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The Command Element Marine Forces Central Command Forward guidon is retired during the 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade activation ceremony at Naval Support Activity Bahrain, Oct. 15, 2015. Command Element Marine Forces Central Command Forward was re-designated as the 5TH MEB to more accurately reflect Marine Corps organizational doctrine, and will continue to provide a forward-deployed headquarters in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility

Photo by Cpl. Sean Searfus

Marines activate historic 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, ‘The right force, right now’

15 Nov 2015 | Gunnery Sgt. Alexis R. Mulero The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

More than 100 Marines, sailors and guests witnessed a historic ceremony aboard Naval Support Activity Bahrain, Oct. 15, 2015, when Command Element U.S. Marine Corps Forces Central Command Forward deactivated and opened a new chapter in the proud history and legacy of the 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade.

The 5th MEB provides a scalable, standing, joint capable, forward-deployed headquarters in the CENTCOM AOR capable of conducting expeditionary operations, crisis response and limited contingency operations in support United States Central Command operational requirements.

“When the United States and her allies have needed a crisis response force in the past, 5th MEB has responded,” said Maj. Gen. Carl E. Mundy III, commander of the newly activated 5th MEB. “Our activation today means that we will continue to be there in the future.”

The 5th MEB will have established relationships with air, ground and logistical combat elements. However, these elements will reside in the United States until called to execute any crisis or contingency. To prepare for future operations these continental United States-based enablers will participate in several exercises annually to increase interoperability.

5TH MEB first activated during World War I and served in France guarding supply lines and garrisons that were critical to supporting the 5th and 6th Marine Regiments during the allied defeat of the German army in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.

The last activation occurred during Operation Desert Storm when 7,500 Marines deployed to the Persian Gulf aboard 13 amphibious ships and conducted an amphibious landing south of the Kuwaiti border. 5TH MEB supported deception operations that fixed divisions and resulted in the successful coalition offensive that defeated Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard Force over the course of a 100-hour ground campaign.

“Today, we have unrolled the battle colors of this historic unit and yet again become ‘The right force, right now,’ the 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade,” said Major General Mundy III.