Updates to Marine Corps Tattoo Policy
29 Oct 2021

Headquarters Marine Corps

The Commandant of the Marine Corps has approved changes to the Marine Corps policy regulating tattoos. Key policy changes can be found in Marine Corps Bulletin 1020, uploaded here: MCBUL 1020 DTD 29OCT21 (TATTOO POLICY).pdf (marines.mil)

The decision to change the policy came after a months-long review of existing regulations, which were believed to have an adverse effect on retention and recruiting efforts. In the course of this review, a panel of Marines from various backgrounds and ranks recommended changes to the policy, which are reflected in the bulletin. 

Marines are reminded to always seek out official sources of information before making decisions that could impact their careers. The bulletin is provided at this link: MCBUL 1020 DTD 29OCT21 (TATTOO POLICY).pdf (marines.mil). At the link, Marines will also find helpful graphics and approved guidance they should reference before taking any action on this updated policy. 

Maj. Jordan Cochran

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