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U.S. Marines with 3d Marine Littoral Regiment, 3rd Marine Division, execute Exercise Spartan Trident at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Sept. 29, 2022. Spartan Trident is a three-part exercise designed to facilitate the development and refinement of tactics, techniques, and procedures required to serve as the inaugural Marine Littoral Regiment.

Photo by Sgt. Israel Chincio

3rd Marine Littoral Regiment Concludes Spartan Trident

5 Oct 2022 | Lance Cpl. Christopher England The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

U.S. Marines with 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment and Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group concluded Exercise Spartan Trident, a three-part exercise series that facilitated the development and refinement of tactics, techniques, and procedures required to serve as the inaugural Marine Littoral Regiment.

The Spartan Trident Continuum allowed the 3rd MLR and its subordinate units to rehearse command and control and focus internally on processes and procedures to refine how the MLR will operate in the future. The 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment, based on Marine Corps Base Hawaii, is task-organized to act as part of a stand-in-force and disrupt an adversary in a contested littoral environment through reconnaissance, counter-reconnaissance, and sea denial operations in support of a maritime campaign.

“The Spartan Trident series was an important opportunity for us to train alongside the joint force through a realistic, combined scenario." Col. Timothy S. Brady Jr, 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment CO

"These training opportunities allow us to strengthen our internal tactics, techniques, and procedures to ensure we remain ready.” said Col. Timothy S. Brady Jr, 3rd Marine Littoral Regiment Commanding Officer.

The first part of Spartan Trident consisted of a series of interactive discussions dealing with exercise-specific topics and warfighting functions ranging from command relationships, kill web requirements, and detailed mission essential task lists required by the 3rd MLR. This portion of the exercise took place from Dec. 6 to Dec. 10, 2021 and served to inform and synchronize 3rd MLR and MCTOG prior to executing the next phase of planning.

The second part of the Spartan Trident Continuum took place from Jan. 11 to Feb. 11, 2022 and consisted of one week of planning, which set the stage for the second week’s scenario based execution designed to test the 3rd MLR’s concept of employment in a realistic all-domain environment. Participants included: Department of State, U.S Air Force 505th Combat Training Squadron, Carrier Strike Group 9, III Marine Expeditionary Force Information Group, Marine Aircraft Group 24, Marine Forces Special Operations Command, Expeditionary Warfare Training Group-Pacific, Marine Corps Warfighting Lab, Training and Education Command, Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group, and Marine Advanced Weapons and Tactics School.

During the second part of the Spartan Trident Continuum, the 3rd MLR was task-organized under 7th Fleet through the Maritime Operations Center and 3rd Marine Division, as part of a stand-in-force providing the ability to rapidly prosecute targets and enable maritime maneuver. Additionally, the scenario challenged the unit’s ability to provide redundant, reliable, and effective communications, command, and control support across the 3d MLR. Finally, the MLR worked alongside a littoral combat ship to enhance the kill web with additional naval strike missiles and understanding of the maritime environment.

The third and final part of the Spartan Trident Continuum took place from Sept. 12 to Sept. 30, 2022. This phase was focused on refining standard operating procedures to employ and enable fires, support maritime domain awareness, and establish and sustain expeditionary sites to support joint campaigning across the competition spectrum. Participants included: Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group, Marine Corps Air Ground Task Force Training Command, Tactical Training and Exercise Control Group, 3rd Marine Division, Marine Aircraft Group 24, Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron 3, Carrier Strike Group 9, Marine Corps Forces, Pacific, United States Special Operations Command, 9th Engineer Support Battalion, Marine Corps Warfighting Lab, and Marine Forces Special Operations Command.

During the scenario, the 3rd MLR organized into three command and control elements displaced across Marine Corps Base Hawaii to rehearse sustaining expeditionary sites, enabling fires, supporting maritime domain awareness, and supporting the joint campaign across the competition continuum.

“The Spartan Trident series provided a methodical building block approach for the MLR as it continues to progress towards initial operational capability,” said Lt Col. Jesse Knight, MCTOG Exercise Control and Design Officer in Charge. “A year ago, 3rd Marines was in 29 Palms training as an infantry regiment and discussing how an MLR will fight in the future. Now, the unit has redesignated as an MLR and has proven its value as a joint force enabler. The progress is incredible.”

The lessons learned throughout the Spartan Trident series will refine the MLR’s tactical standard operating procedures as the 3rd MLR prepares for unit and service level training, joint force exercises, and future deployments throughout the pacific.