd Lt. – Lt. Col.
1705 Cyberspace Warfare Development Officer Capt. – Lt. Col. 
1706 Maritime Space Officer Capt. – Lt. Col.
1707 Influence Officer 2nd Lt. – Lt. Col.
1710 Offensive Cyberspace Warfare Officer Warrant Officer – Chief Warrant Officer 5
1720 Defensive Cyberspace Weapons Officer Warrant Officer – Chief Warrant Officer 5
1721 Cyberspace Warfare Operator Pvt. – Gunnery Sgt.
1751 Influence Specialist Sgt. – Gunnery Sgt.
1795 Influence Chief Master Sgt. – Master Gunnery Sgt.
1799 Cyberspace Operations Chief Master Sgt. – Master Gunnery Sgt.

IM OCCFLD representatives will conduct a roadshow in April to answer questions from Marines interested in the new OCCFLD. A future MARADMIN will announce dates and times of IM OCCFLD briefs executed at bases and stations across the Marines Corps.

“Marines interested in future IM OCCFLD opportunities are invited to attend upcoming roadshow briefs,” stated Maj. Audrey F. Callanan, IM OCCFLD Manager, IMD. “For additional information on future opportunities, Marines are also encourages to contact their monitor or career counselor.”

Additional details regarding the 17XX IM OCCFLD are available via MARADMIN Number 102/22.

MARADMIN Number 102/22: