Marines Showcase Global Operations, New Tech at Modern Day Marine 2024 Exposition
26 Apr 2024

U.S. Marines will gather next week at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center to present the latest in operating concepts, modernization efforts, and new technology innovations during the Marine Corps’ annual military exposition.

Modern Day Marine 2024 runs April 30 to May 2, and will bring together Marine Corps and joint service senior leaders, defense industry representatives, military families, and others for a dynamic and informative look at the state of the Marine Corps and the service’s priorities and initiatives in the years ahead.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear keynote speeches and main briefing stage panels from dignitaries such as Secretary of the Navy Hon. Carlos Del Toro, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Hon. Meredith Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Eric Smith, senior military leaders from allies and security partners from around the world, and others. 

“Marines stand ready, whether campaigning forward alongside allies and partners, preparing to respond to crisis, or training to engage an adversary,” said Gen. Eric M. Smith, the Commandant of the Marines Corps. “It is our obligation to them, and to the American people, that our Marines operate forward with the platforms and equipment they need to engage the enemy in an unfair fight, where they have all the advantage. Modern Day Marine is all about exploring the latest advancements, engaging with key players, and discovering how to create an even more effective, more lethal Marine Corps.

Service acquisition professionals will provide updates on major portfolios and initiatives to gathered representatives from across the U.S. industrial base. Approximately 350 exhibitors from industry partners will display cutting edge products and services used by Marines on and off the battlefield, filling 84,000 square feet of floor space with interactive displays, hands-on product demonstrations, equipment and more. Exhibits, demonstrations, and seminars will cover a wide range of topics relevant to military personnel, their families, and national security stakeholders such as:

•           Next-generation weapons systems and platforms

•           Tactical gear and equipment for contested environments

•           Cybersecurity solutions to safeguard military operations

•           Unmanned systems and autonomous technologies

•           Training and simulation technologies for realistic and immersive training experiences

•           Logistics and sustainment solutions to support expeditionary operations

•           And much more

The expo functions as a platform for fostering networking and collaboration among military experts, industry partners, and government entities, encouraging dialogue and partnerships that drive innovation and bolster capabilities.

"As a preeminent platform, Modern Day Marine orchestrates cutting edge technology demonstrations, cultivates force-wide professional advancement and eloquently conveys institutional narratives pivotal to audiences and stakeholders alike," said retired Lt. Gen. Charles Chiarotti, President and CEO of the Marine Corps Association. " It stands at the crossroads of transformation and serves as a beacon of heritage, innovation and collaboration."

In addition to the exhibition hall, Modern Day Marine 2024 features live demonstrations and interactive displays, allowing attendees to experience firsthand the capabilities of the latest military technologies and equipment.

"The battlefield, tactics, and equipment may have changed, but the core values of the Corps – Semper Fidelis – never will,” said retired Master Gunnery Sgt. Tom Mueller, National Director Events and Veteran Service of Marine Corps League. “Modern Day Marine equips you with the knowledge of where we're headed, from operational strategies to cutting-edge tech. Come learn, network, and ensure the next generation of Marines maintains our legacy of excellence."

Modern Day Marine 2024 promises to be a dynamic and informative event, showcasing the latest advancements in military technology and providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry leaders, military professionals, and government agencies.

For more information and to register for the event, visit Modern Day Marine 2024 website.

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