2+2 announcement ensures USMC remains ready to address regional security challenges
11 Jan 2023

Posture changes announced today, January 11, by the United States and Government of Japan Security Consultative Committee (2+2) ensure the Marine Corps remains ready to address evolving regional and global security challenges. 

As outlined by the 2+2, the 3d Marine Division Headquarters and 12th Marine Regiment will remain stationed in Okinawa. The 12th Marine Regiment will ultimately transition to the 12th Marine Littoral Regiment by fiscal year 2025. 

“The Marine Corps will continue to maintain a persistent presence to bolster deterrence and improve and expand our network of allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific,” said General David H. Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps. “Our enduring and undivided relationship with the Government of Japan is key to the development of new operational concepts that will ensure we are fully prepared to deter aggression in the region.”

The 12th MLR will add to a ready and capable stand-in force in the first island chain, prepared to support the U.S-Japanese alliance, bolstering our ability to support deterrence efforts and respond to contingencies, while the 3d Marine Division HQ will provide command and control capabilities. 

While these changes are not specifically tied to Force Design 2030, the optimization of force posture compliments Force Design 2030 by ensuring a ready, stand-in force remains in the first island chain.

The Marine Corps remains committed to the basic tenets of the 2012 Defense Policy Review Initiative Realignment Plan, which includes the relocation of approximately 9,000 Marines and their families from Okinawa to commence in 2024. This week’s announcement does not impact previous sites addressed in land return agreements. 

No new units will be added to Okinawa under the agreement. 12th Marine Regiment, an existing unit on Okinawa, will undergo a transition to 12th Marine Littoral Regiment, in accordance with Marine Corps modernization efforts.

To maintain the number at the agreed upon troop levels, units identified to remain in Okinawa per the previous agreement will be strategically dispersed throughout the Indo-Pacific Theater, with Guam to serve as an important logistics hub in the future. 

For more information on the Marine Littoral Regiment, please click here: https://www.marines.mil/News/News-Display/Article/2708146/marine-littoral-regiment-mlr/

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