Commandant Issues Family Housing Guidance to Commanders
22 Feb 2019

The Commandant of the Marine Corps issued a directive today to address concerns about living conditions in both on- and off-base housing.

The “white letter”, which was sent to all Marine Corps commanders and senior enlisted leaders, directs them to request a voluntary home visit with each Marine and Sailor in their command, regardless of rank, who resides in government quarters, privatized military housing, or an off-base civilian rental property.  

“I expect commanders to know where their Marines and Sailors are living and to actively advocate on their behalf,” said Gen. Robert B. Neller. “Because we care, we have an obligation to be personally invested in the lives and welfare of our Marines and their families.”

The intent of the visits is to ensure command teams are fully aware of their members’ living conditions, are actively engaged and advocating on behalf of their members when issues arise, and that residents are aware of their rights and processes to address issues with housing.  

The visits are completely voluntary. Command teams will only visit members who accept the command’s offer of assistance. However, the command will still provide information on how to address housing concerns.

Leadership is a sacred trust that does not end at the front door of the unit headquarters. 

"Our members and their families should know their leaders are truly concerned for their well-being, and are ready and willing to help."

For more information click on the available link: WHITE LETTER 1-19


Maj. Brian Block

Headquarters Marine Corps