Force Design Annual Update 2023
5 Jun 2023

The Force Design Annual Update 2023 outlines the Marine Corps’ continued modernization and provides a framework for priorities moving forward. The Marine Corps is already implementing elements of Force Design and our Marines now use many of the capabilities it describes.

This Annual Update provides a direction built on our Campaign of Learning and includes the following:

  • We have charted a path to modernize the installations and logistics enterprise and build an integrated sustainment network that can generate multiple logistics webs.
  • We will further develop the capabilities and concepts for Distributed Aviation Operations (DAO) - integrating with stand-in forces command and control, distributing aviation elements across extended distances with minimal sustainment and expanding the Aviation uncrewed/remotely piloted portfolio.
  • We will develop a strategy to incorporate intelligent robotics and autonomous systems (IRAS) across the enterprise and recruit and retain Marines who are experts in their employment.
  • We continue to work to improve Command and Control relationships across the Marine Corps, the Navy and the Joint force and incorporate technologies that allow us to enable kill webs across all domains to expand our value to the Joint and Combined force. 
  • We seek to change our approach to gathering, curating and leveraging data to drive outcomes and train our Marines to view and use data as a strategic asset to improve decision making at the speed of relevance.
  • As the Navy and Marine Corps team better integrates to provide sea-based forward expeditionary forces, we continue to experiment with and evaluate the Amphibious Ready Group/Marine Expeditionary Unit construct and amphibious platforms that extend the range of our capabilities.
  • We have identified our requirements for maritime mobility, including the requirement for 31 L-Class amphibious warships, 35 medium Landings Ships (LSMs) and an interim solution to the LSM, including LCUs, the Expeditionary Fast Transport, the Stern Landing Vessel and other vessels of opportunity.

The Force Design Annual Update 2023 contains 51 Directed Actions and 25 issues requiring further analysis. The Update challenges the Marine Corps to consider key operational problems holistically to deliver truly integrated solutions to our Marines, including logistics, maneuver, littoral security, command and control, infrastructure, and advanced technological capabilities. The Marine Corps will also consider key business problems related to audit readiness, talent management, installation resilience and data management.

Today our Marines are deployed globally, standing in contested areas prepared to do what the Nation asks of them. We need to act with a sense of urgency to give them the integrated warfighting solutions they need faster than our competitors - so we can remain “the most ready when the Nation is least ready.”

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