ACV Transition Training Unit Certifies First Marines
28 Jul 2023

A Marine Corps-established Amphibious Combat Vehicle Transition Training Unit at the Assault Amphibian School graduated 29 Marines Tuesday, July 25, after completing the new Operational Certification (OPCERT) course at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California. This course brought the total of trained and certified Marine Amphibious Combat Vehicle operators to 59 with the inclusion of graduates from a successful pilot course last month. 

Additionally, a total of 19 Marines has since graduated from the TTU’s new Maintainers Certification (MAINTCERT) course between the pilot and first official course. 

The OPCERT and MAINTCERT courses, piloted in May and June 2023 respectively, were approved as rigorous and standardized programs that ensure Marines possess the technical knowledge, skills, and proficiency required to safely operate, maintain, and employ the ACV. The proficiency evaluation and validation standards developed by the TTU will be sustained on an enduring basis through entry-level ACV operator, maintainer, and unit leader training and advanced training for Marines as they progress through their career.

“This is an important milestone in the development of our assault amphibian Marines and the transition to this key platform,” said Brig. Gen. Farrell Sullivan, commanding general, Training Command. “U.S. Marines are the nation’s premier naval expeditionary force, and retaining this forcible entry capability is a key component of providing options to our nation’s leaders. I’m proud to see Amphib Assault Marines successfully contributing to our combat capability and leading their community through this milestone.”

The OPCERT course consists of 15 training days with written and practical evaluations across four phases: RAMP, Land, Protected Waters, and Open Ocean.  The MAINTCERT course consists of 5 training days focusing on maintenance and recovery systems theory, as well as written evaluations. The courses pair a detailed building-block approach with revised risk management and assessment procedures, range safety, and recovery planning procedures to properly evaluate students’ performance.

The Marine Corps anticipates having all previously licensed ACV operators and maintainers who require TTU certification to be evaluated and trained by FY25.

“The training provided to our Marines has established a foundation for certifying ACV operators and ensures that safety and steady professionalism remain at the center of all ACV operations,” said Col. Benjamin Venning, commanding officer, Assault Amphibian School. “The Marines leading the transition unit have demonstrated the excellence that will achieve training and operational standardization across all Assault Amphibian units and enable our transition to the ACV in a safe and effective manner.”


Communication Directorate

Headquarters Marine Corps