2022 Commandant's Retention Program

10 Aug 2022 | Maj. Jordan Cochran The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

July 31, 2022 marked the end of the inaugural Commandant's Retention Program for FY23. The program opened on June 17, 2022 and offered a streamlined retention process and enhanced incentives for the Corps' top-performing first-Term Marines. The CRP has exceeded all expectation and has been a tremendous success.

The overall goal of the program was to increase the retention of our best Marines. To that end, the FY23 CRP was a success. The program saw 1,268 of the 2,468 selectees submit for retention. Compared to the previous year, only 658 of those same caliber Marines had submitted by this time (an increase of 92.7%). The other aim of the program was to increase the speed at which these Marines are approved for reenlistment. Through August 1, 2022 707 CRP selectees have reenlisted, compared to only 329 as of August 1, 2021 (114.9% increase).

There are still 300+ CRP requests processing through MMEA and another 189 approved, awaiting a final decision from individual Marines. Though this program has ended, top-performing Marines can still expect MMEA to expedite their reenlistment requests as they are received. That said, MMEA is now in Phase 2 of the FTAP retention campaign and will be processing all requests for action.

MMEA expects to continue this program in future years. We will continue to collect feedback received from Marines and leaders at all levels to improve the program and the retention process overall for all Marines.