MWCS-28 exercises ability to support expeditionary communications

2 Sep 2014 | Courtesy Story The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28 provides expeditionary communications for the aviation combat element of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force, including the phased deployment of tasked-organized elements in support of MAGTF operations as part of its primary mission. 
As the operational environment changes, the Spartans of MWCS-28 are taking advantage of new technology – including Very Small Aperture Terminal satellite systems and advances in data systems – to execute the tenets of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing campaign plan and Expeditionary Force 21.

“We are focusing our training on the squadron’s ability to task organize communications detachments that can rapidly deploy with a minimal footprint in support of diverse small-scale crisis response missions,” said Maj. Rodney Towery, the operations officer with the squadron. 
In the past 60 days, the squadron has deployed six independent and geographically separated detachments in support of 2nd MAW operations during Carolina Dragon 14 with Marine Wing Support Squadron 273, MWSS-271 and Marine Aircraft Group 29; and Red Flag Alaska with Marine Air Control Squadron 2 and Marine Air Support Squadron 1. 

The Marines’ innovative spirit and the squadron’s ability to provide rapidly deployable and scalable communications detachments has increased the capability of the control group and 2nd MAW to extend aviation command and control and the combat power of the ACE, according to Lt. Col. Jaime Macias, commanding officer of MWCS-28. 
“We can now deploy 15-30 Marines under the leadership of a young lieutenant and transport them via KC-130 Hercules aircraft or 7-ton trucks and provide communications support equal to what used to take an entire communications company,” said Macias. 

The squadron is looking forward to exercise Bold Alligator, continued Marine Aircraft Wing support missions, and future Weapons and Tactics Instructor courses to sharpen their ability to support EF-21 and seek opportunities to execute the tenets of the 2nd MAW campaign plan. 

“Our Marines are smarter and our equipment is better,” said Macias. “We now have more employment options across the full range of military operations than in the past.  The Spartans are ready and eager to support 2nd MAW and MAGTF missions.”