Marine Corps Combat Instructor Ribbon established

8 Sep 2014 | Headquarters Marine Corps The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

The Secretary of the Navy has established the Marine Corps Combat Instructor Ribbon which will be formally announced in a pending MARADMIN.  

As requested by the Marine Corps' Schools of Infantry, this special duty assignment ribbon takes its place alongside ribbons recognizing the service of drill instructors, recruiters, and Marine Security Guards.  This visible form of recognition completes the growth of the Combat Instructor military occupational specialty into a fully formed SDA as first outlined in ALMAR 056/02 and expanded in MARADMIN 295/03.

The combat instructor MOS was first introduced to build upon the foundations established in Marine Corps Recruit Training where drill instructors make Marines. The combat instructors at the Schools of Infantry teach all Marines the basic combat skills which make every Marine a rifleman. It is these skills which enable Marines of all military occupational specialties to be so successful in combat engagements with the enemy.   

To be eligible for the ribbon, Marines serving in an MOS 0913 billet must remain qualified as a combat instructor and successfully complete a tour of duty. Additionally, School of Infantry billets containing the word “instructor” are eligible if they possess and maintain the 0913 MOS for the duration of their tour.  Other specifically listed billets in the Advanced Infantry Training Battalions, and specific leadership billets in SOI East or West, including subordinate battalions, are also eligible.

The appropriate SOI will document entitlement to the award for current instructors when they depart the command. The SOIs will also adjudicate retroactive awards for any Marine currently assigned to the school for a subsequent tour.

Per the upcoming MARADMIN, the ribbon may be awarded retroactively to all Marines with qualifying service beginning on or after Oct. 9, 2002.

Marines who have moved on to the Fleet Marine Force must take substantiating documentation to their Personnel Administration Center for evaluation. The Military Awards Branch will evaluate awards referred by Personnel Administration Centers, as well as requests from  Marines no longer serving.

In order of precedence, the new ribbon will be placed after the Marine Security Guard Ribbon and before the Armed Forces Reserve Medal.

An initial quantity of the ribbon will be producedto meet the short-term requirement of the Schools of Infantry and the Military Awards Branch. The ribbons will begin appearing commercially approximately 30 days after the release of the MARADMIN.

Detailed information will be made available in the pending MARADMIN.