Marine Corps Implements Secretary Del Toro’s Expansion of Secondary Caregiver Leave for Parents Following the Birth or Adoption of a Child
14 Feb 2022

The Secretary of the Navy, The Honorable Carlos Del Toro, has authorized the extension of Secondary Caregiver Leave from two weeks to three, providing up to 21 days of non-chargeable leave to parents who are designated as secondary caregivers per the Military Parental Leave Policy.  The Marine Corps is implementing the new policy through a Marine Administrative Message.

The expansion of caregiver leave will provide additional relief to the families of Marines and Sailors, further improving Marine and family readiness, as well as recruiting, retention, and overall talent management of the force.  It will also help the Navy and Marine Corps identify potential challenges as they address the possibility of further expanding caregiver leave to 12 weeks later this year.

This change reflects the Department’s commitment to ensuring that parents have the best tools to meet their needs after adding a child to their family.

SCL must be taken in one increment of continuous absence, to include weekends and holidays, and a Marine secondary caregiver may elect to receive less than 21 days of SCL if they choose. SCL may be, but is not required to be, taken consecutively with Maternity Convalescent Leave (MCL) in conjunction with the MPLP.  Commanders are encouraged to approve SCL in conjunction with annual leave.  The non-birth parent is generally designated as the secondary caregiver, but either parent may be designated as the primary or secondary caregiver depending on the unique circumstances of the family.

Further details and policy regarding this increase to SCL may be found in MARADMIN 048/22, released today.