Marine Corps Passes FY23 Audit
23 Feb 2024

Following a rigorous two-year audit pilot, and for the first time in DoD history, the Marine Corps received an unmodified audit opinion, which is the highest audit opinion that can be achieved.  

This report provides results for the FY23 audit and highlights seven areas where the service needs to improve.  

“General Smith and I have spoken about the audit findings and are extremely pleased with the announcement,” said Gen. Christopher J. Mahoney, the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps.  “This audit reflects the hard work of hundreds of Marines and civilians. They have put an incredible amount of effort into some groundbreaking work.  We have enjoyed the best teamwork I have ever witnessed across the department.  Now, we can take what we’ve learned and share across the DOD enterprise to improve fiscal processes for all the military services.”

The two-year audit pilot provided time for the Marine Corps to stabilize its new accounting system and inventory assets at Marine Corps bases and stations across the globe. 

The Marine Corps worked with Independent Public Accountants to validate accounting balances and records and to audit physical assets at installations and bases across the globe.  

This included counting military equipment, buildings, infrastructure, and every type of supply and inventory in the Marine Corps systems. 

The auditors counted and validated the service’s resources and cross-checked accuracy in our information systems.  

This was only possible through the support and hard work of numerous dedicated Marines, civilian Marines, and many other partners across DoD.

The full audit is available at:


Communication Directorate

Headquarters Marine Corps