Marine Corps Meets 2022 Retention Goal
14 Jul 2022

The Marine Corps met its retention goal for fiscal year 2022 early, the first time in 10 years. The objectives of the Marine Corps' retention campaign are to retain the most qualified force by grade and military occupational specialty (MOS) and to support the staffing of all authorized billets. Notably, the Marine Corps met the retention goal while increasing the overall caliber of Marines retained.

"First and foremost, our retention success is the result of an incredible effort across the Corps. TM 2030 caused us to examine existing programs and policies, which resulted in the development of the Commandant's Retention Program. As with every year, the Marine Corps actively sought to retain our most competitive Marines. And we didn't stop there. Our Command Retention Mission as well as our Early Reenlistment Authority Program gives every Marine an opportunity to compete to Stay Marine," said Col. Robert McCarthy, Branch Head, Manpower Management Enlisted Assignments, Headquarters Marine Corps.

"Additionally, we are exploring new pathways for Marines leaving active duty who still desire to serve to find the right SMCR unit. Our monitors, in partnership with our command teams, are working with each Marine to find the right billet, in the right location that allows them to grow and develop as Marines. We know the success of our Marine Corps is intimately linked to the development of the individual Marine. It's an exciting time to 'Stay Marine'."

As stated in the Marine Corps' document Talent Management 2030: Talent management is the act of aligning the talents of individual Marines with the needs of the service to maximize the performance of both. It describes a system of institutional processes and policies designed to attract, develop, retain, and incentivize the most talented and best performing Marines.