CMC Signs the First Training and Education Annual Report on Force Design
12 Jun 2024

U.S. Marine Corps Commandant General Eric M. Smith has signed the U.S. Marine Corps Training and Education Annual Report (TEAR), June 12, 2024. Published and distributed by Commanding General U.S. Marine Corps Training and Education Command (TECOM) Lieutenant General Kevin M. Iiams, the TEAR is the first annual report since the publishing of Training and Education 2030 (TE2030) by General David H. Berger, the 38th Commandant of the Marine Corps. The 14-page document outlines how CG TECOM has organized, progressed, and accomplished the 37 Force Design directed actions from TE2030.

“The Training and Education Annual Report is another milestone on our modernization journey,” said Gen. Smith. “We continue to deliver on our promise to Congress, the Joint Force, our Allies and partners, and our Marines to ensure we are postured, manned, trained, and equipped for a peer fight while ensuring we remain ready for any crisis. I can’t say enough about the efforts of Lt. Gen. Iiams and his team, who keep pushing us forward. Our Corps remains at the cutting edge of training and education, which allows our Marines to continue to survive and thrive in any clime and place.”

TECOM has codified Three Primary Projects, also known as the Three Ts, to accomplish its Force Design obligations: Project Triumph, Project Trident, and Project Tripoli. Collectively, these projects are providing the Fleet Marine Force with the standards, curriculum, and training environments it needs to prepare, fight, and win in the future highly contested multi-domain battle space.

“TECOM's strategic vision is underpinned by the implementation of three primary lines of effort, aptly dubbed the "Three Ts," along with other priority focus areas”, said General Iiams. “These initiatives collectively aim to equip the Marine Corps with the most modern, lethal, and capable Marines conceivable. Our efforts have been, and will continue to be, centered on two core pillars: Force Design and modernization. By driving innovation along these vectors, TECOM is ensuring the development of a Marine Corps force primed not only to compete but to dominate in any theater of operation.”

Project Triumph, the first of the Three Ts, heralds a paradigm shift in Marine Corps T&E, transitioning towards an outcomes-based, information-age learning model. This transformative approach prioritizes learner-centric education and empowers instructors to tailor content delivery for maximum comprehension and retention of all Marine students. By fostering a culture of accountability and embracing asynchronous learning opportunities, Project Triumph ensures Marines emerge as agile problem-solvers capable of thriving in dynamic environments.

Project Trident is forging combat-ready Marines capable of leveraging assets across all domains to establish and close kill webs in contested environments in all war-fighting domains. Through initiatives such as updating collective skills training and advancing kill web enabling processes, TECOM is equipping Marines with the tools and expertise necessary to excel in modern warfare scenarios.

Project Tripoli represents the culmination of TECOM's vision for the future of combined arms training. This innovative endeavor aims to create a dynamic training environment capable of replicating real-world conditions while minimizing risk and maximizing training effectiveness. By harnessing the power of live, virtual, and constructive training environments, Project Tripoli is poised to revolutionize Marine Corps training methodologies.

In addition to the Three Ts, the TEAR communicates TECOM’s commitment to advancing several priority focus areas critical to enhancing Marine Corps readiness and lethality. This includes, but is not limited to, the bolstering of marksmanship proficiency, reimagining unit and service-level training exercises, and the continued investment into Force Fitness scientific research.

As the Marine Corps continues to evolve in response to emerging threats and challenges, TECOM remains at the forefront of innovation, driving transformative change across the T&E continuum. Through unwavering dedication and forward-thinking initiatives, TECOM is shaping the future of Marine Corps readiness, ensuring that America's Marines remain the world's premier fighting force.

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