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Lance Cpl. Tevin Brown, an automatic rifleman with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, charges toward an objective during a platoon attack training event at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C., April 12, 2016. The training event afforded the Marines an opportunity to develop and improve their strategies under stressful combat situations.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Samuel Guerra

Toward the chaos: 2/8 prepares for combat scenarios

14 Apr 2016 | Lance Cpl. Samuel Guerra The Official United States Marine Corps Public Website

Marines with 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment conducted platoon-scale attacks following a V-22 Osprey insert at Camp Lejeune, N.C., April 12, 2016.

The unit facilitates this type of training consistently to ensure their Marines maintain tactical maneuverability expertise and retain the ability to effectively operate as a platoon in a combat environment.

“I firmly believe in this type of training,” said Sgt. Eric Aldridge, squad leader for the unit. “[Completing] this training as often as we do helps our Marines stay focused, stay combat ready and maintain that high level of confidence when deployed.”

The platoon attacks also enabled leaders to identify those who required assistance on grasping how to employ their skills proficiently in a large-scale situation.

“Repeating these types of attacks helps improve how well we will perform in a firefight,” Aldridge said. “It’s crucial to figure out where our weaker points are so we can strengthen them and [remain] being a superior fighting force.”

Although partaking in this type of training may seem redundant, it simulates a different armed conflict each iteration, and offers new reasons to appreciate the purpose of the training.

“I feel like I am actually deployed every time we do this training,” said Lance Cpl. Sir Thomas, team leader with the unit. “They purposely put us in different situations to teach us how to think quickly and [operate successfully] no matter where we are located.”

By frequently practicing platoon attack strategies, the unit demonstrates the infantry’s commitment to actively close with and destroy enemy forces in foreign environments.

“I would be more than confident deploying with these Marines,” Thomas said. “We have all been taught how to do our jobs well; there would be no problem doing this [in a combat environment].”

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