Marine Corps to conduct onsite, online survey for dress/service cover, prototype female dress blue coat

16 Jan 2015 | Lance Cpl. Remington Hall Headquarters Marine Corps

Marine Corps Systems Command will conduct a travelling survey regarding the new prototype female dress blue coat and improved dress/service cover from Jan. 23 to Feb. 27. 
The survey team is scheduled to travel to different Marine Corps installations to conduct a limited user evaluation. The results of the survey will be used as recommendations for a potential change to the current dress/service cover and the female dress blue coat. 
The male dress/service cap was adopted as the required cap for female Marines in November 2013. At the same time a review of the fit and comfort of the current male cap was ordered. The final product resulting from the review will be known as the universal dress/service frame cap.
As with other recent proposed changes to uniform regulations, the Marine Corps uniform board said the individual Marines' opinion is necessary to determine the best fit and form of the dress/service cover and prototype female dress blue coat. 
The onsite survey team will obtain input by providing common sizes of both caps and asking Marines to try on each and provide their input. The prototype female dress blue coat will be displayed by Marines, viewed from posters and then Marines will provide their opinion regarding the coat.

The planned dates for the survey are as follows:
Installations                     Dates
Parris Island, SC             26 Jan 2015
Cherry Point, NC             28 Jan 2015
Camp Lejeune, NC          29 Jan 2015
Quantico, VA                     3 Feb 2015
New Orleans, LA             11 Feb 2015
Camp Pendleton, CA       23 Feb 2015
Miramar, CA                     24 Feb 2015
29 Palms, CA                   26 Feb 2015

In addition to the travelling survey, there will be an online survey open to all Marines between Jan. 23 and Feb. 27.  The online survey will be available for Marines to take at:

Any and all Marines are encouraged to attend the user evaluations or participate in the online survey. 

The improved dress/service cover and prototype female dress blue coat were Commandant of the Marine Corps initiatives from the fiscal year 2014, and are scheduled for CMC decision later this year.