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Lance Cpl. Raymond Guerrero, a technical controller with Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron and a Rio Hondo, Texas, native, shoots the M1014 shotgun during security augment force training at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California, June 30. SAF training is a two-week course that teaches service members arrest techniques and defensive tactics.

Photo by Cpl. Alissa Schuning

Military police train forces to augment base security

3 Jul 2015 | Lance Cpl. Kimberlyn Adams 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

The Provost Marshall’s Office, with the assistance of the Marine Corps Police Academy West, conducted a two-week security augment force (SAF) training aboard Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, California, June 22 to July 2.

During the first week of training, service members learned arrest techniques, defensive tactics, and how to properly use hand irons, batons and oleoresin capsicum (OC), or pepper spray. The second week of training focused on M1014 shotgun and M9 pistol training.

SAF become a part of PMO to perform necessary tasks to keep their base safe.

“They need to be prepared to challenge people, identify them, apprehend them if necessary, or in a deadly force situation, use deadly force,” said Charles Willkomm, an instructor with the Marine Corps Police Academy West and a San Diego native.

To be eligible for SAF training, service members must have command recommendation, and meet a rank, medical and physical standard. They also cannot have any negative administrative actions.

Service members from the Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force completed the course to enable them to assist their bases during times of heightened security.

“For my base, I think it’s important that we are self-sufficient,” said Air Force Tech. Sgt. Thomas Sangunitto, a quality assurance specialist with the 147th Combat Communications Squadron and a San Diego native. “We can’t always rely upon the Marines to get there fast enough during times of need. It’s just an extra security measure we can utilize.”

The class graduated and received certificates for completing the SAF training as well as a level one OC certification.

Forty service members took part in the training necessary to successfully augment the military police. The new members of SAF are now prepared to support their base’s security in case of emergencies.